How To Take In a Dress? Make Your Dress Fit

Last summer I went to the beach, and I saw a girl wearing a beautiful beach gown. But just as the material of the dress and the design were beautiful, she was looking horrible in the dress. And then I noticed that the reason behind this is the loose-fitted dress.

No matter whether you are wearing a party outfit or your regular skirt; you will never look good with a baggy fit. And so, you must know how to take in a dress!

Getting your favorite outfit from Forever 21 and not fitting in the dress might break your heart. More painful is running to the tailor to take in the dresses twice a week. What can sort out everything is making your dress on your own!

Now, I will tell you how you can take in dress at your home and within minutes!

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Materials that you need

  • Piece of chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pen and paper
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Seam ripper

Step by Step Guide about How to take in a dress

Step 1: Taking Measurements

First of all, you have to take the measurement. But before that, you have to iron the dress. If you don’t iron the dress before taking the measurement, the measurement will never be correct. Usually, the measurement might be shorter if you don’t iron it. So, make sure you iron the dress first.

There are people that might not know what “take in a dress” refers to. It refers to sew a dress and make it a little tighter or smaller for the perfect fit. When it comes to altering a dress, you can never forget about the perfect measurements. Also, you have to put emphasis on the seam. All you have to do is take the seam inward than where it is.

So, for this, taking the measurement of your body is necessary. You have to measure the hips first. Measuring the waist and the bust is also essential. The front part and the back part of the dress require measurement.

In the front and the back, measure the waist, the hips, and the bust. So we got to know that, there are two different measurements, one for the body and another for the dress.

How To Take In a Dress

Now, all you have to do is subtract these both measurements. Subtract the measurement of the waist size, hips size, and bust size from the measurement of the dress’s waist size, hips size and bust size.

You will get a subtracted amount. This subtraction will tell you how much room you need for taking in and will help you guide in the taking-in process.

Step 2: Measuring the Seam

People always ask about how to alter a dress because they don’t understand the seam measuring process clearly. No matter whether you alter your jeans, your shorts or your favourite party dress; you have to understand the seam measurement process clearly.

Measuring the new seam is a little confusing. However, if you pay attention carefully, you will not feel that the process is complicated. You already know how much you have to take in.

Now, you have to take a quarter of that amount first. To be more precise, if you want to take in about 2 inches, you will need to mark about ½ or half inches from stitching. Be careful about marking this on every side of the dress.

Step 3: Marking Seam

DRES’s ALTERATION process is not too tough but you have to be very careful about marking it properly while you are hemming a dress.

After you have taken the sizes of the waist, hips, and bust, you have to write it down in paper. Write down what’s the before and after sizes of the waist, hips and the bust. After doing the subtraction, write down the amount for each sector. If you don’t do that, you will mix up the waist size with the hips size or the bust size.

Marking Seam,How To Take In a Dress

For marking this, you might need a piece of chalk that is clearly visible. With the help of chalk, you will be able to keep the dress properly shaped. Otherwise, it is not possible for you to sew just with your guessing power.

So now, you have to measure in from the seam. You have to mark where you are going to sew carefully with the help of the chalk.

Step 4: Start the Sewing Process

If you make your own dress always, you already know how to seam. Otherwise, I will tell you the process for better results. You have to look exactly where the side seam basically crosses the other seam. Now, you have to start the sewing process there.

For sewing, use a sewing machine. Go for the thread that completely matches the colour of your dress. Otherwise, the stitches will be visible outside.

Usually, the side seam crosses the other seam in the bust or hips of the dress. It happens in the armpit too. You have to use the straight stitch for this purpose. Now, all you got to do is sew straight down.

sewing a dress,How To Take In a Dress

Keep the straight stitch on and stitch it down. You will need to keep some additional fabric. Keep it in a place and keep it as a large seam. This is the best way to keep it out if you need to loosen the dress in the future.

If you don’t know how to take in a dress then you are living in the wrong world. Get stitching and get ready with your outfit.

If you are up for a snug fit, you can prefer going upwards while sewing. Take the sewing process to the armpit so that you get a better fit.

Step 5: Zigzag it

If you know how to make a dress, you know the importance of locking the outer part of the seam. I don’t know why people don’t understand the importance of locking the outer part of the seam. But you must know that it is important to stitching the outer part to keep the fabric safe and comfortable.

If you don’t do it, the extra fabric will bother you in the future. There are situations where you will see fabric unravelling. This process prevents that and keeps the actual stitches protected. Do the zigzag stitches and make a dress by yourself!

Things you should be aware of

  1. Don’t take in the bust if you want to keep it loose fitted
  2. Don’t lay on another dress for measurement if that is too tight
  3. Don’t forget to label the measurement otherwise, you will mix them up
  4. Never go for chalk that is exactly same as the colour of the dress
  5. Don’t forget to iron the dress before taking measurements

Parcel Up

So, you don’t need to run to your tailor every time you buy your favourite dress form online. Now, you know how to take in a dress at home. All you need to do is take a little time from the hectic schedule and sit for taking the dress in.

Go through the steps and you will know how to deal with it within minutes. So, how do you take your dress? Let us know by commenting!

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