Good Looking Long Hair Undercut Male

When you have long hair, you can face a lot of trouble regarding Men's hairstyles. And if you love undercut, it might get tough for you to choose the right undercut hairstyle for you. I feel you, and so, I have come here with the best ideas on long hair undercut male! 


How To Get Wavy hair?

If you are going through any confusion regarding long hair undercuts, you can have a look at the hairstyle ideas. These are the best hairstyles of this time that can afford you all the attention of the mass! 

Go through the undercut hairstyles for long hair and try it out by yourself. You never know how great it is until you try in on you! 

Long Hair Undercut Male: Ideas to Blow your Mind!

1.Asymmetry Hairdo

The undercut hairstyle that never goes out of style is Asymmetry. If you want to look even better, you can settle for hair dying in a lighter blonde shade. 

People rave about how to style undercut long hair. This hairdo is the easiest and the simplest of all undercuts for men. 

long undercut

2.Shaved but Groomed 

Long undercut hairstyles can look polished too! You can slightly cut the hair on the sides, and you can keep it simple, securing a ponytail. A little shaved tight pony will make you look perfect.

long undercut

3.Comb Over 

Haircuts for men with long hair can be styled with a comb-over too. If you want something swift and easy to achieve, you can settle for comb over with your long hair undercut men. It will take a few minutes, and within this, you will be ready for going out!

Long Hair Undercut Male

4.Cool and Crazy  

Undercut with long hair can make your look unique too. If you want to be the heart of the crowd, you can do something different. Keep the undercut very short. Do not settle for ponytails. Keep the long hair of the top open! 

All you have to do is be confident about this hairstyle. The best hair expert MARK TOWNSEND says that if you like your hairstyle and you feel optimistic about it; your hair is going to look better. 

Long Hair Undercut Male

5.Formal Undercut   

Long hair shaved sides’ men can also go for formal parties if undercut designs are done carefully. When you wear an undercut with long hair for formal occasions, try to keep the look elegant and straightforward.

Go for a slick ponytail and keep it neat and clean. An undercut ponytail can anytime attract the crowd! 

Long Hair Undercut Male

6.Braid Combo   

When undercut for long hair is combined with braids, you can have the best hairstyle for you! Settle for more than one braid with short undercut! You can go for some fishtail hairdos too. Nothing can be more refreshing than this! 

Long Hair Undercut Male

7.Posh Bun  

Hairstyles for men with long hair can never be completed without a bun! Male bun always looks posh. When you style it up with undercut fade, you can rock the stage just with your appearance! 

Get an elegant bun and slay! Go for beard, undercut hair with beard are always amazing. 

Long Hair Undercut Male

8.Messy Everyday  

Long hair undercut can be perfect with a messy hairdo. For an everyday look, if you want to look trendy, settle for the messy undercut hairstyle. Undercut will keep the look clean where the messy hair will add volume! 

Long Hair Undercut Male

9.Messy Bun  

This undercut haircut will be best if you love buns. Where slick bun can add classiness, a messy bun can add swag to your outlook. Go for a messy and tangled bun and keep the undercut short! 

However, undercut hairstyle depends on face shape too. If you want to know how to do an undercut for your face shape, go to Best Face Shapes for the undercut.

Long Hair Undercut Male

10.Angular Fringe 

Long undercut for guys includes fringe too. You can pair up an angular fringe with an undercut. Keep undercut on one side of your hair and cut the other side in an angular fringe haircut! 

Long Hair Undercut Male

11.Side Swept Undercut  

Guys with long hair and beards are always attractive. If you want something that goes right with curly hair, try this side-swept curly undercut hairstyle. This can shape up the curly hair entirely giving you a polished finish.  

Long Hair Undercut Male

12.Disconnected Undercut   

Men’s long undercut always requires extra attention. A line between the two sections of hair can make the long undercut look better. 

If you have long hair that has amazing volume, try this disconnected undercut. Keep the hairline clean and visible. Use pomade to hold the volume! 

Long Hair Undercut Male

13.Buzz Cut Sides    

Men’s undercut hairstyles are tough to choose. But you will never regret choosing these undercut hairstyle men! This much raves hairstyles on Instagram nowadays. Buzz Cut or Nape Cut is the style where you cut the hair off your back of the neck. You can keep the middle portion long! 

How to Maintain the Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle: Tips and Tricks 

  • Always settle for a professional barber
  • Communicate with the barber time to time (once in every six weeks)
  • Make sure your scalp doesn’t look flat
  • Use products that can keep the volume of your hair
  • Choose cleaning products according to your hair type
  • Use a pomade on damp hair
  • Use wax on dry hair
  • Use the gel for the slicked-back look
  • Know the details about the hair tools you use


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Wrap Up 

Controlling long hair for men is tough. Additionally, to get the perfect hairstyle and maintaining the hairstyle is trickier. When you choose long hair undercut male over the other hairstyle, you have to be very careful in maintaining the hairdo.

Run your eyes on the best hairstyles for undercut hair and grab the one that you feel will look great on you. Try them out and be experimental. Your hair deserves affection and styling it up will add confidence to your personality!  

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