What To Wear Under Graduation Gown? Graduation Outfit Idea

Finally, the day has arrived for which you have been waiting for a lifetime. It’s your graduation day! You have built up a lot of expectations for it and you want this to go perfectly.

But I know you’re clueless about what to wear under a graduation gown. Your big day is nearby but you haven’t decided on any outfit yet! Nervous? I thought so! Don’t worry I have the solution for you right here.

Giddy up because I’m going to answer your question, what to wear under graduation gown! Don’t worry! I’ve got your back jack!

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown

Graduation Outfit Ideas For men

When you go to town searching for graduation outfits men you might find a lot of options out there. But let me tell you there are some basics that you need to know before just choosing a styling option that will leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout your big day.

For The Top

If your school is very strict with the rule, or the ceremony is very much formal, you have to have a solid plan for yourself. For a usual graduation ceremony, you might want to grab a spread collared shirt. A spread collar looks more formal and appropriate. Remember comfort is the key!

Spread Collared Shirt, What To Wear Under Graduation Gown

If your graduation gown is darker in color go for cool-toned shirts. This will complement your gown. You should choose a tie according to the color of your shirt. Your best bet here is to choose a plain one. Do not go for a crazy pattern that stands out in the crowd.

For The Bottom

If you are searching for what to wear under cap and gown now in 2020 I’m sure those bell-bottoms from the ‘70s isn’t the way to go. Go for khakis or cool-toned slacks. The whole color scheme here should be a cool tone. If you choose to wear formal pants that excellent too. Remember no tight pants!

Finally, The Shoes

Shoes for Graduation gown,what to wear under graduation gown

Your whole graduation attire is complete now its time for the most important part. Because the first thing that people notice is shoes. Code red for the open bottom shoes. That just does not go with the vibe. Choose a loafer or a dress shoe. Again, neutral tone is the key here.

I hope now you know what to wear to a graduation!

Graduation Outfit Ideas For The Ladies

My ladies! You might be wondering what to wear under a graduation gown and you are most likely to be very excited. Lucky for you there are plenty of options for you, unlike men.

Whether there is a buffet of graduation outfit option for you or not there are some ground rules that you should know.

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Long Skirts For Women

The Perfect Top

Keep it, classy ladies. A very long neckline or a questionably short dress isn’t the optimum for a graduation ceremony. I would suggest you choose single colored dresses. And those colors should be again basic tones like tan or black or something that complements your skin tone.

Please do not choose a synthetic fabric you won’t be comfortable trust me. Cotton is the right choice. What graduation dresses to wear under the gown you ask? Well, then you can go for a long dress or a midi one. As most graduation gowns are bulky, an A-line dress might just look like a dream!

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown , Graduation Outfit  Idea for women
What To Wear Under Graduation Gown Graduation Outfit Idea

If you want to keep a little bit of spice to it then a slit on the side or cowl neckline. Just imagine a little black dress with a cowl neckline and open back for the pictures. Stunning! Isn’t it? Your graduation attire must make you feel confident from within.

You can also choose a blouse. A modest collared blouse will also look amazing.

Amazing Bottom

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown , Graduation Outfit  Idea for woman
What To Wear Under Graduation Gown Graduation Outfit Idea

what to wear to graduation? Usually, a good skirt is an answer to this question. Most of the girls choose to wear a dress so there are no bottoms to choose from. But if you’re wearing a blouse or a shirt, pair that up with a cutesy skirt. Again, cool tones only, ladies.

If you are going for a professional look then a pant with good fitting can be your choice. Straight-cut bottoms would look amazing. Choose breathable materials so that you don’t want to crawl out of your gown while receiving the diploma!

But What Shoe To Pair Up With?

Oh well, the devil that you want to avoid at all costs is heels. I know those look amazing but trust me, the pain and suffering aren’t worth it. And if the ceremony is outdoors, then there will be grass, grass, and heel aren’t quite the best, neither close friends.

If you still want to wear a heel to jazz up your graduation outfit, then choose platform heels. Otherwise, flat shoes that are recently polished are your optimum choice. Open toes are an option. In that case, pamper yourself with a pedicure first.

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For Different Weather

All the thinking and all the preparations on what to wear under the graduation gown will go down the hill if the weather is bad. You should prepare for all situations.

For summer, the graduation attire material should be breathable and comfortable. Synthetic materials are good to avoid. Cotton should be your best friend for the day. And for the fall ceremony, cozy outfits that are not itchy should be your priority.

Be one step ahead and see the weather forecast. If there are chances of rain then carry an umbrella with you, and you might want to grab the rain boots.

Hairstyles And Other Accessories

For men, short hair is the classic choice for any event. And for the ladies, keep your hair up or some curls would look nice. Any flashy accessories are best to avoid. But a watch would go nicely with everything.

What Outfit Should You Avoid

Whether you’re searching for perfect graduation dresses to wear under the gown or for the fact of any formal occasions there are some things that are in your best interest to avoid.

Dress the part properly, not too under, not too over. A fancy ball gown with thousands of sequences isn’t something that people will be expecting that day.

And of course, your regular jeans are so comfortable, as well as sweats I hope you know that they are in no way the appropriate attire for your special day. This isn’t how to choose College Party Outfit! It’s your graduation day.

Do keep the weather in mind. In the freezing cold days of fall, a midi dress won’t keep you warm.

Pro Tips

  • Do get proper rest before your big day,
  • Charge your devices beforehand, keep extra napkins for you and the family,
  • Shift the position of the tassel,
  • Don’t forget to get a bunch of pictures,
  • And the most important tip of all live the moment and enjoy it!


Don’t sweat way too much with what to wear under the graduation gown because the day and the moment in itself are most important. There are some little only to keep in mind to make the journey only smoother and the memories happy!

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