What To Wear With Ripped Jeans || 11 Awesome Outfit Idea

Some people find it difficult to know what to wear with ripped jeans. There are many different ways to wear ripped jeans and we’ll be going over some of the best combinations.

Ripped jeans can go with anything from a tank top to a dress shirt, so let’s get started!

11 Outfit Ideas With Ripped Jeans For Women

Ripped jeans are all the rage right now, but it can be hard to find a good pair. Don’t spend another day wearing ripped jeans that don’t fit you well.

We’ve curated 11 of our favourite outfit ideas for women who want to wear ripped denim in style!

These outfits will help you rock your new favourite trend and look great doing it! Learn how to style the perfect ripped jean from these stylish looks.

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1. Pair Ripped Jeans With a Graphic Tee and Sneakers

Pair Ripped Jeans With a Graphic Tee and Sneakers,what to wear with ripped jeans
Pair Ripped Jeans With a Graphic Tee and Sneakers

While ripped jeans are a bold statement, you should pair them with a soft-coloured tee and sneakers to balance out the outfit.

You can also pair them with a graphic tee and oxfords or heels if you want to make the outfit more formal.

2. Dress Up Your Ripped Jeans With a Blazer, Heels, and Earrings

Ripped jeans with Blazer, casual ripped jeans outfit
Ripped jeans with Blazer

If you want to dress up your ripped jeans, try pairing them with a blazer and heels.

You can also complete the look with earrings or a belt. Layering is a great way to add some interest and sophistication to your outfit.

3. Layer, an Oversized Sweater Over Your Favourite, Ripped Jeans

 Oversized Sweater with, Ripped Jeans
Oversized Sweater with, Ripped Jeans

The soft, dense knit of a sweater is perfect for layering over your favourite ripped jeans outfit. The extra layer adds warmth and provides an unexpected twist to the classic look.

A thick scarf with bright colours can make a good colour to wear if you are wearing something that is more muted.

If you want to make your outfit look good, but the darker colours on the bottom. Then put lighter colours on top so it will look nice. You always want people looking at you first before noticing what kind of pants you are wearing!

4. Add Some Colour to Your Look by Wearing Ripped Jeans With a Bright Top

Wearing Ripped Jeans With a Bright Top,ripped jeans outfits
Wearing Ripped Jeans With a Bright Top

Ripped jeans are a staple that never goes out of style. Wearing ripped jeans can be extraordinary. You can layer them with other colours, and wear a top or statement necklace.

Next time you want to go casual but still make an impression, consider wearing ripped-up jeans. It will make your look a little more interesting, but it will still be easy to do.

Always wear clothes that are the same colour as your shoes. For example, if you wear clothes with bright colours, then always wear shoes of the same colour.

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5. Wear White Skinny Ripped Jeans With a Pink Top

White Skinny Ripped Jeans With a Pink Top, ripped jeans outfit ideas
White Skinny Ripped Jeans With a Pink Top

The ripped jeans trend is still going strong, especially during the hot summer months. Try wearing ripped white skinny jeans with a simple pink top. You can call it a casual ripped jeans outfit. This outfit is suitable to wear when you are going places.

You can wear it for errands or if you are meeting friends for lunch. This outfit will work together because jeans are already semi-formal.

6.Mix Textures by Pairing Distressed Denim With Leather Boots

Distressed Denim With Leather Boots
Distressed Denim With Leather Boots

In the cooler months, you can get away with wearing a trendy ripped jeans outfit by layering up.

First, wear skin-toned pants under your stylish distressed jeans. Then, put on a black zip sweater to keep warm.

7. Ripped Jeans With a Soft Sweater, Ankle Boots, and a Plaid Shirt

Ripped Jeans With a Soft Sweater, Ankle Boots
Ripped Jeans With a Soft Sweater, Ankle Boots

This outfit is easy to put on. I can wear it for any occasion. This time, we went with a neutral sweatshirt.

Also, ankle boots are great for transitioning between seasons. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool in the summer, and they work with any outfit.

Special tip: Try to keep your accessories as simple as possible. Don’t wear too many necklaces, earrings, or bracelets because they can look trashy.

8. A Trendy Ripped Jeans Outfit Will Always Include a Slouchy Knit for a Casual Feel

The slouchy knit is a casual item that works well with a ripped jeans outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit basic. And you’re good to go!

9. Wear a Basic t-shirt With Your Ripped Jeans

Basic t-shirt With Your Ripped Jeans
Basic t-shirt With Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are super trendy. But you have to keep the rest of your outfit simple, so people focus on the jeans, not your top.

A solid colour t-shirt is great because it’s basic and keeps attention where you want it. Finally, add a scarf for a little more style and warmth.   

10. Wear Ripped Jeans With Cropped Top

Wear Ripped Jeans With Cropped Top
Wear Ripped Jeans With Cropped Top

Wear a crop top with ripped jeans for an easy, polished outfit. When girls wear ripped jeans and heels, it makes them look dressy. A cropped top is a good choice for any season.

You can wear it in summer, winter, or fall. Accessorize this outfit with a cute crossbody bag and some heels. This is perfect for errands or going out on the weekends.

11. Leather Jacket With Blue-ripped Jeans

Leather Jacket With Blue-ripped Jeans
Leather Jacket With Blue-ripped Jeans

When it comes to ripped jeans, there are lots of variants to try out. But if you want to do something more casual, try out wearing ripped jeans with a leather jacket. It’s a fantastic combination, and it only takes a few minutes to put together.

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The Outfit You Should Avoid With Ripped Jeans

  1. When wearing ripped jeans, avoid pairing them with a fitted top.
  2. Keep your outfit simple, and don’t add too many accessories. They might distract people from your ripped jeans.
  3. Avoid pairing ripped jeans with any other items that have rips or tears.
  4. If you have ripped jeans, avoid wearing them with dresses that cover up most of your legs.
  5. Wearing ripped jeans with a pair of sandals is not recommended
  6. Clashing patterns don’t look good with ripped jeans.

Some Question That Asks Our Readers

Are ripped jeans still in style 2022?

Definitely! Jeans are popular because they are flexible. People also like how jeans can look casual or dressy. Plus, ripped jeans have a stretchy fabric that moves with you.

This is different from non-ripped jeans, which can start to pull around your waist after a while. Short enough to show some ankle? No problem! They also work with sneakers, so they are favourites in the summertime too.

So no matter what year it is, you can always expect ripped jeans to be around for a while.

When can you wear ripped jeans?

Whenever you want! If you want to wear ripped jeans, make sure that the vibe is right. If you’re going to get this look, then it’s probably best not to wear them on any other day.

But if they’re unintentional, because of a hole in the knee, for example- then go ahead and rock them out.

What to Wear With Ripped Mom Jeans?

Regarding ripped mom jeans, it’s best to go with a more casual look. Choose a good pair of sneakers and add either a cropped sweatshirt, hoodie, or jean jacket. Then, with a necklace and earrings, you’re ready to go!

Ripped mom jeans are cool, and they let you be comfortable. The most important thing is to keep the vibe that they are for coffee on Sunday mornings.

If you can, don’t wear makeup or show your skin. It’s good to look like yourself. These jeans will look good with a classic style. The string from your pockets or waistband can make it look even better.

What Tops Go Well With Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jeans are a popular trend that can wear with many different tops. From shirts to jackets, there’s a style for everyone.

Putting together an outfit with ripped jeans is quick and simple since they pair well with virtually any top.

Also, try going the opposite direction and wear a tank top under a blazer or jacket! This is especially great for winter when you don’t want to wear too much fabric next to your skin if it’s chilly outside.

There are many different possibilities for this trendy look. You can mix and match any of the three.

What Shoes to Wear With Ripped Jeans?

The best shoes to wear with ripped jeans are either boots or sneakers. Ankle-high boots and black lace-up boots usually work well for this purpose.

Another might be sneakers, which can be slipped on and off quickly and require no lacing. The right type of sneaker can go with many different kinds of clothes.

What to Wear With Blue-Ripped Jeans?

Leather jackets, in general, go really well with blue ripped jeans because of the colour contrast. It also looks good to have a lighter-coloured jacket because it brings out the light-coloured mood your clothes give off.

If I had to choose one coat, I would recommend a dark brown leather jacket which really stands out against the light pair of blue ripped jeans.

Is 50 too Old For Ripped Jeans?

No. In general, there’s no age limit to ripped jeans as long as it doesn’t look bad on them. After all, they’ve been around for quite some time. There isn’t even an age restriction on the look. So go ahead and give ripped jeans a try! You might love them.

Can 60-Year-Old Wear Ripped Jeans?

It depends on the context. Some people can wear ripped jeans when they are 60 years old. But there are some times when it is not appropriate.

For example, 60-year old wear ripped jeans while running errands? Yes! Can they wear them to church? Absolutely not! Ultimately, the decision is up to you!

What to Wear With Black Ripped Jeans?

Feeling confident is more important than appearing fashionable. You should not wear clothing that is restricting and conceals who you are.

For example, there are lots of ways to wear black ripped jeans. If you like your clothes, feel free to wear anything with them. The style of your clothes can make you more confident in yourself.

I would recommend wearing a white tee shirt for its simplicity and easy care. However, your mood can change, so don’t dedicate yourself to one style forever! 

What Shirts Look Good With Ripped Jeans?

The best way to coordinate black ripped jeans is with a white t-shirt. A simple white t-shirt will make your outfit look stylish. You may either dress up or down depending on the occasion.

How To Style Ripped Jeans?

The way to style ripped jeans is to keep the colour consistent. Some colours work better than others. They work well when paired with other colours like cream, khaki or different earth-toned colours.

You may also wear them with a similarly coloured top for easy matching. A fun idea would be to wear cutoffs with an oversized sweater.

But, try not to go too transparent! Top it off with ankle boots, and you’re good to go – all-around comfort! If your arms become chilly, you may roll the sleeves up.

You can also tuck them behind your knees if you are sitting down. This is a shirt with a high waistband. That means that it won’t come out of your ripped shorts or cutoffs.

Why do People Wear Ripped Jeans?

People wear ripped jeans because they want to show that they are cool, rebellious, and in tune with youth culture.

Ripped jeans might reflect someone’s anti-establishment or counter-culture lifestyle because people who do not fit in society often disrupt the norms and values of society.

But, on the other hand, it could also reflect someone’s rebellious nature because they want to say, “Look how cool I am.”

How to Wash Ripped Jeans?

The best way to wash ripped jeans is in mild, cold water. Washing ripped jeans in cold water will prevent shrinking and fading.

Make sure not to dry your clothes over high heat. Bleach will make the colours of your clothing fade and the fabric become smaller.


We hope that this blog post has given you some new ideas about what to wear with ripped jeans and what outfit you should avoid with Ripped Jeans.

If there’s anything else you want to know or have any questions, please comment below.

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