How To Heat Set Acrylic Paint On Denim?

Heat-setting acrylic paint on denim is a process that involves using heat to seal the acrylic paint onto your fabric. This is often done to prevent fading or color transfer and can be used for any fabric. If you want to heat set acrylic paint on denim, this tutorial will show you how!

This blog post will cover how to:

  • Prepare your surface
  • Heat set the first layer of paint
  • Finalize with more layers of paint
  • Finish the fabric with heat-set again

How To Heat Set Acrylic Paint on Denim

But first, how do you know if it’s time to heat set your acrylic paint? There can be color transfer when using regular paints on clothing, especially dark colors like black or navy blue. This happens in any dye when one piece touches another and transfers some colors onto that item. Heat setting is a process where you let the paint and dye dry before touching the other clothes. This way, they don’t get more ink on them.

What you will need:

  • Disposable fabric
  • Iron
  • Acrylic paint

Step One – Preparing Your Surface:

Preparing Your Surface, how to heat set acrylic paint on denim
Preparing Your Surface

The first step is preparing your item for painting by washing it with mild detergent and warm water. This allows the surface to have some texture to retain its shape better while being painted upon. If there are no instructions about washing your clothes, don’t wash them before you paint or dye them. This will make it more difficult for the paint or dye to stick. After drying completely, apply a thin layer of heat-set on the fabric.

Step Two – Heat Setting First Layer:

how to heat set acrylic paint on denim

After applying a thin coat of heat-set, let it dry completely before painting your next layer onto the denim. This way, the paint will not smudge while being painted. You can use more vivid colors without worrying about the color transferring to other clothes or the color fading.

If you want your paint to dry quickly, wait at least 30 minutes. If not, the paint will take a few hours to completely dry. Sometimes two layers are needed for complete coverage, so wait until both layers are completed drying before moving forward with another one unless stated otherwise in your painting instructions.

Step Three – Finalize with More Layers:

After the paint has dried completely, you can add more layers of acrylic fabric paint onto your item to make it brighter or deeper. If you want a gradient look, use more than one color simultaneously. Wait for them to dry, and then heat set in between layers.

You may need up to three coats, depending on how deep you want the colors. After completing all your layers of colored acrylics, let it dry overnight before applying another coat of heat-set if needed. This will help seal in the colors even more so they don’t run while being washed. It is also an extra step that adds durability and ensures vibrant colors! If you don’t know the sealing procedure on denim, read –How to seal acrylic paint on denim?

Step Four – Finishing Your Denim:

heat on acrylic paint on denim,

After your acrylic paint has dried completely, you can heat set the item again to make it even stronger. But how do you know when something is dry? Acrylic paints will be dry and ready for use if there is no raised sheen or sticky feel on top of it after about 30 minutes. If not, let it sit until this happens before using them again. Next, cut the paint with scissors to test how well a layer of paint is stuck onto an area. Cut into where the painted-on fabric meets nonpainted fabric without cutting too deep, so you don’t damage anything underneath! If none of your colors seep through, you are good to go and have a quality product!

You can easily remove the acrylic paint from jeans. If you don’t know how to read our guide- How To Get Acrylic Paint Out of Jeans?

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Tips for heat on acrylic paint on denim:

# Use a baking tray or metal cookie sheet with raised edges. This prevents spills and keeps your work surface clean if you need to lay the fabric flat during painting, for instance, while doing more detailed design sections.

# The best temperature setting depends on how thickly you apply the paints to your materials. A higher temperature setting is required when using thicker applications of acrylic paint. If thin layers are used, lower temperatures can be sufficient for adhesion.

# Allow it sometime before moving them from their initial position after heating has been done because it will help the paint become more sturdy.

# You can use a heat press or iron with a medium to high-temperature setting for about 15 seconds after heating.

How do you heat-treat acrylic paint on jeans?

Heat treating acrylic paint on jeans is a simple process and can be done using only one tool: an iron. Iron is typically used for heat-setting fabric paints, such as Heat N Bond Lite Iron-On Adhesive or Fabric Spray Paint. When you are making a craft, do it in sections. Then, you can keep working because it won’t be worn out or destroyed.

Can you heat-set acrylic paint in the dryer?

The answer is yes, but it will take longer than using an iron. It is important to ensure your dryer does not heat up higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This could make the paint shrink or change shape. Ensure you follow all instructions on your fabric paint label regarding how long the item should be heated for proper curing of the product.

How is heat-resistant acrylic paint?

The heat resistance of acrylic paint will depend on the type, brand, and manufacturer. Therefore, it is essential to always follow all instructions on the label before heating any product in your dryer or with an iron. If you are unsure what temperature you can use for a specific item, it’s best not to risk ruining your project by trying something that could potentially damage it.

Heat-setting fabric paints are for certain fabrics, such as cotton or nylon. You can use them on denim jeans too, but you need to test them before you do.

Does temperature affect acrylic paint?

Yes, the temperature can affect acrylic paint. When using the heat setting method to cure paints on fabric items, following instructions with your product about recommended temperatures for application and curing of the thing is essential. If you don’t have access to an iron or dryer, there are other ways to set your acrylics without any heat.

Can acrylic paint go in the oven?

Yes! You can bake acrylic paint between 150 and 170 degrees F (65-77 degrees C), but don’t place anything made of plastic or vinyl in the oven – it could melt!


We hope this article has helped answer some of your questions about how to heat-set acrylic paint on denim. If you have any additional questions or want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comment section below!

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