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Just like you wouldn’t show up on your wedding day in black, you don’t want to show up in a memorial service wearing a ball gown. Therefore, the decision of what to wear to a memorial service might be a bit skittish.

But we have gathered some options for you to browse from and some relevant ideas that you might find useful for the event.

If you’re attending one for the first time then you should know first what this really is. A memorial service is a ceremony held out of respect for a deceased person and to cherish their memories left behind with their legacy.

This single ceremony involves a lot of emotions of the related family and it is only polite to give the attire some thought before you decide to wear it.

We hope that you will find this useful. So, without further ado, let’s take a tour around the topic.

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Things You Should Know Before Select Your Outfit

Things You Should Know Before Select Your Outfit
Things You Should Know Before Select Your Outfit

Remember that you can never go wrong with black in this case. In fact, traditional should be the way to go, Which is formal dark business attire. In the states traditional memorial service attire is black and that usually what people opt for.

# Don’t Get Too Experimental

However, things have taken a different turn for these occasions nowadays. That conservative mindset is gone for some but the majority hold on to the tradition of wearing formal black clothing.

# Respect Religious Beliefs

Please be respectful of the family’s religious beliefs. If you are unfamiliar with their ways ask questions or do your own research first. Not every religion holds the same sort of ceremonies.

# Ask The Family First

What you should really do before you even start is asking the family. There might be criteria or dress code from their side and on this occasion, it is an absolute must for you to go with that. This shows respect to the family of the deceased and the deceased person themselves.

# Go Dark With Colors

Otherwise, it may come off as rude and inconsiderate. You should keep in mind that you better go as overdressed than under. It shows respect. All black dress for funereal might not be a must but do definitely stick to the darker spectrum of colors like dark grey, dark blue.

What To Wear To Memorial Service

There is a lot to address when it comes to this topic. We have sectioned this category for your convenience. Below everything is discussed. Have at it and do take notes.

What To Wear To Memorial ServiceFor Men

It’s no brainer that the attire should be business formal. But still, there is some option available which are discussed in sections below.

For Top

First of all, suits. A formal suit is the best option in this case. This is super formal and I’m sure you have a lot of varieties in your closet already if not one of your friends can be your lender for the day. Suits are like the ultimate weapon of any formal event. No matter what it is suit is always the right answer.

Now if you don’t want to go down that easy path you can always choose a buttoned-down shirt. Here, do not opt for a round collar rather choose cut away or short button-down collar. That looks way more formal.

Bottom choice

For the bottom, if you wear a suit then it obviously has to be formal pants. And if it’s a shirt then choose slacks. Those look good too. About prints, this is best to not go too crazy. Plain and simple is expected usually.

Darker colors are proper colors to wear to a funeral. If the family has other plans on mind then do respect their choices otherwise darker colors like grey and dark blue are the way to go.


While choosing the proper memorial service attire open toe shoes and sandals are a huge no-no. You should go for dress shoes in this case. Whole cut oxford is a wonderful choice but loafers are more comfortable as well as nice looking.

Dark brown, black, and others from this category of color should be your pick.


What To Wear To A Memorial Service

An elegant bowtie or silver cufflinks would be a stunning addition to the whole package here. A lot of older men go for a vintage hat too. A neatly folded handkerchief in the chest pocket is also something to consider.

Of course, a man of class never forgets his watch so shouldn’t you.

What To Wear To Memorial Service For Ladies

My lovely ladies, you have a lot more options than men do. That’s a great and a piece of confusing news at the same time. Here are some suggestions

What To Wear To Memorial Service For Ladies

The Outfit

First and foremost, modesty is the key here. It shows respect for the family of the dead. You can choose to wear a long black dress which is classy no matter the occasion. It is a perfect example in the section of funeral attire women.

The Top and The Bottom

Also, you can go for suits. Remember business formal? This catches up to the category. Funeral clothes are hard to figure out when you have a lot of options. So, stick to the basics. You know more than anyone what looks the best on you.

If you are not a suit person don’t bother. Neither am I! there are other options like a Long skirt and a formal blouse. Remember ladies do not wear see-through clothing. That might come across as inappropriate and impolite.


When you think about what to wear to a memorial service shoes are the second most important thing to talk about. High heels sound like a nightmare yet looks so good! If you can handle the pain great! Go for it! A simple hack is choosing platform heels over a pencil.

If not then flats that are not open toes are a good option too. Stilettoes are also uncomfortable for some but remember beauty is pain. With shoes, you can hardly go wrong. Pumps will look just as amazing!


A simple veil, gloves, and a chain can look marvelous. A bright red lip would complement the whole black funeral dress theme. Do not go ham with the accessories. Less is more in this department.

Kids Outfit and Everything

It’s best if an adult decides for the minors on their funeral clothes. Usually, kids like to be creative but out of respect for the family of the dead, there are certain boundaries that shall not be crossed.

To be honest it isn’t very much different from grownups. It’s the same theme the same clothes in a smaller size. Yes, their comfort is a much bigger priority here. The outfit should be breezy and in the proper color theme. This should be pretty much it for them.

Tuxedo for the little man and cute black funeral dress for the princess is always the right choice. No accessories are needed in this case.

The Don’ts Of Memorial Service Attire

Casual clothing is our big enemy here. There is no way you should put on those jeans. That’s straight-up disrespectful. Memorial service attire should be proper and less eye-catchy.

The Don’ts Of Memorial Service Attire

On the designated day it is more about the person in whose memories the occasion is held not you. So, keep that on mind while deciding what to wear to a funeral.

  • Do not go for bright colors
  • Busy patterns do not look the best in this case
  • Jeans, yoga pants and sweats are completely off the charts
  • Provocative dressing tends to be distracting, avoid that
  • Children should be comfortable otherwise unexpected tantrums are on their way
  • Flashy pieces of jewelry are also a major no-no
  • For the men, tight-fitting bottoms are not the best choice
  • Shoes should be according to the attire that you’re wearing. Don’t put on those sneakers.
  • what to wear to a funeral in the summer is a huge dilemma, so choose breathable materials especially for kids.

Pro Tips

Here are some clever pointers on what to wear to a memorial service

  • Keep the weather situation on mind
  • Do arrive on time and don’t sit immediately
  • Find comfortable clothing and breathable material
  • Rather than sorting through other dark colors just go black, it’s easier
  • Dress for a job interview that usually covers every aspect
  • Keep extra napkins on you and sanitizers

Question That Asks Our Readers

1. What’s the Difference Between a Memorial Service and a Funeral?

In a funeral, the dead body is present in the ceremony but in a memorial service, the body is already buried or cremated. It’s mostly in memories of the deceased.

2. What should you wear to a memorial service if it says “Come as you are” in the invitation?

It usually means that the dress code isn’t strictly formal. You can go to what you feel comfortable with.

3.What should I wear for a Christian funeral?

Go all black tradition. Formal attire is the best choice here. A black funeral dress is never the wrong choice.

4.Is it in bad taste to wear jeans to a funeral?

Yes. It is a bad idea to wear jeans also disrespectful. Unless the family is okay with it.

5. Is it disrespectful to wear all white at a funeral?

Yes. Traditionally it is. Yet it solely depends on the family’s choice as many are very progressive and doesn’t really care sometimes


What to wear to a memorial service is a tough question to answer because it depends on so many attributes. The conventional idea for the day is wearing a black dress for the funeral but in this century open mindset to these and unorthodox perspectives have broadened the horizon.

But at the end of the day, we hope this article has been of help to you to decide on what you want to wear.

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