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Who says men’s hairstyles are boring? Yes, hairstyles can make a difference in your personality. No matter if you have short or long hair or curly hair; Curly Undercuts are the best way to change your appearance. 

In 2023, people are dying to look their best, and the best look highly depends on the hairstyle. Where straight hair men remain unstressed, curly hair men are always in uncertain when it comes to men’s undercut.

From hundreds of hairstyles for curly hair, I have only selected the ones that will go with everybody. And so, if you are in a dilemma about choosing which hairstyle for your curly hair goes right, you can sit back and rely on my selected hairstyle for curly hair. 

What is an Undercut, exactly? 

Since the beginning of the 90s, undercuts have been one of the favorite hairstyles for men’s hairstyles. Though this fashion went out of style for some time, it came back with a new dimension in 2014. The Red Carpet men were flaunting their road with Undercuts. 

So, what is undercut exactly? The undercut is a haircut where the top part of the middle part of the hair will be longer than the back and sides. The hair’s back and sides will be closely cut or faded in an Undercut hairstyle. Sometimes, the sides are completely buzzed! 

Since 2014, people have never seen Undercuts go out of style! You must be a little different when people are raving about straight hairstyles. And so go for curly hairstyles! 

And here, I am going to talk about Curly Undercuts for men! Curly hairstyles are tough to do but if you understand which hairdo suits you, you will never find it tough! 

Best Curly Undercuts 

All the hairstyles cover up the straight hair men, and so I have decided to work on the wavy hair and curly hair men. No matter whether you have wavy hair or curly hair; you can be the perfect undercut men. 

1. Curly Undercut with Elongated Fringe 

Yes, you were introduced to this haircut back in 2000. You can keep your fringes long and make your appearance look cool with enlarged fringe with an undercut! 

Curly Undercut with Elongated Fringe
Curly Undercut with Elongated Fringe 

2. Undercut with Forehead Fringe 

Who doesn’t love short curly haircuts? But is that so easy to achieve? This haircut can make your face look fuller than before. Keep the fringes controlled and you can go for this look in the formal placed too.

Undercut with Forehead Fringe
Undercut with Forehead Fringe

3. Skin Faded Undercut 

Different short curly haircuts have their fan sectors. In this undercut, the hair under your crown will be finely trimmed. Only if you have dense hair, go for this bold look. 

Skin Faded Undercut
Skin Faded Undercut

4. Quiff Undercut 

Quiffs are usually done with the help of a rolling brush and a hairdryer. It rolls your hair backward. With your curly undercut hair, get Quiff to make it look interesting. 

Quiff Undercut
Quiff Undercut

5. Messy Curls Undercut 

If you want to look young with curly hair, go for a messy undercut. Go for the wax to set your hair and keep things messy. Do not settle for excessive mess that looks dirty. 

Messy Curls Undercut
Messy Curls Undercut

6. Angular Fringe Undercut 

This 90’s hairstyle can make your look trendy and different in this century too. Go for undercuts and trim your hair at regular intervals. It will shape the angular fringe; to look better, you can take your hair to one side of your head!

Angular Fringe Undercut
Angular Fringe Undercut 

7. Disconnected Undercut 

If you have curly hair still you want to look trendy, go for curly undercuts. Create a line under the crown of your head. Divide the sections of hair. From the forehead, take the line to the tip of your ear! And you are done! 

Disconnected Undercut
Disconnected Undercut 

8. Undercut with High Fade 

First of all, identify your crown. Now settle for undercut but remember to keep the size faded. Keep your crow away from trimming! Two hairstyles are amazingly covered in this hairdo! 

Undercut with High Fade , curly undercut
Undercut with High Fade 

9. Slick Back Curls with Undercut 

No, matter in which century you live, slick backs are a hot favorite. Go for an undercut keeping the hair of the middle section. Keep your curly hair long and slick them back. Let the curls hand! 

curly undercut,Slick Back Curls with Undercut
Slick Back Curls with Undercut

10. Kinky Hair Undercut 

If you have kinky hair, you are blessed with volume. Overstated hair needs care and perfect shape. Keep the kinky hair on top of the head and let them rule your hairstyle. Now trim a fine line and part your hair of the sides. Go for an undercut! Hot or not! 

Kinky Hair Undercut
Kinky Hair Undercut

11. Curly Man Bun Undercut 

Whatever it is, man bun can never go out of style. According to hairstylist Harry Josh, a messy bun or top knot always look cool. When long straight hair can go for buns; with long curly hair, you can try out a bun too! And so, with an undercut, settle for a man bun! 

First, try to make a line and divide the hair on the crown of your head. Not tie them up and go for an undercut. Make a line to divide them if needed! You might not like to get an undercut if you have long curly hair. But trust me. Undercut long hair works great! If you want to know more about long hairstyles, go for long hair undercut male.

Curly Man Bun Undercut
Curly Man Bun Undercut 

12. Short Cropped Undercut 

If you have volume in your hair but are short, you should undoubtedly settle for short curly haircuts. If you have short hair and want to get an undercut, go for a short-cropped haircut. This hairstyle will make your office-ready. In this case, do not go for too short an undercut otherwise the curly hair will not be visible. 

Short Cropped Undercut
Short Cropped Undercut 

13. Colored Top Undercut 

Curly undercuts are not that much easy to achieve. But this look is very easy to achieve if you have medium hair length. All you have to do is go for a regular undercut and color one part of the top hair. This will create a great change in your personality too! 

Colored Top Undercut
Colored Top Undercut 

Undercuts According to Face Shapes

You might have heard about a lot of hairstyles for curly hair but never have tried because you are confused about which will look good on you. 

Men’s undercut looks great in both short and long hair. Go for short hair undercut or undercut long hair, you can never go wrong if you choose the right haircut for your face shape.

Undercut for Oval Face

If you have an oval face, go for short undercuts. Keep the middle portion of hair long and settle for classic undercuts. You can go for Quiff Undercut or Undercut with Comb Over. 

Undercut for Round Face

Undercut for Round Face
Undercut for Round Face

If you have a round face, you can keep a thin layer of hair in the middle portion. Cut a line and keep more space for the undercut. You can go for Slick Back Undercut or have spiked. 

Undercut for Square Face 

For a square face, always settle for small hair. If you want, then you can go for “Buzz” cut mixed with Undercut. If you want long hair then go for a man bun. 

Undercut for Triangle Face 

 In triangle face, you can try to keep less space for undercut and more space for middle portion hair. Settle for a Comb over Undercut if you want! 

FAQs on Curly Undercut

What does Disconnected Undercut mean? 

The Disconnected Undercut is an Undercut hairstyle. In Disconnected Undercut, the contract between the middle hair and the hair on the sides is very much visible. It is to differentiate the longer hair and shaved hair. 

What is Undercut Fade?

Undercut Fade is a very popular Undercut hairstyle these days. In this hairstyle, there is a sharp contrast between the hair on the sides of your head and the crown of your head. To make the contrast more visible, a line separates into two parts. 

Does layering hair make it thinner? 

If you have long hair, it weighs more than the short hair. As a result, your hair will get pulled down. Sometimes, layering can make your hair look thinner. If you go for a long undercut, do not forget to blow dry the root of your hair. 

Tips for Curly Undercut 

  • If you want to style your hair for any formal occasion, do not go for messy curly undercuts
  • If you have a triangular face, never spike you’re the middle portion of your curly hair 
  • People with a round face should never keep the middle portion of the undercut short
  • If you have thin hair, rely on wax for holding long undercuts
  • Thick hair should keep more space for cutting the sides and less space for the middle part of the hair
  • If you have thin hair, do not go too close to the crown 
  • If you have long hair, use a blow dryer on the bottom of your hair
  • If you have a small forehead, never settle for small undercuts 

Wrap Up

In this world of straight hair, the curly undercut will surely afford you a different appearance. And this is why; we have come up with the best curly undercut hairstyle for men that never give up on looking their best! 

Follow the rules and settle for any hairdo I have mentioned above. Pick any hairstyle and flaunt with your “red-carpet-ready” look because your hair deserves attention! 

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