Top Trending Chin Strap Beard Styles That Every Women Loves

When it comes to men’s beard styles, one of the most traditionally accepted beard styles is Chin Straps. People often forgot about this beard style for a very long time, but nowadays, the Chin Strap Beard Styles are back in form again!

As people are raving about this beard style, you must know that there are different sorts of chin strap beards! And if you are planning to get one, I can help you out to get the right one for you!

Step-by-Step Process: How to do Chin Strap Beard

Getting a Chin Strap Beard is not easy. Why? It is because the chin strap beard requires too much attention. But before getting into it, you must know what chin strap beard is? Keeping hair in the chin line only is what chin strap beard is. To know more, you can go for what is chin strap beard

Let’s get back to the topic again! So, when you want to do a chin strap beard, you must take care of the beard neckline and keep the jawline perfect.

And so, I recommend you go for an experienced barber who can help you get a perfect chin strap beard. However, you might want to get a chin-strap beard at home! And so, I will also tell you how to do chin strap beard at home step by step!

Step 1 :

Get a trimmer and get a comb that suits perfectly with your beard! When it comes to choosing the right trimmer, go for the best. After getting the right trimmer, you must settle for the right comb length. Go through the attachments and choose the right one for you.

Step 2 :

You have grown your beard long already. Now, you have to trim it down. Trim down all of your beards to a perfect length. If you do not trim and shave directly, you might lose track and do an imperfect chin strap beard. So, trim down your hair.

Step 3 :

As you have already trimmed your facial hair, you have to get the perfect beard shape now. Look at your desired chin strap beard and determine from where to shave. Remember not to trim too much hair for making the beard even!

Step 4 :

Wash your face. Use warm water. Now go for hydrating your face with moisturizer. Keep it there for a while, and now, go for shaving cream or gel. Here, always go for the cream or gel that keeps you away from any harm or cuts.

Step 5 :

You are done with everything. Now SHAVE IT! Go for gentle strokes. Shave the upper parts of the hair and keep the hair of the chin unshaved.

Step 6 :

After shaving, settle for trimming and making the chin strap line even more visible. Trim the upper part to make a disconnected line so that your chin strap looks vibrant.

Step 7 :

Wash your face and hydrate it! If you can, then you should go for steaming your face so that it can stay hydrated for a more extended period.

15 Best Chin Strap Beard Styles

1.Chin Strap Beard With Moustache

When it comes to Chin Strap, mustache always looks fantastic! Get a thin chin strap with a thin mustache, and you are ready to go!

Chin Strap Beard With Moustache
Chin Strap Beard With Moustache

2. Acute Trim with Chin Strap

Now that you have decided to do Chin Straps, you can settle for acute trim! This makes you look younger too!

Acute Trim with Chin Strap
Acute Trim with Chin Strap

3.Grey Stubble with Chin Straps Beard

If you want to make your look unique, you can settle for the mixture of black and white beard! Yes, that’s what we call grey! Grey stubble and chin strap look amazing!

Grey Stubble with Chin Straps
Grey Stubble with Chin Straps

4.Long Jaw Line Chin Strap Beard Style  

When you are settling for some Chin Strap Beard, you can cover up the look with the long jawline. As your chin strap has fewer beards, the long jawline will give it a fuller look.

Long Jaw Line Chin Strap Beard Style
Long Jaw Line Chin Strap Beard Style 

5.Cent Chin Strap

This Cent Jackson Chin Strap beard has got very popular in these days! To complete this look, you can try wearing a cap and regenerate him!

Cent Chin Strap
Cent Chin Strap

6.Chin Curtain Beard Style

One of the most celebrated chin strap beard styles of all time is Chi Curtain beard. If you want to keep chin strap but still want to keep beard longer, this is the best bet for you!

.Chin Curtain
.Chin Curtain

7.No Moustache Chin Strap Beard Style

When it comes to Chin Strap beard, people recommend keeping the moustache. However, the key to be different than the regular is cutting down the mustache! This is the right choice if you want to settle for a thin beard style.

No Moustache Chin Strap Beard Style
No Moustache Chin Strap Beard Style

8. Hipster Moustache With Beard Style

In a world of trimmed mustache, settle for the unique yet fun Hipster Moustache! Yes, this will give your chin strap beard look amazing. People that love a beard without sideburns will also like this! 

Hipster Moustache
Hipster Moustache

9.Chin Strap Goatee

When you are settling for a chin strap beard, the first thing that comes into our brain is Goatee. Yes, you can pair up Goatee with chin strap impeccably!

Chin Strap Goatee
Chin Strap Goatee


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10.Uneven Chin Strap  

Do not trim and make the line clear. Make the line rough when you go for a chin strap beard. This look is great for parties to the office!

Uneven Chin Strap
Uneven Chin Strap  

11.Soul Patch Chin Strap

If you want a beard without sideburns, get this one. Soul Patch is a fantastic match Chin Strap when you are dealing with Men’s beard styles. Get this red carpet look for the hangouts and parties!

Soul Patch Chin Strap
Soul Patch Chin Strap

12. Disconnected Moustache Style

This disconnected mustache with chin strap beard look is everything you are searching for. Keep your mustache disconnected from the beard. This is great for thin beard styles.

13.Connected Pencil Moustache

Keep your mustache connected to keep the flow going! This rule of chin straps is impressive. This is one of the most beautiful chin beard styles for both formal and informal occasions.

Connected Pencil Moustache
Connected Pencil Moustache

14. Mutton Chops

Mutton chops with chin strap beard can give you a vintage look that you are craving! Get this one and amaze everybody!

Mutton Chops
Mutton Chops

15.Balbo Chin Straps

What you cannot ignore regarding chin strap is the BALBO beard styles for men! This looks trendy yet posh!

Chin Strap Beard Style for different Face Shaped

Jamie Dornan once said, “I don’t like myself without a beard.” NO ONE DEOS! But more than growing a beard, getting the right beard shape is essential.

If you have never cut your beard in a chin strap style and you want to do it correctly, you must know the tips and tricks! Yes, the face structure matters a lot while choosing the right chin beard styles for Men!

Chin Strap Beard Styles with face shape.

Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face, stick to chin curtain beard. You can also settle for no mustache chin strap beards! The connected chin strap will also look good in this face shape.

Round Face

Working with a round face is though. Regarding chin strap beard styles, it is difficult to get a perfect chin strap that looks great. However, if you still want to settle for chin straps facial hair, go for the Goatee. Or you can have faith in soul patch chin straps facial hair. You can also wear long chin straps that make your face look longer.

Square Face

The Balbo Chin Strap style looks great with the square face shape. Square face shape has a lot of places to style appropriately. And so, you can experiment with newer styles of a chin strap in this face shape. The long jawline chin straps facial hair will suit with your face as it makes the mace look less square. If you want to play safe, settle for the Goatee. 

Triangle Face Shape

Chinstrap beard looks the best with triangle face shapes. So, if you have a triangle-shaped face, you may proceed to have chin straps however you want. If you love mustache, you might pair it up with your chin strap.

Go for a disconnected-chin straps facial hair if possible, as it looks great. Goatee chin strap looks good with every face shape. However, if you want to look different, you can also try the acute trim chin strap look here! 

Oblong Face

An oblong face is not the right choice for chin straps. However, you can make it up by having mutton chops chin straps facial hair. This helps to make your face look properly shaped ad hides the oblong nature of your face.

Inverted Triangle Face

This kind of face shape is also great for working with chin straps. If you have an inverted triangle face shape, you can get mutton chops. If you are okay with a chin curtain, this might look the best for you! Chin curtain reduces the triangle nature and makes your face a little rounder!

Shaping, Trimming and Maintaining Your Chinstrap

Shaping Chin Strap

  • Let your beard grow at first
  • Get a professional for outlining the beard properly
  • Get a trimmer and trim the beard till your jawline starts
  • Keep mustache or shave it
  • Shave the other parts properly

Trimming Chin Strap

  • Wash your face, settle for warm water
  • Settle for shaving cream to make your facial hair soft
  • Remove the cream with your hands and keep the cream only below the jawline
  • Now trim the other part down and clean it
  • Use water to wash and use a moisturizer

Maintaining Chin Strap

  • Get a professional barber to get chin strap beard perfectly
  • After getting chin strap, use a moisturizer
  • Always try to trim the other hair so that your chin strap remains perfect
  • Use shaving cream while trimming
  • To maintain the outline, try to trim regularly
  • Steam your face to keep it accurate

Mistakes you should avoid: Chin Strap Beard Style Don’ts

  • Try to avoid Chin Strap beard for round face
  • Do not avoid the importance of trimming regularly
  • Do not ignore steaming the face
  • If you do not have much beard, do not go for trimmed edged chin straps
  • Do not skip the moisturizer

FAQs on Chin Strap Beard Styles

1. How do you shape a chin strap beard?

To shape a chin strap beard, you must mark the jawline first. After marking the jawline properly, you have to cut your beard until your jawline starts. Do not go below the jawline; your chin strap will lose the charm.

However, different chin strap beards have different shaping methods. Here, keep mustache if you want. If you don’t like mustache, trim it down!

2. Are you supposed to shave under your chin?

Different chin strap beard requires different cutting styles. However, if you are interested in getting chin straps, I will never recommend you going under the chin. 

As the name says CHIN STRAPS, it means you have to keep the beard on the chin. And if you cut all the stubble off your face and go under the chin for shaving, how can that be a chin strap?

3. What’s the appeal of a chinstrap beard?

Go for a chin strap beard only if you have a muscular body. The chin strap will look good if you have a well-structured body and perfect face shape. 

People that have fewer beards are most likely to go for chin straps. However, in these times, chin straps have become famous for men as a regular beard style. It gives you a younger flirty look.

4. Are chin straps cool/ attractive?

Yes, chin straps are attractive. But in this case, you must remember so many things. The facial shape matters a lot when it comes to the chin strap. If you go for the right chin strap with the right face shape, chin straps will surely look incredible.

On the other hand, as this beard styles for Men gives a fresh and flirty look, you cannot ignore the charm of chin straps! 

5. How do I find my beard neckline?

Hold both of your ears and make two lines from the ears to your chin in a round motion. In short, you have to make a C shape from one ear to another.

You will find a point where one half of the C meets the other half of the C. the meeting point is the midpoint. The whole C is your beard neckline!

Wrap Up

So now, you already know about the chin strap beard styles that are trending these days. All you need to do is go through the perfect face shape and select the right chin strap beard for your face shape.

And then, you are ready to do your chin strap beard style by yourself! But do not forget trimming and maintaining the beard style as the chin strap beard styles require too much maintenance. Go for anyone and get back in the TREND!

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