How To Detangle Hair Without Any Damage? Secret Tricks

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t experienced hair tangling. Healthy hair is the first condition to prevent hair from tangling. But it’s not always an easy job to do. No matter how hard you try, you end up with tangled hair. The question is how to detangle hair.

Before learning how to untangle your hair, it’s important to know what causes tangled hair.

What Causes Tangled Hair?

Several issues can result in tangling your hair. If you know what causes tangled hair, it’ll be easier for you to prevent the causes.

  • Different hair products you use can damage your hair. They contain chemicals that roughen your hair and result in tangled hair.
  • Rubbing your hair with a towel can cause hair tangling too. It makes strands of hair intertwined and causes tangled hair.
  • Not combing your hair regularly causes damaged hair to get tangled. Combing your hair also helps keep the blood circulation of your scalp regular.
  • Different hairstyles can also cause hair tangling.
  • Sleeping with your hair open makes your hair tangled when you move in your sleep.

How To Detangle Hair Without Any Damage

Healthy hair needs a lot of care to stay healthy. Silky and smooth hair is less likely to get tangled. Sometimes it gets hard always to keep your hair smooth. The reason is regular hairstyling, dust, sunlight, and other things you can’t avoid.

Even when your hair gets tangled, there are a few options you can try to detangle your hair.

1. Comb Your Hair Properly to Detangle Hair

Comb Your Hair Properly, how to detangle hair
Comb Your Hair Properly to Detangle Hair

Improper combing is the primary cause of tangled hair. You can’t just run a brush through your hair without any thought behind it. How to detangle hair with a brush? Learn how to comb your hair properly if tangled.

Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots when you make long strokes with the comb in one direction.

The improper way can get your hair more tangled. Also, choose a suitable comb for your hair type. It’s better if you use a wide-toothed comb for detangling your hair.


  • Do not start from the root. The proper way of detangling your hair is to start from the bottom and go upwards.
  • Use a comb that’s wide-toothed rather than using a narrow comb.

2. Use Water To Detangle Hair

use water to detangle water, detangle your hair
Use Water To Detangle Hair

Fill a spray bottle with clean water. Section your hair. Isolate your tangled hair from untangled ones.

Water from the shower can help you detangle your hair. Wash your hair with warm water. Warm water will make your hair moist and soft, which is easier for you to untangle tangles of your hair. It’s not recommended for people who have curly or extremely dry hair though.

For them, it’s better if they use a conditioner after washing their hair with water. You don’t want to comb immediately when you wash your tangled hair because the moisture in tangles when accidentally pulled could break off some strands in the process.


  • Do not completely wet your hair
  • Section your tangled hair and spray water on them

3. Detangle Your Hair With Oil

Apply Oil to detangle hair
use oil to detangle hair

Oil also helps moisturize your hair. Mineral oils can help make the process easier. Rough hair results in hair tangling. The oil moisturizes your strands of hair and helps untangle them.

Soak Your Hair

To make sure that oil can be absorbed by your dry hair, soak them in water. This makes the process of detangling easier and more effective.  

How long should you stay in the water?

Depends on how much time you have but the longer you remain in the shower, the faster your hair will absorb it. You may also consider using a leave-in conditioner to enhance the absorption rate of oil into your strands.


  • Do not apply oil before conditioning your hair
  • Try applying oil regularly to avoid dry hair

4. Detangle Hair With Your Fingers

detangle your hair with finger
Detangle With Your Fingers

As obvious as it sounds, this is one of the best hair detanglers. If your hair is not tangled, you can use your finger to untangle them. Even if you have matted hair, you can use your fingers to make the process easier for the next step.


  • Avoid hurrying up while finger-combing your hair
  • Be gentle to avoid hair damage

5. Conditioner Helps Too

use Conditioner to untangle hair,how to untangle hair
Use conditioner to detangle hair

Conditioning your hair can also ease your process of untangling. Use a conditioner you’re comfortable with. Conditioners contain unique ingredients. They make your hair smooth and silky to avoid tangled hair. Keep in mind that using excessive hair products can damage your hair in the long run. You can use a homemade conditioner too.


  • Do not use too much conditioner
  • Use a reliable brand

6. Go For a Detangling Spray

You can use a detangling spray to help you get rid of all those tough knots. The best thing about this is that it will leave your hair with extra shine and bounce. There are a lot of detangling sprays available. Never worry about tangles again when there are so many ways to fight them!


  • Do not use detangler spray on soaking-wet hair
  • Apply the spray throughout all knotted hair

7. Use Detangling Shampoo

detangling shampoo to detangle hair
use Detangling Shampoo

Again, if you’re willing to buy a hair product for your tangled hair, you can buy a detangling shampoo. There are a lot of renowned brands that offer detangling shampoos.

Some detangling shampoos are specifically formulated to help you get rid of knots. You want one that will not only remove the knot but also leave hair soft and manageable afterward. Use this method when all else fails!


  • Do not use too much shampoo
  • Condition your hair to avoid roughness

8. Try Out Hair Masks For Detangling Hair

Try Out Hair Masks to detangle hair,how to detangle hair
Hair Masks For Detangling Hair

Hair masks work as a great detangler too. You can make a detangling mask at home using water, vinegar, and conditioner. Or, you can buy a mask too.

It’s important that you do not distribute the mask too much into your hair. You should only apply it on parts of tangled hair or all-over tangles if they are in just one section like your bangs!


  • Avoid experimenting with different ingredients when making your mask.
  • Apply the mask according to the instructions if you buy one.

9. Detangling Brushes are Different than Your Regular Hair Brush

There are special brushes available for detangling your hair. You can buy one that suits your hair type. The tangled brush can be of different types.

Detangling brushes may look like regular hairbrushes but the bristles are typically wider and softer. It helps to untangle because you can actually see the knots as you run the brush through. You’re also less likely to pull or break your hair strands with these types of brushes.


  • Do not start brushing your hair from the root
  • Keep your hairbrush clean

How to Prevent Tangled Hair

Prevention is always better. Take the necessary steps to prevent your hair from tangling. Forget about solving your tangled hair problem. Please start at the bottom and prevent it from happening. A few tips to prevent tangling-

  • Comb your hair daily, Keep your comb clean.
  • Don’t use too many hair products.
  • Try trimming your hair every 5 to 6 weeks, even if you maintain a long layered hairstyle.
  • Cover your hair in windy weather. Wear a scarf.
  • Don’t keep your hair open while sleeping. Tie your hair into a braid.

Bottom Line

Many things can trigger rough hair that results in tangles. Maybe you use a curling iron regularly, or maybe you highlighted your short hair. Using different chemical-induced products can damage your hair.

Tangled hair can be hard to deal with. If you don’t take care of your tangled hair, it can turn into matted hair. Learn how to detangle your hair. Learn how you can prevent tangled hair. Most importantly, learn to take care of your hair.

Let us know which method you used to solve your tangled hair problem. Did it help? What difficulties did you face?

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