How To Make Ripped Jeans At Home | 9 Simple Steps

Ripped jeans are trendy, and it’s not hard to see why. With the right style, they can look amazing with just about any outfit you put on. You might be thinking that ripping your jeans is too difficult of a task for you, but don’t worry! It’s pretty simple to accomplish, and all you have to do is follow a few easy steps. Here we will show you ripped jeans popularity and how to make ripped jeans so that you can have the same great look as everyone else!

How Did Ripped Jeans Become Popular?

Ripped jeans have been popular for a long time. They’ve been in vogue for quite some time now. Until the 1990s, they were not considered fashionable. During this decade, famous actors and musicians helped make ripped jeans trendy. They made them attractive to teenagers.

Even though they are becoming less popular now, ripped jeans are still near the top of the list when it comes to fashion for teenagers. Some of the most celebrities who helped to make ripped jeans popular include:

* Kurt Cobain (November 1967 – c. April 1994) was an American musician and artist.

* Brad Pitt, an American actor and film producer.

* Kate Moss, an English model.

9 Easy Steps To Make Homemade Ripped Jeans

You want a pair of ripped jeans, but you don’t know how to make them. We all know that ripped jeans are cool and stylish, but it’s hard to find the right pair for your body type.

Our guide will teach you how to create perfect rips in any brand of denim using just scissors and a sewing needle. It’s easy, fun, and affordable! No matter what kind of denim style you’re looking for we can show you how to make it happen at home. You can also read about How to Draw Ripped Jeans?

1.Choose A Right Fit Jeans

Choose A Right Fit Jeans
Choose A Right Fit Jeans

The first step is to select your desired pair of jeans. When you make your ripped jeans, you will need an old favorite that fits well. Also, it will be easier to make the pants fit better after they are washed and stretched out.

2.Get Everything You’ll Need

It is far easier and less costly to DIY your ripped jeans than to purchase them. You’ll need-

  • Sandpaper or razor
  • Safety pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Needle

Place your jeans on the table and mark them with chalk, pencil, or safety pin to indicate where you want to rip them. You can draw on the knees area and other parts of the jeans. Remember that it’s important not to overmark.

3.Fraying The Jeans With a Razor or Sandpaper

Fraying The Jeans With a Razor or Sandpaper, how to make ripped jeans
Fraying The Jeans With a Razor or Sandpaper

You need a razor blade or sandpaper (a nail file will do if you run out of sandpaper). Make sure you have sharp edges on your razor for doing this DIY; otherwise, it’ll be harder for you to get the desired effect. Also, make sure your razors are clean, so they do not leave any residue on the jeans. You can also use sandpaper. You are now fraying the jeans with the help of a razor or sandpaper.

4.Make Some Holes With a Scissor

how to rip jeans

Take a pair of scissors to make some holes on the jeans where you want them ripped. If the scissor is sharp enough, it should be easy to pierce through your DIY jeans material. When you make holes with a scissor, make sure they are different sizes. This will make it look like the pattern was not on purpose.

5.Pull Some Thread to Look Natural

If you have DIY ripped jeans, you can use a DIY solution to look more natural. Just take some thread and pull it through the holes in your DIY ripped jeans. The threads will make the jeans look more authentic.

6.Sew up Each Slit Using Thread and Needle

Sew up Each Slit Using Thread and Needle, diy ripped jeans
Sew up Each Slit Using Thread and Needle

For an even more professional finish, add some stitching around the edges for reinforcement. It’s important to sew up each slit. If you don’t, the holes will be larger than they were previously. You should also use matching threads.

7.Wash it With Cold Water

Wash jeans With Cold Water, homemade ripped jeans
Wash it With Cold Water

Wash your new DIY ripped jeans, so they shrink enough for you! You can get a more distressed look if you turn the jeans inside out before washing them in cold water.

8.Take a Hot Iron and Press it on the Wrinkles or Creases in the Jeans

Take a Hot Iron and Press, making ripped jeans
Take a Hot Iron and Press

Now take a hot iron and apply it to the wrinkles in your handmade ripped jeans. Finally, your DIY ripped jeans are ready to wear.

Some Question That Asks Our Readers

1. How do you make a knee cut?

Knee-cut ripped jeans are denim types with holes cut into them, usually at the knees. Some people have a hole on each side of their knee. They can also create designs or different positions with holes on the legs.

The first step in this project is figuring out the size of the hole you want and how many holes. From there, you will need the following:

a pair of scissors, a ruler or tape measure, and an iron.

You need to lay the jeans down flat and measure where you want the knee holes to be. Be sure that the measurement is accurate by trying them on. Once you get the measurement right, it is time to cut! Make a rectangle from your jeans and put something thin, like paper, over each hole.

Get your scissors out, and using the tissue paper as a guide, cut out your holes. When it’s time to polish, make sure there are any rough edges left over so that they don’t fray later on! Using the iron to seal the holes’ edges ensures that they don’t unravel when you cut them.

2. How to Make Ripped Jeans Without Sandpaper?

To make ripped jeans without sandpaper, you will need a pair of fabric scissors and an old t-shirt. First, construct your jean seams as usual, then cut into them with your scissors just after you have sewn them up. Make a small hole in the seam. It should be 0.5 cm wide. Make this on both sides of the seam. Take the threads away from the hole to make it look more noticeable.

Check through your clothing for any loose threads. When you cut your jeans, turn them inside out and put them in a bucket of cold water. Soak for roughly five minutes, then remove them from the bucket. After it’s dry, your homemade ripped jeans are ready to wear.

3. What do I do if I put too many holes in my pants?

If you have put too many holes in your pants, there are multiple ways to cover them up. In some jeans, you can paint over the hole. And with some jeans, you can use a patch. If you don’t know how to patch jeans, then read this guide- How To Patch Jeans?

If none of these is an option for you, time will eventually hide all mistakes. The more wear and tear they get, the less noticeable they will be. Finally, most clothes begin to fade with age and become worn out. This may not be a wonderful option, but you could give it a try with used clothes. These are rags. You can also make holes in fabric items that do not matter. The string is left over when you sew something. You can use it to make a fringe or tassel.

4. What should I do if I tried to rip my jeans, but it turned out completely wrong and looked awful?

If you try to rip your jeans but turn them out wrong. Then there are a few ways you can fix this problem.

What You Can Do:

~ Use a thread and needle to sew over the hole with an X stitch. This will secure it without making a new hole that is big enough for more ripping. 

~ Glue the edges of the hole together with fabric glue.

~ Use sandpaper to sand down the surrounding areas. This will make less damage come out and is not too risky.

What You Can’t Do:

~ Do not try ironing it, as this may ruin the fabric and make the hole look bigger. 

~ Do not attempt any washing machine repair as this may stretch out the cloth and create larger holes.

However, if all else fails, you can replace them with another pair.

5. How can I extend an already frayed hole?

To extend the frayed hole, you need scissors and an ironing board or an iron. First, lay your jeans on the ironing board. Next, cut around the hole close to where it is frayed. Make sure not to cut other parts of your jeans. After you have finished cutting, turn up a small section of fabric around the hole. Put it under the hot iron for about 4-5 seconds.

Repeat until you have turned up all of the fabric. Now grab the section of fabric with your hand, turn it down, and cut off any excess threads hanging. Then turn up the next section, and do this process until you have turned up all the fabric. Then, turn under the frayed edge and sew it back down using a sewing machine or by hand, then you can cut off any threads that may be showing to make your jeans look nice again. Now put them on and enjoy.

6. How to make ripped jeans with scissors?

Making ripped jeans with scissors is easy if you make it in the right place. All you need is a pair of jeans and scissors. First, make a light cut on the jeans and make sure that the thread is not exposed. Then make small cuts inwardly to make it torn from both sides and give a nice look for fashion purposes. Do it one side at a time, such as left leg or right leg, as per your choice and design you want to make, but make sure that doesn’t make it entirely ripped; otherwise, it won’t look good instead of a fashion statement. 

7. How to make ripped jeans with big holes?

Turn your jeans into ripped ones with big holes. This is an easy process to follow. If you don’t have a scissor around, use a sharp knife and be very careful not to cut yourself!

1. First, put the jeans on and set your goal. Remember that the more worn out looking the jeans are, the more character they will have.

2. Take off your jeans and find the thread that holds the hole together at its beginning or end. If you can easily see where it starts or ends, goes ahead and cut it with scissors.

3. Next, cut away all of these threads around the hole, so there is no thread left.

4. Now it’s time to cut a big hole; cut one to three lines into the denim around it. Again, make sure these cuts are straight and that you don’t cut through the other side of the jeans!

5. The next step is optional, but I like to cut even more threads away from my holes for a destroyed look. Just avoid cutting through the other side of your jeans!

6. The final step is to roll up the bottom hem of our jeans so that they are about two inches shorter than before. This will be a bit awkward at first, but after some fiddling, you’ll figure out where you like it best. And now you’re done!

8. How to rip jeans and leave the white thread?

The process of making ripped jeans is to make the old jeans seem new. This is a simple way to rip your jeans and leave the white thread for a new fashionable look.

1. Take an old pair of blue jeans & wash them, turn inside out before washing.

2. Cut both the legs at desired places. Try it on one leg first if you want to know how much to chop off each leg.

3. After cutting, pull out the threads.

4. Now, rewash the jeans by turning them inside out to get an even effect of the rips.

5. Once done, hang dry them & there you have a pair of designer ripped blue jeans with white threads still intact!

9. How to make ripped jeans with a razor?

Making ripped jeans with a razor is not too hard to do, but you have to be careful. Make sure you have some spare jean material before trying this. For example, rip the right pant leg and use it as your pattern to cut the other one in the same way. This is how you do it:

1. Rip a pair of jeans on either side of the leg. Use these as a pattern for the other pant legs.

2. Put pants on and pull up so you can see where you should start cutting.

3. Try it on one leg first if you want to know how much to chop off each leg.

4. Rinse off exposed denim dust with water immediately afterward.

5. Enjoy your new ripped jeans!


We hope this article has been helpful and that you’ve learned how to make ripped jeans. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below! Thanks for reading.

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