Short Hair Highlights | Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair 2024

When it comes to highlights, people crave for it! For so many years, people have never given up on hair highlights. But you don’t disagree that you fear highlighting short hair! It is because short hair highlights require too much attention and precautions!

However, no matter what they say, women, along with the celebrities, always show off their short hair as if they are born with this beauty!

AND WHY NOT! You must flaunt your short hair highlights because your hair deserves attention! And so, here, I will present an in-depth discussion on short hair highlighting. Get ready, girls!

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Short Hair Highlights Tips

  • Go for a haircut in the first place
  • Choosing the right product is necessary
  • Before getting a highlight kit, read the labels (some highlights will look precisely on the specific base, so know your base hair color.) 
  • Go for a strand test to make sure the color suits you
  • Don’t use foils at home or before using, read the proper way of coloring
  • While parting the hair during highlighting, part your hair in the regular way that you always do
  • For neutralize the highlight, go for toning 

Before you highlight your hair!

Before you go for highlighting your hair, stop, and think. Your hair type is essential when you choose any specific highlight. No matter what highlight you want, get the perfect haircut before dying your hair. After a haircut, you have to choose which color suits you. 

There are partial hair highlights, and there are full hair highlights. These two are different, and so, before you start highlighting, you should select any of these.

After selecting the highlight type, you have to go through the color of your hair. Then you have to understand which hair color will be right for you. There are several highlights like Balayage, Ombre, Lowlights, and Pintura, etc.

Do a little research and know about all of these. After gaining knowledge about the pattern and type of highlight, you are ready to do highlights on your hair.

Highlights for Short Hair

# Short Brown hair Highlights

When it comes to brown short hair highlights, every highlight goes right! Yes, the dark brown color goes with every sort of highlights. Never settle for excessive sticks of highlights. Instead, decide on fewer sticks so that it looks great with short hair.

Also, make sure that you keep the color of the highlight a little warm-toned. It makes your look gentler and office-ready. Also, you can do this highlight on wavy hair or less curly hair.

Short Hair Highlights, Brown color hair


# Rose Gold Pixie

Before searching the hair color ideas for short hair, you have to get a good haircut. If you like super short hair, a pixie can be the best bet for you. Pixie haircut goes with every face shape. If you have a round face, you can make your face look longer by highlighting the upper portion of your hair. Also, you can show off your tattoos with this haircut!

When we talk about hair color ideas for short hair, first, we talk about the perfect haircut. Go for a pixie haircut first. Now try to use highlights on the upper part of the hair. Also, cover some of your front hairs. But don’t forget to keep the sides free from highlights. Rose gold highlight will go perfect with vibrant brown hair!

Rose Gold Pixie,short hair highlight


# Choppy Bob Blonde Highlights

If you want to go for something interesting, blonde highlights will be the right option. This highlight added glow to your face and shine to the hair. Also, with this short brown hair with blonde highlights, you look trendy in every outfit!

Blonde short hair has always been the favorite of highlight-girls! And for this look, all you have to do is go for a choppy bob haircut first. Then, go for highlights. You can choose different colors for highlighting. But here, blonde will look better than the other ones.

# Balayage Ombre Highlights

You look good both in long hair and short hair. But if the topic is short hair highlights for your hair, you will look better in short hair. This short curly hair is excellent for Ombre highlights.

Hair color ideas for short hair never go right without ombre highlights. People out there always crave for highlights that are visible and add shine to their appearance. Ombre highlight is one of them. Also, Balayage Ombre is one of the newest trends running these days!

Balayage Ombre Highlights ,ombre hair highlights, Short Hair Highlights


# Brown Hair Flamboyage Highlights

If you have thick hair or your hair plenty of thick hair strands, you can settle for flamboyance highlights. I do not prefer this highlight for straight hair. Also, fine hair will not look amazing with this. But if you have natural waves in your hair, nothing can look better on your hair than this!

Brown hair looks incredible with this look. Flamboyage highlights are trendy when it comes to short hair highlight. Keeping the whole hair natural and coloring the lower part will also add dimension to your hair!

Brown Hair Flamboyage Highlights, Short Hair Highlights


# Sombre Highlights

Natural blonde-haired people are lucky to carry those beautiful blondes, but what about you? Are you going to spend your life in those dull brown and caramel hair? Of course not! And so, go for blondes! Short brown hair with blonde highlights is impressive. But try to think out of the box! People often don’t understand the difference between Ombre and sombre highlights. 

But sombre is different. It starts from the middle portion of your hair. To get this look, keep the front part of your hair highlight-free and highlight the side, upper, and back portion of your hair. The highlights must look natural in this case! 

Sombre Highlights ,Short Hair Highlights


# Frosted Blonde Highlights

For short hair colors, frosted blonde can be perfect. If you have super short hair and you want to be the trendiest girl in the crowd, this look will completely amaze the viewers. Look how cool she looks with super short hair and frosted highlights.

According to the people who have done highlights before, they prefer frosted highlights in blonde rather than the other highlight colors. Also, when it comes to short dark hair with highlights, frosted highlights are amazing.

Short brown hair with blond highlights will always be the most desired hair color. However, here, try to keep the highlights all over your hair. These short hair color ideas also go right with both informal and formal occasions. Go blonde, go cool! It is because your hair deserves attention!

Frosted Blonde Short Hair Highlights , Short Hair Highlights


# A-Line Bob Ribbon Highlights

If you are a fan of ribbon highlights, you can try this look. A-line bob is the best short hairstyles of this time. People are craving this hairstyle, and so, this has been a trend nowadays. And if you want to highlight your hair, you can settle for short hair color ideas that are basic and neutral! Also, short dark hair with highlights looks better than light-colored hair!

People with dark short hair will look amazing on this highlight. If you have fine hair or straight hair, ribbon highlights will look the best. However, you can try this on your loose waves too. Curly hair doesn’t go right with ribbon highlights.

# Foiled Highlights for Brunettes

If you have dark and short brown hair, you will love foiled highlights. Now, you might ask where regular highlights differ from foiled highlights. Yes, both are the same, but if you want some extra glaze and want your highlights to look fresh and vibrant, foiled highlights are the ideal option for you! 

Go for foiled blonde highlights as this looks great on brunettes! Short hair color ideas always include foiled highlights. All you have to do is to brush your hair, and people will surely praise your hair! 

Foiled Hair Highlights for Brunettes, Short Hair Highlights


# Ash Blonde Highlights

If you are up for something different, still you want to keep it a little neutral, the best option to go for is ash blonde. Blonde and ash-blonde are trendy hair colors for short hair. Blondes can be tough to carry, but ash blonde is fantastic as it matches all skin colors. On the other hand, ask blonde gives you a little flirty look that makes you look younger too. 

So, go for a short haircut and try this out. You will never regret getting this as it will bring some changes to your overall appearance.

Ash Blonde hair Highlights , Short Hair Highlights


# Caramel Auburn

Are you up for some dark brown hair with caramel highlights? If you are, get this one! If you are new to highlights world, you can try something neutral as short hair color ideas. Keep it simple by trusting on the caramel auburn highlights. Auburn is a cool-toned color. It has a blue undertone to give your hair a lift.

On the other hand, caramel is an entirely different light brown color. If you go for auburn caramel highlights, you can wear the complete opposite colors that will match with every profession. Also, these colors are wearable everywhere from the office to parties. 

Caramel Auburn hair highlight, Short Hair Highlights


# Auburn Ombre

If you are here for subtle highlights that don’t make your look TOO MUCH, put your energy on this auburn Ombre highlights. When it comes to short dark hair with highlights, this is the best! This will not give you the complete shock of highlights. It will only afford you some hint of highlights to beautiful glaze.

If you go for waves at the bottom of your hair and keep the upper portion straight, it will look fabulous. You can wear any dress as this is the standard hair color with a little hint of highlights! You can go through the short hair color ideas and choose the one that looks decent yet makes you look flawless!

Auburn Ombre hair highlight, Short Hair Highlights


# Blonde on Red Hair

People that are up for something unique can settle for this look. You have red hair first and then have blonde highlights. No other highlights go perfect with red hair than blonde. Blonde has a fantastic quality of adding shine to the hair.

Blonde and red highlights can never go out of style! Go for maroon red, wine red, or any other shades of red. Go for thick strands when you highlight. Do highlights on the whole hair keeping necessary gaps; you will look stylish.

Blonde on Red Hair , Short Hair Highlights


# Copper Red Look

People that love short hair for women, cove trendy things too! What do you think about a copper red hair color? People always suggest blonde and brown hair colors for short hair, but copper highlights can be something that you are craving!

The copper-red look will not suit everyone; I agree. But, how about bringing a change in your personality? You already know that hair can bring surprising changes in your outlook and personality. You can get copper hair with red highlights. Or you can play the complete opposite game by wearing copper hair color with red highlights!

I prefer having red hair and adding up some copper highlights. If you want, then make a little more highlights for a better outlook! Also, style some baby hair to look even more beautiful. For this, you have to know how to style baby hair!

Copper Red Look hair, Short Hair Highlights

# Grey Blending with Full Highlights

You can have grey hair! Yes, at this age, you do not need to get aged to have grey hair. Grey hair is the hot favorite of teenagers now. Also, people doing office look great with grey blending highlights and short hair.

The grey blending highlights go perfect if you have short fine hair. Also, wavy hair looks good in this. Also, you can have this on your black hair to have a hint of black too!

For this, you have to get a fantastic hairdo short that goes with your personality. Or you can also go for Easy Hairstyles for Short hair to know more ideas on how to style your hair more accurately!

Grey Blending with Full Highlights,Short Hair Highlights


# Blue Hints

You might feel that I am ignoring the curly-haired girls. Not at all! I have kept the best highlights for the curly-haired people! Look at these greenish-blue highlights, isn’t this super cool? If you have curly hair or super kinky hair, you can try this one! The list of hair colors for short hair includes blue, greenish-blue, electric blue, and all bright blue hints that burn the eyes of the viewers! 

Keep the middle to the front portion of your hair black. And then highlight the other hair. The middle part with add dimension to the hair, and you will look gorgeous!

The best part is this haircut makes you party-ready. But, on the other hand, you can try this with trendy jeans and off-shoulder tops too!

Blue Hints hair,Short Hair Highlights


# Blonde and Orange

I know you love some long layered bob hairstyles, but nothing can look better than prefer short hair with highlights, trust me. Orange is the complete opposite of blonde. Blonde is a neutral and calm color.

On the other hand, orange is very vibrant. And in the fall, you can play with vibrant colors! Get ready with blond hair and orange highlights this fall.

Keep the whole hair blonde and highlight the lower part of the hair. You can go for unequal highlights on the lower part. If you make a line for the highlight like this, it will also look fashionable!

Blonde and Orange hair, Short Hair Highlights


# Platinum Blonde

Am I talking too much about the blonde? It doesn’t matter because blonde is one of the most used highlights in the whole world! And now, the new favorite is platinum blonde short hair! So, why wouldn’t Kristen Stewart try that? When I heard that she cut her hair, I was sad. But when I saw her platinum blonde, I couldn’t resist doing this to my hair!

This will give you the teenage tomboy vibe. You deserve to look younger and more beautiful! Cut your hair and get platinum blondes soon!

Platinum Blonde Hair, Short Hair Highlights


# Halle Berry Hairstyle

If you love spikes and highlights, you can create a combination of both of them, just like this Halle Berry hairstyle. The mixture of blonde and brown hair looks impressive here. On the other hand, the spiked hair bears the look so beautiful! 

Get this one if you want to cut your hair short. If you’re going to make a little change, you can also try an undercut hairstyle and wear this highlight! Not only brown hair but blonde short hair will look fabulous with this haircut, trust me!

Halle Berry Hairstyle, Short Hair Highlights,


# Scarlett Johansson Highlights

If you are up for anything that is copper brown, have faith in this Scarlett Johansson hairstyle. Also, if you always love to change your hairstyle, you can look upon her styles. She turns her hairstyle to make it look perfect for every occasion.

If you are up for super short hair for women, you can try this hairdo short too! Also, short brown hair women look great with this hairstyle! This hairstyle has a mixture of rich brown with copper blonde highlights. Try this and make the streets red carpet. This look is worth looking at, trust me!

Scarlett Johansson Highlights , Short Hair Highlights


# Emma Watson Highlight

If you follow Emma Watson, you will know that the drastic change in her hairstyle gave a heart attack to the followers. This chestnut highlight hairstyle is still the favorite of her followers. This made her look like a lady!

Also, she integrated this chestnut highlights with brown hair and perfect pixie cut! I always feel that short hair for women must be something that looks great with the face shape. And this Watson girl wears her short brown hair with pride! So, even if you think you won’t look as good as she does, try this out. You might look better than her!

Emma Watson Highlight,Short Hair Highlights


FAQs on Short Hair Highlights

1. Can very short hair be highlighted?

Yes, you can highlight very short hair. Go through the pictures of Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, or Christen Stewart; they can beautifully flaunt their short hair highlights in the Red Carpet.

However, you have to be a little careful about short hair highlights. Every highlight will not look good. Go for the highlights we have mentioned above to get the best look!

2. What is the best color for short hair?

Nowadays, the hair colors that are rocking the stage are ash brown Balayage, rich chocolate and cool Balayage blonde, hot pink, a hint of rose, purple, silver-gray, and electric blue.

If you want to go for neutrals, then always have faith in the blonde and copper colors. Caramel is also an all-time favorite color of short hair people.

3. Is Balayage better than highlights?

Balayage is a process of coloring where the color is less noticeable and is better for making a soft and natural look. It is known as healthier than the regular highlights because it keeps your hair more vigorous than the other highlights.

The formula of Balayage is thick, and so, the mixture of this stays for a more extended period. Also, it provides less heat. As a result, your hair damaged less than the other highlights. 

4. Do Highlights damage hair?

If you think that highlight will keep your hair healthy as before, you are wrong. No matter how expensive highlight you use and how much you take care of your hair, highlights will always damage your hair.

All you can do is lessen the damage is choosing the right product for highlighting. Never settle for cheap products. If you go for highlighting in the salon, make sure you select the high-grade salon. Also, you have to take care of your hair after getting highlights by using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and hair masks. Go for less water on your hair and avoid warm water. Dry shampoo can help you protect the hair too!

Final Verdict

So, now you can be fearless and highlight your short hair without any hesitation! You do not need to worry about coloring your hair. Go for any color your color you love and color your life with the highlights! Short hair highlights will help you grow confidence, have faith!

All you need to do is go through the tips and ideas I have mentioned. I assure you, you will never be disappointed! You will keep praising your hair! Also, don’t forget to share your best and worst short hair highlighting experiences with us!

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