How To Style Men’s Hair 2021 | Cool Tips Guide

No matter you are in a party or in office, if you are a man who styles your hair perfectly, you will be the center of attraction. Do men’s hairstyles matter? There are people who don’t care about men’s hairstyles but have you seen the Best Barbers men’s hairstyles by Andrew Does Hair? If you have seen, you will know how haircut changes the personality of a man! 

So, how to style men’s hair! When it comes to something different and innovative, the only name that comes in our mind is Helwe Salon! 

But before selecting a hair salon, you have to know which haircut and hairstyle go with you. Take a look below, we have come up with amazing men’s hairstyles! 

Short, medium and Long Hair: Which Hairstyle will suit me? 

One of the most heard questions is WHICH HAIRSTYLE WILL SUIT ME? No matter you have short, medium or long hair; you can get your perfect hairstyle here! 

How to Style Men’s Short Hair

How to style short hair men? Short hair is tough to style. But you don’t have to worry at all! Go for Mid Skin Fade or Short Textured Crop hairstyle. Go for short curls with burst fade if it suits you. 

Messy Spikes or High and Tight Haircut, everything will look flawless on your short hair!


How to Style Men’s Medium Hair 

People of medium hair are always tensed about how to style men’s hair. When you have medium hair, you are lucky! You have got volume in texture in your hair. This length of hair is the easiest to shape up. 

If you have medium hair in the middle, go for skin fade and Hard Part Pompadour. Try Mid Fade and Longer if you have a little long medium hair. 

Go for Textured Crop with Heavy Fringe for wavy hair.  


How to Style Men’s Long Hair

Have you ever thought how to style long hair man? If you have long hair, you are amazing! Trust me; you can do whatever you like. Go for man bun or tie a top knot! You are ready to go!

You can also style up with man braid. Undercut or ponytail, everything will suit with long hair! 

Hair Type + Hairstyles for Men 

Thick Hair

You are blessed if you have thick hair. If you have thick hair, go for any short haircuts. If you want to keep long hair, set your hair with a man bun! 

Fine Hair 

How to style men’s hair if are worried about the thin hair? Fine hair or thin hair people always remain worried about their hair. As fine hair does not have volume, always keep hair a little long. 

The mid-length swept-back style will go right with your fine hair. Go for layered millennial curtains if you want! If you want to know more about layers, go to 15 Layered Haircuts for Men – Men’s Hairstyle Today!

Wavy Hair 

Men, wavy hair are an additional charm to your face. Don’t you trust me? Wavy hair people always remain confused about what hairstyle they should go for. This type of hair is not curly and not straight. Keep the sides and back portion short and the middle longer. 

You can pick up textured quiffs or messy shorts for this kind of hair. Men’s wavy hair can look the best if you style it properly! For getting wavy hair you can read how to get wavy hair easily?

Curly hair  

How to style men’s hair when you have curly hair? No matter you have coils or tight wave; if you have curly hair, you are surely in a dilemma which hairstyle you should pick. 

Go for a fade on the sides or blunt fringe. It will be perfect for your curls.

Best Hairstyles for Men

Styling a Comb Over 

Hairstyling for guys requires proper attention. If you want a classic look, go for this. To style the regular classic look, here a twist is added. 

You can go for high fade comb over or undercut comb-over. Skin fade comb over is also a hairstyle to give you a classic trendy look. 

Styling a Pompadour 

All you have to do is keep the hair of the sides a little short and the hair of the middle portion will be long! This trend is now the hot favorite of men! 

Styling an Undercut

In this hairstyle, you have to cut all the hair from the sides and keep the middle portion of your hair. Try to keep a V-shape in the back. 

The middle portion will be the charm of your head! Try the undercut with long comb over or go for a pompadour with undercut! If you are confused about how to style short hair men, go for this! 

Styling a Quiff

If you are in search of something cool, go for this one. In this hairstyle, the hair will be towards the front part. You can do low fade and part with Quiff. You can also go for a fade with Quiff!

Spike Your Hair

Is spiked hair too old? Yes, maybe! But this generation has added its own twist with it! Don’t run for the pointed tips. Leave the styling gel and pick the hair wax! Keep the hair textured! 

You can do Long spiked hair or high fade with textured spiked hair

Side Part Hair

Are you ready for a formal party? Yes, this side-part hairstyle will make you ready for that. Keep the sides of the hair short. Now sweep your hair and keep your hair on one side. How amazing! 

Go for low fade side parts or mid skin fade side part. Whatever you choose, you will look great, I swear!

Style Messy Hair

If you go for messy hair, you have to be very careful. Short-haired people can go for short messy hair. This is easy than any other hairstyle.

High fade or crew cut also goes with a messy hairstyle. Use wax or gel if needed! 

Common Mistakes of Men’s Hairstyle: Men’s Hair Styling Tips

  • If you have a rounder face, don’t cut your hair short. 
  • If you have a square or longer face, don’t keep your hair long. 
  • A round face does not go with man bun or braid. 
  • Do not keep the tips of the spikes pointed. 
  • Do not use gel and creams and gel on dry hair. 
  • Do not use hair wax and clay on wet hair. 
  • Keep dry shampoo always.
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    Wrap Up 

    How to style men’s hair is completely the choice of your own. But when styling hair, you have to keep in mind about the trends, your face shape, and your hairstyle. 

    They say “life is too short to have boring hair.” And so, get up and have a new hairstyle. Because your hair deserves the best look! 

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