13 Best Casual Outfits For 50 Years Old Woman 2023

You visit a shop and all you see is clothing sections for people younger and older than you. 50 is an age that always gets neglected by marketers. But it’s time to customize casual outfits for 50-years-old women all on your own. 

The thing is, just because you crossed 50 doesn’t mean you’re banned from the clothes that are designed for young people. You only have to alter a few things to make it age-appropriate and modest. Let us look at these dresses for women over 50.

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Things To Avoid

At first, you need to know the things you should avoid. Then comes what you should wear. 

  • Avoid clothes that are too baggy
  • No large printed t-shirt
  • No flat sandals
  • No thick-strapped sandals
  • Avoid clothes that make you look puffy
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight
  • Do not wear loud makeup

Casual Outfits for 50-Year-Old Women 

There aren’t a lot of clothing stores for 50-year-old women. Somehow this group always skips the marketer’s eyes. But, you can take a few usual clothes and make an awesome casual outfit for yourself. Let’s look at some examples. 

1.Striped T-shirt, pink pants combined with a black jacket 

casual outfits for 50 year old woman


Shop Related

If you look at this outfit, you’ll find that it can be an outfit for young people too. A black and white striped t-shirt is an easy way to look a lot younger than you are. If you’re not comfortable showing your arms, wear a black jacket. 

A pair of pink pants will go perfectly with your t-shirt. You can wear a chain necklace with it. Small blacktop earrings will look good too. As for the shoes, don’t choose something too high or too flat. 

You should carry a medium-size off-white handbag hanging from your shoulder with this outfit. 

2.Classic all black


The thing about an all-black outfit is, it looks good on people of all ages. The good news is, you don’t have to look for a clothing store for 50-year-old women. These clothes can be found anywhere. 

Choose the t-shirt with a little flow, but not too baggy. You might want to keep it wrapped around your waist.

Don’t think twice about your body curves. Wear capri pants. You can also replace the pants with long black skirts. Shoes, sunglasses, and bags, choose everything black. 

Wear a golden watch with pearl earrings. And you’re ready to go out in the street. 

3.Get Innovative With Your Shirt and Leggings

50 years old women outfit idea


Fashion for women over 50 can be a little tough thing to adjust to trends. You have to think innovatively with the usual clothing styles. Famous fashion blogger Pamela Lutrell tells you how to get innovative with your regular outfits.

Everyone owns a pair of black leggings. All you have to do is buy a shirt with a unique look. 

A sky blue shirt will look fabulous as a dress for over 50 and overweight. Wear a golden bracelet and finish your look with black shoes. 

4.Wear it Nicole Kidman Style

Nicole Kidman outfit style

Nicole Kidman is 53 years old and she’s still rocking it with her amazing outfit sense. If you inspect her street style photos you’ll see that she has done beautifully well. She wears the trendiest clothes for 50-year-old women.

All you need is a light-colored shirt and a black sweater over it. Make sure you show off the collar and the sleeves. Wear sunglasses. 

The jeans and the sneakers are what make you look a lot younger than you are. As for the bag, take a medium leather handbag. 

5.Denim jackets work for everyone

Julianne Moore outfit style

If you have any second thoughts about denim jackets, look at how gorgeous Julianne Moore looks. Leggings that are not too tight around your thighs work great as hip clothes for 50-year-old women. Wear a black t-shirt underneath your jacket. 

Wear sunglasses and take a small bag ganging from your shoulder. Wear sandals but make sure they’re not too short. A simple stone pendant will complement your t-shirt.   

6.White and purple is a smart combination

White and purple outfit idea fir 50 years older women


You can also try mixing up a few colors. Experimenting with colors, you can easily make anything casual clothing for 50-year-old women. The white pant purple t-shirt will do just fine.

As for the jacket, pick something that combines these two colors. Cyan shoes will bring a different vibe to your look. Match your necklace, bracelet, and handbag with your shoes and you’re set. 

7.Floral Top

women wear floral tops, fashion for women over 50


Another easy way to make yourself look younger while keeping it casual is to go for a floral top. Go for something in white. Combine it with a pair of gray pants. You can also replace the pants with a long skirt or you can make it a white skirt outfit too. 

This outfit will allow you to wear funky jewelry. Big loop earrings, bracelets on both your hands, a long bohemian necklace, you can wear them all. 

As for the shoes, match them with your top. 

8.Get innovative with your shift dress

shift dress for older women, trendy clothes for 50 year old woman,


You can use shades of blue for several parts of your outfit. For example, wear a blue shift dress with navy blue short leggings. Take a printed scarf. 

Match your shoes with your shift dress. Wear loop earrings and bracelets. 

9.Take your striped outfit to the next level

fashion for women over 50,


Instead of a t-shirt, you can get a black and white striped long top. Combine it with black short leggings and a white handbag. Jewelry like a long necklace and earrings will look great with this outfit. 

Go for sandals with this one. 

10.Simply white

white outfit for 50 years older women


A pure white top with denim jeans will need nothing more. Wear a bracelet and a watch if you must. Use sunglasses. Carry a medium handbag and you’re ready to go. Finish up with golden heels. 

11.You can wear boots at any age

Jennifer Aniston outfit idea

Jennifer Aniston has always been a great fashion icon for everyone. One of her casual outfits is a normal t-shirt with a sleeveless jacket combined with white pants. 

The knee-length boots make it a perfect outfit. These might be the best leather boots for women in the market. 

Wear sunglasses and a locket. Carry a baggy bag. If she can pull it off in her 50’s, so can you!

12.Another black and white duo 

Jennifer Lopez  outfit idea

Jennifer Lopez tells us with her simple outfit that age is just a number. A sleeveless black top with high waist white pants brings out the best side. Don’t forget a black belt and sunglasses. 

If you wish, you can also wear a thick bracelet as she did. Wear black heels to finish up this simple and stunning outfit.  

13.Maxi dress

50 year old women wear maxi dress


A maxi-style dress is also very flattering for women over 50. You can go for a vibrant color like yellow. Pick a bohemian necklace with it. 

Wear colorful heels. Earrings and bracelets also look good with this dress. Carry a blue handbag so you don’t look all yellow. 

Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

You must not miss a few hacks to make you look 10 years younger! Here’s what to do-

  • Go for sneakers. It’s appropriate for all ages. If you’re short, choose sneakers with a wedged heel. 
  • Wear jewelry with your outfits. Choose them according to your styling. Jewelry always makes you look younger. 
  • You’re never too old for denim clothes. 
  • Don’t be afraid to wear vibrant colors as long as it suits your skin tone.  
  • Choose a proper hairstyle for over 50.

Bottom Line

Your outlook depends a lot on how you see yourself. There are a lot of options you can customize as a casual outfits for 50-year-old women. You only have to be bold enough to choose an outfit.

It’s important not to feel old in your 50’s because fashion for women over 50 is an area that’s yet to be discovered. And there is so much potentiality to be achieved.  

Your age doesn’t restrict you from choices, you do. Take the leap, follow the trend, and be ready to look gorgeous. 


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