Eye-Catching Nature Tattoo Sleeve for 2024

Committing yourself to get a tattoo on your body is not easy. When it is about your body, you are always concerned. And when we talk about nature tattoo sleeves, you all get confused about whether they will work for you.

When you agree to get a nature tattoo sleeve, you must get ready to face blood, redness, pain, and much more. But what are the designs you can get on your sleeve? And this is where I can help you! I have come up with a fantastic nature tattoo collection for you. Have a look!

Preparation Tips for Nature Tattoo Sleeve

When you think you are ready to get a tattoo, make some preparations. As your sleeve is one of the most visible areas of your body and this will get inked, find out the right artist. If you want to mix up more than one subject in the tattoo, look at the artist’s transitions.

If you want to go for tattooing your sleeve, you have to understand that it might require more than 15 hours. In some cases, it may take 40 hours too.

You have to do these in sessions. The tattooing sleeve is expensive hand so, you need to get ready with the money also.

If you are ready with all these, jump into the best nature tattoo sleeve!

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Best Nature Tattoo Sleeve Designs

# Forest tattoo

Forest tattoo
Forest tattoo

Forest tattoo is eye-catching. Get a forest arm tattoo if you are close to nature and love it! People that love the forest will enjoy these sorts of nature tattoos.

# River tattoo

River tattoo
River tattoo

Water is where we find our soul. And if you love the river and want to keep water close, do a river tattoo all over your sleeve. River tattoos are a sign of your love for water flow.

Waterfall Tattoo

Waterfall Tattoo
Waterfall Tattoo

Just like you love the river, you can love water differently too! Yes, I am talking about the waterfall and waterfall tattoo! A waterfall tattoo on your sleeve can revive the whole scenario!

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Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo
Tree Tattoo

# Sunset Tattoos

Sunset Tattoos
Sunset Tattoos

No one doesn’t gets attracted by the setting sun. Sun serves us light, and we love to glow! You can have sunset tattoos on your sleeve.

# Sky Tattoo

Sky Tattoo
Sky Tattoo

They say the sky’s the limit but how about caging the SKY on your hands! If not in hands, what about on your sleeve? Draw the sky on your sleeve by having a sky tattoo!

# Volcano Tattoo

Volcano Tattoo, Nature Tattoo Sleeve
Volcano Tattoo

How about having some “FIRE” on your arm? Light your sleeve up because you deserve it! Volcano tattoo is one of the most hyped tattoos these days. 

# Earth tattoos

Earth tattoos
Earth tattoos

# Mountain Tattoo    

Mountain Tattoo
Mountain Tattoo

Just like the love for the river, some people love the mountain. The peaks of the mountains attract them. Small Mountain tattoo to larger ones, you will love them all on your arms. Tattoo lovers are also raving for Bear Mountain tattoo nowadays! 

# Camping tattoos

Camping tattoos
Camping tattoos

# Rain tattoos

Rain tattoos
Rain tattoos

Water is life, and you can bring your soul back to life with rain tattoos. Rain tattoos can include an umbrella, drops of water, flower, etc.

# Outdoor tattoos

Outdoor tattoos
Outdoor tattoos

Outdoor tattoos include everything you see outside! These nature tattoo sleeves for you include mountains, trees, moonlight, the beauty of the forest, and everything. 

Ideal Placement of a Nature Tattoo Sleeve

Before you get inked, know about the placements of tattoos for your sleeves. There are four different types of sleeve tattoos. They are:

1.Quarter Sleeve

This sort of tattoo can cover your sleeves from the top of your shoulder, and it gets down to the midway of your elbow.

2.Half Sleeve Tattoos

This tattoo starts from the top shoulder and ends in the elbow.

3.Full Sleeve Tattoos

This full sleeve tattoo covers the full sleeve as it starts from the top shoulder and it ends in the wrist.

4. Hikae

This sleeve tattoo comes from Japan. The work of this tattoo is to cover the chest area. But it also extends to the sleeves. Either it goes to the wrist or ends in the elbow.

Maintenance Tips: Tattoo Aftercare

According to the Canadian Best Tattoo Specialist, Inal Bersekov, all his training for the tattoo is blood and sweat. And when making a tattoo is so not easy, taking care of it seems tougher. You have to take intensive care of your tattoo and maintain it properly.

  • You have to try your best to avoid any infection. During the sessions and after, be careful about this.
  • After the sessions, keep the bandage for a more extended time.
  • Try antibacterial soap and pat dry your sleeves.
  • Try to use lotion over the tattoo.
  • Before you go for a lotion, air-dry your tattoo for 15 minutes.
  • Wash and moisturize the sleeve more than three times every day. Continue this process for about three weeks.
  • Bleeding and redness are normal, and so you don’t need to worry about it. 

But before you get a tattoo, you have to take care of so many things. If you want to know the necessary details before getting a tattoo, go check out What to Consider before getting a Sleeve Tattoo.

6 Things to Avoid After Getting a Nature Tattoo Sleeve

  1. Don’t go for the cheap tattoo artists
  2. Don’t settle for tight-fitting outfits
  3. Don’t go for having baths or swimming for three weeks or more
  4. Don’t go to sunlight exposing the area
  5. Don’t keep your arm under your body while sleeping
  6. Don’t use a bulky coating of lotion

Wrap Up

If you are new to the tattoo world, you must know that before getting ready for getting a tattoo, you have to be committed to yourself first. Never go for cheap parlor or tattoo artist because when you settle for a nature tattoo sleeve, you show off the most visible area of your body. Whatever you show must be exciting! 

Moreover, never pair up with random designs. Get something that is unique and carries your personality.

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