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When it is about the tattoo, we believe in the GO BIG term. Yes, if you want a sleeve tattoo, nothing can be better than full sleeve tattoos. In a world full of colors, black still has the power to win the world. And working on your arm with all the shades of black is incredible. And if you are going to get inked soon, have a look at the full sleeve tattoos black and grey!

If you are into tattoos, you must look at them and try the best one that suits you!

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Preparation Tips for Full Sleeve Tattoos

  1. Before you get into the room for doing a tattoo, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated
  2. Keep the outer skin hydrated with a moisturizer too
  3. Shave the area that you are going to ink
  4. Exfoliate your skin. Here, you are free to use scrub also.
  5. Rest before you get a tattoo
  6. Eat good food and fruits
  7. Make sure you do not have injuries on your arm

Where to place a Full Sleeve Tattoo 

If you want to have a full-sleeve tattoo, you should start the tattoo form the shoulder. The place where your arm starts, you have to start inking your body from that place.

Take the tattoo down to the wrist or a little higher than the wrist to look good. When it comes to black and grey tattoos, there are no colors other than black. However, tattoo shading can make your full sleeve tattoos look beautiful!

Before you get a tattoo, you have to know how you will remove the tattoo if you want in the future. For this, go for What You Should Know About Tattoo Removal. 

Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey 

1.Prometheus Full Sleeve Tattoos

Prometheus tattoos are popular in the form of full sleeve tattoos black and grey. If you want something that looks different, get this one.

Prometheus Full Sleeve Tattoos
Prometheus Full Sleeve Tattoos

2.Bee-Themed Full Sleeve Tattoo 

 This full sleeve tattoo design has become popular lately. Bee-themed tattoos are for people who love something scary. If you love animals, settle for this.

Bee-Themed Full Sleeve Tattoo
Bee-Themed Full Sleeve Tattoo 

3.Buddha Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey

Tattoo sleeve ideas can never be completed without this tattoo design. Buddha is a fantastic concept when it comes to tattoos. This full sleeve tattoo will make your look trendy yet traditional.

Buddha Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey
Buddha Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey

4.Spiral Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey

If you want to make your sleeves look confusing and worth looking at, go for this one! Black tattoo designs look good when it is designed like this one!

Spiral Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey
Spiral Full Sleeve Tattoos Black and Grey

5.Greek God Theme Full Sleeve Tattoo

Gods are amazing art to deal with when you have full sleeve black and grey tattoos. Have a look at this one!

Greek God Theme Full Sleeve Tattoo
Greek God Theme Full Sleeve Tattoo

6.Covered Sleeves Full Sleeve Tattoo

Cover up your sleeves with tattoos! If you add more black in black tattoo designs and add some tattoo shading, it will surely look fashionable. This full sleeve tattoo is worth complimenting!

Covered Sleeves tattoo
Covered Sleeves tattoo

7.Floral Variations Full Sleeve Tattoo 

You are free to settle for floral full sleeve black and grey tattoos if you can carry it! Fewer people like it but these are cool! Get a black and grey rose tattoo if you want. The black and grey rose tattoo is popular as it looks great when it comes to floral tattoos.

Floral Variations Full Sleeve Tattoo
Floral Variations Full Sleeve Tattoo

8.Ornament Sleeves Full Sleeve Tattoo

If you love doing some artwork that looks artistic, you will love ornament tattoos. These tattoo sleeve ideas look good on both men and women.

Ornament Sleeves  Full Sleeve Tattoo
Ornament Sleeves Full Sleeve Tattoo

9.Written Verse Full Sleeve Tattoo

Write your favorite metal song or your favorite quotes on your sleeves to make it look cool! You will love to do tattoo shading to make it look fashionable.

Written Verse Full Sleeve Tattoo
Written Verse Full Sleeve Tattoo

10.Sacred Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo

When it comes to full sleeve tattoos black and grey, the name of SYMBOLS comes in always! If you are in love with holy symbols, get this done on your sleeves!

Sacred Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo
Sacred Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo

11.Geometric Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo

Choose whatever geometric symbols you like and combine it to make a tattoo! This full sleeve tattoo design doesn’t only look good, but it goes with every situation too!

Geometric Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo
Geometric Symbols Full Sleeve Tattoo

12.Retro Black and Grey Full Sleeve Tattoo

Black and grey tattoos in retro designs are the hot favorite of these days. Get some black and grey tattoos that can cover a story on your sleeves!

Retro Black and Grey Full Sleeve Tattoo
Retro Black and Grey Full Sleeve Tattoo

13.GANGSTA Tattoo Full Sleeve Tattoo

Full sleeve tattoos black and grey looks beautiful if you add a trendy outlook. Get this GANGSTA tattoo on your sleeves if you want to get a super stylish look!

GANGSTA Tattoo Full Sleeve Tattoo
GANGSTA Tattoo Full Sleeve Tattoo

Maintenance Tips: What to do after a Full Sleeve Tattoo

  1. Let your skin heal after you are done with your tattoo
  2. Immediately after getting a tattoo, try to wash it once or twice a day
  3. Settle for alcohol-free moisturizer
  4. If there are scabs, do not pull them off
  5. Let the dead skin fall off by itself
  6. Use coconut oil for keeping the skin under the tattoo moisturized and always stay hydrated
  7. Try to wear clothing that can keep your tattoo out of the sun
  8. Do not gain or lose too much weight

Full Sleeve Tattoos Cost

Half sleeve tattoos usually cost from $250 to $1700. However, if you are going for a full sleeve tattoo, you will need several sessions for it. It might take more or less 10 hours to 15 hours.

For every hour, depending on where you are doing it, it might cost you $100 to $200. The total cost will be $1500 to $4000. If you want to go for the best tattoo artist – GAKKIN, you might need to pay $1200 to $1500 for every hour.

Question That Asks Our Readers 

What are black and GREY tattoos?

Black and grey tattoos are a type of tattoo where only black ink is used for inking your body. However, here, various shades of black are used to create variations.

Are black and GREY tattoos better than color?

If you want something fresh and still want to keep it basic, pick up for black and grey tattoos. In most cases, people love black and grey tattoos more than colored tattoos.

What arm is best for a sleeve tattoo?

Yes, if you are settling for a sleeve tattoo, GO BIG! Yes, they say GO BIG or GO HOME! If you are not covering your arm and showing it off, how can it be fun? Right-handed people should go for tattoos on their left hand and vice versa.

What happens to tattoos when you gain muscle?

If you have moderate muscle growth, it will not create any effect on your arm or full sleeve tattoo. But if you are gaining weight or muscle and they can create stretch marks, the marks may have an impact on your tattoo. Some of the inks will be destroyed.

Final Words 

When you are dealing with sleeve tattoos, full sleeve tattoos are the first thing that comes in your mind. And so, I have mentioned the best full sleeve tattoos in black and grey. Tattoos can change your personality completely.

So, if you are here to get a new personality by inking your body with colors, you should try any one of these above mentioned full sleeve tattoos black and grey. Choose one according to your personality and have fun!

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