How To Style Baby Hair | Proper Guide About Baby Hair Style

No matter how much you grow, your hair may remain baby. Yes, we are talking about baby hair. I consider you lucky if you have baby hair. If you do not have any, no worries! You can style your hair just like baby hair too! Today, I am here to talk about how to style baby hair! 

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You may know how to style hair, but some people are still not sure how to deal with baby hair. There are hundreds of baby hairstyles, but here, we will talk about the most raved-about baby hairstyles girls. 

13 Best Ideas about How to style baby hair?

1. Side-Burning Hairdo

If you want some drama on the go, try this look. This sideburn-length swirl look might be a little subdued than the natural looks, but it can add up spice to the hairdo!

Side-Burning Hairdo, style baby hair

2. The ’90s are back 

This is the right solution if you want to look like the ’90s but still rock the stage with your baby hair. When the topic is black baby hairstyles, this hairdo will look fabulous. In and out of the forehead, there will be hair in a zigzag and weaves. 

How To Style Baby Hair,baby hair

3.RiRi got you! 

Yes, Rihanna can be your inspiration when it comes to baby hair. For having Rihanna’s baby hair, settle for a high ponytail with messy waves. Slick the baby hair into ponytails and mix it up! 

baby hairstyle, How To Style Baby Hair

4. North-West Look 

Let’s talk about the baby hair of a baby! It’s a natural ponytail that makes her look so good with baby hair. Keep it natural and let the baby’s hair float. This baby hair on adults will also go perfectly!

How To Style Baby Hair,kim kardesin baby

5. Kylie Jenner Fashion 

When you are tense about how to lay edges, you can never forget Kylie. Separate your hair from the middle and go for two ponytails on the sides. Let your baby’s hair cover your upper forehead! 

How To Style Baby Hair,baby hair style

6. Top Knot Baby Hair 

You can never go wrong if you do a top knot with your baby’s hair. Go for a high top knot keeping no hair on the back. To style baby hair, brush your baby hair backward! 

How To Style Baby Hair,top knot baby hair

7. Feed-in Braids 

People are always in a dilemma on how to do baby hair. You can settle for braids! Take all your hair on one side of your head. Do whatever braid you want. Now take out the baby hair, brush it and curl with the brush!

How To Style Baby Hair,feed in braids baby hair,baby hair style

8. Pigtails on Both Sides 

Settle for pigtails on both sides. Now take out the brush and brush the baby hair. Set it in a position where the laying edges touch your entire forehead! 

How To Style Baby Hair,baby hairstyle,pigtail baby hair

9. Katy Perry

All are not blessed with baby hair, but getting some is not a crime. We should learn from Katy Perry about how to get baby hair! 

Madonna’s hairstylist- Andy Lecompte believes you can customize any hairstyle for anyone. So, if you do not have baby hair, there is nothing wrong with customizing it for yourself! You always deserve to look beautiful!  

Katy Perry did this baby hairstyle on the Givenchy fall 2015 show. Take some hair from the front side of your head and brush it with gel! 

Katy Perr baby hair style

10. Regular Bun 

You can settle for regular buns too. All you need to do is style baby hair properly. Keep some extra hair to style properly with pomade. This look goes right with baby hairs white girl. 

Regular Bun baby hair style

11. Frizzy Hairdo 

If you have curly baby hair, get a regular ponytail. Now curl the ponytail and brush the frizzy baby hair backward. Let the baby hair edges fly! 

How To Style Baby Hair,baby hairstyle

12. Curly Baby Hair 

If you have curly baby hair, you must be confused about how to style baby hair. Take some part of the nose and make a natural hair bun. Let the other part open. Brush your baby hair and let it be a little messy! 

How To Style Baby Hair,curly babu hairstyle, baby hair

13. The JLO Strands 

Who doesn’t know how beautifully she prepares her strands? You who want to know how to style baby hair must have a look at Jennifer Lopez. She pairs up cornrows with her baby hair, and it looks fantastic!

How To Style Baby Hair ,baby hairstyle

What things should you avoid for styling baby hair?

  • Don’t gather too much hair, as baby hair on the front of the forehead 
  • Don’t use greasy products for styling 
  • Don’t shave hair for having baby hair 
  • Curly hair people should never keep baby hair too long 
  • Do not use a comb to brush baby hair 

Baby Hair: Black Women vs. White/Latina Women

When it comes to baby hair, we always prefer black women having baby hair. The history of baby hair relates to black women. The trend of styling baby hair started in 1970, and today, we see Rihanna, FKA, Twigs, Zendaya, and many people embracing baby hair with pride.

On the other hand, white women understood how to lay baby hair lately. The straight-haired Latin girls also admired the baby hairstyle girls. Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Lopez, now everyone is into baby hair! If you want to know more, go through this- The Evolution of Baby Hair!

What causes baby hair? 

Baby hair grows when the ANAGEN phase of your hair cycle gets shorter. This happens slowly, and it can be genetic. Hair thinning might be the reason for baby hair. Another cause of baby hair is hair breakage. You might get baby hair if you keep styling and heating your hair daily.

So, how to get rid of baby hair? Yes, you can get rid of baby hair through some therapies. It will lessen the number of androgens, and you will have fewer baby hairs.

FAQs on Baby Hair Style 

How do you deal with frizzy baby hair? 

While dealing with super frizzy baby hair, settle for coconut oil. Also, use a spray that can hold the frizzy hair properly. Almond oil or olive oil can also lessen the frizz of baby hair. 

Why do I have baby hair? 

There are various reasons to have baby hair. This can be genetic. Or if you are using too much heating products, you might have baby hair. Pregnancy or hair breakage can also be the reason behind baby hair. 

Is it wrong to shave baby hair?

Try not to shave baby hair because it looks ugly. If you want to clean baby hair, you can go for treatments. Direct shaving may change your look, and your hair will look bad.

Tips for Beginners

  • Always wet your baby hair with a spray bottle 
  • A blow dryer can be great for styling 
  • Use a toothbrush to brush baby hair. ‘
  • Go for gel if you want a polished look 
  • Go for cream or balm if you want a natural look
  • Don’t forget to use hairspray 

Parcel Up 

Baby hair is the key if you are ready to go out with a natural look. If you want to settle for the classic glossy look, you can also go for baby hair. Baby hair looks fantastic with everyone.

You can easily take out one baby hairstyle for you and wear it to see how it goes. All these baby hairstyles are here to make your life fun and beautiful!

So, if you are worried about how to style baby hair, you are in the right place! So, all you need to do is maintain the tips and tricks. And go for the one that fits perfectly with your personality.

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