Most Popular Viking Beard Styles That Every Girl Likes

Vikings beard is a symbol of masculinity. It is stylish and gives the person a sense of power. Originally designed to keep out the cold weather, a Vikings beard is also important in the Viking’s aesthetic. There are plenty of Vikings beard styles out there, much of which represent the actual style of Vikings.

It is not easy to grow a Vikings beard, and even more difficult to style. However, once you can grow one, you will be regarded as something of an alpha male.

How Vikings Beard Styles Make an Impact in 2019 Fashion?

In 2019, Vikings’ beard proved to be popular among males. Whether you want to sport a Vikings beard with short or long hair, these classic Scandinavian and Norse haircuts are worth getting in 2024.

The Vikings beard history is an interesting one. You might want to have a look.

Most Popular Viking Beard Styles

Sporting a Vikings beard is never easy. You should choose a style that suits your personality. This selection should be mainly made based on your face cut. Many people do not know how to style a Viking’s beard properly. 

The following Vikings beard styles will help you to choose your favorite one.

1. Blond and Short

This is one of the graceful ones. The trick is to apply a little bit of blond color to the Viking’s beard. There are two options, either blond the whole beard or just the mustache and the chin; it’s up to you. The beard should be a bit longer than a full beard but, at the same time, smaller than the medium-length one.

Vikings-Beard-Styles,Blond and Short

2. Undercut with Long Bangs

The Undercut is a hairstyle introduced in the 1910s and is still predominantly popular. Typically, undercut means that the hair on the top of the head should be long and parted on either the side or center. But the back and sides should be cut very short. It is one of those hairstyles that match well with long beard styles.

viking beard styleViking Beard Styles

Sporting a Vikings beard with the undercut is very popular among this generation. This is mainly because it can be paired with many different hairstyles. The most common ones include ponytails, top knots, Vikings braids, or slick backs.

3. Ragnar Lothbrok Inspired

Now this one is very famous. It is inspired by the highly-rated TV series “Vikings,” where chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok adorns it.

Here, the sides of the hair are shaved, keeping the top slicked. The beard is braided and well-trimmed. How can one not try this? It is one of the best Vikings beard styles out there.

Viking Beard Styles

4. The Faux Hawk

The faux hawk includes braiding the hair. The proper way is to develop the braid through the center, going down the head. The sides do not need to be shaved for this look.

Viking Beard Styles

This is perfect for you if you have long and thick hair. Without much effort, you can achieve the look of a warrior.

5. Shaved Head and Beard

Here is an all-time classic look. A shaved head and a long Vikings beard can never go out of fashion. 

This style is especially useful for those who suffer a receding hairline and want a rough and tough-looking outlook.

6. Long Hair and Beard

Some men don’t want to cut their hair. This style is suited for them. If you have long and lustrous hair, adorn a thick beard style. 

Viking Beard Styles

These complement well with each other and offer a tough, manly look. Furthermore, long hair allows you to easily shift to any other look, from ponytails to braided top knots.

7. Bushy Beard

The characteristic of a bushy Vikings beard is to let it grow freely. It gives those with thin facial hair a thick and textured look. The length is medium cut and does not require much grooming or shaping. 

Bushy Beard, Viking Beard Styles
Bushy Beard

8. Polished Vikings Beard

Want to look decent and cool? Try the polished Vikings beard style. It will fit perfectly with any outfit. 

You can style the hair with a side-swept or slick back hairstyle. Both look equally good. Also, applying beard oil or a beard balm is optional.

We recommend keeping a long beard as this look is preferred with long beard styles.

Polished Vikings Beard
Polished Vikings Beard

9. V-Shaped Vikings Beard

Now, this style is very easy to accomplish and maintain. Being classic and simple, a V-shaped Vikings beard calls for a topknot with an undercut. Also, you can keep a man-bun if you want. Both look great. 

V-Shaped Vikings Beard
V-Shaped Vikings Beard

We recommend going to a professional for styling a perfect V-shaped beard. Not everyone can achieve this cut by themselves.​​​​​

10. Dark and Intense

This is one of the all-time favorites. If you have thick and monochrome facial hair, then this dark, intense look is for you.

The key is to carefully shape your beard so that the output looks like an intense block of color.

Dark and Intense
Dark and Intense

11. Vikings Beard with Slicked Back Hair

The principle behind this style is to have a slick and wild look simultaneously. Matching a Viking’s beard with this slicked back hair will give you a retro look.

Vikings Beard with Slicked Back Hair
Vikings Beard with Slicked Back Hair

We recommend using gel and a comb to slick back your hair. Repeatedly run the comb backward through your hair.

12. Vikings Mustache Beard

The combo of mustache and Vikings beard is a unique one. This will highlight your mustache and beard both, giving your mustache a separate entity. Curl the ends of the mustache for this effect.

Vikings Mustache Beard
Vikings Mustache Beard

We highly advise waxing the mustache. This will give it a glossy look.


How to Straighten Your Curly Beard

Bald Man With Beard

Chin Strap Beard Style

13. Tattooed Vikings Hairstyle

Add tattoos. These can symbolize anything that you like or follow. Nowadays, the concept of a tattoo is very common. For this, shave off your hair entirely and adorn a bushy Vikings beard.

Tattooed Vikings Hairstyle
Tattooed Vikings Hairstyle

We warn that once you do this, there is no going back, at least for a long time. So choose this carefully.

14.Man Bun Vikings Style

If you want to put less effort, this style is definitely for you. Keep your hair in a bun shape and maintain a medium-sized Vikings beard. This will give you an easy-going outlook.

Man Bun Vikings Style
Man Bun Vikings Style

It is advisable that after every shower, moisturize your hair by using a conditioner. This will ensure your hair is silky and manageable.

15. Vikings Beard Braid

This is one of the most uncanny beard styles for men. The Viking’s beard braid is an experiment for those who like to play around with their beards. If you like challenges, we recommend you try this one out. The key is to make one braid in the middle.

Viking Beard Styles

With this style, you can decorate yourself with Vikings beard beads. They look fancy and attractive.

If you have less facial growth, we recommend you use beard extensions. Plenty of these extensions are available at the market that looks just like the original ones. You can then quickly adopt any of the big beard styles.

How to Grow a Vikings Beard?

As mentioned before, the first step is to choose a style from the many styles of beards out there. After that, you should style it accordingly in a barbershop. Do not take the risk of doing it yourself. The Bord Room is one of the best barbershops that provide excellent services and provide options for different styles of beard.

We have made a list that will help you to grow a Viking’s beard effectively.

# Have patience

Patience is a very important key. Growing a long Vikings beard takes patience; there is no other way around. The length of time depends on your hair and the beard style you want. A long Vikings beard growth takes typically around 8 weeks.


It is a good practice to moisturize your beard daily to avoid it from drying out. Use a beard oil, followed by a good beard balm. This will ensure your beard remains healthy and grows to its full potential. 

# Eat proper nutritious foods

Healthy foods have a vital role in beard growth. Focus on eating things that contain high amounts of Omega-6 and Omega-3. 

  • You can get these from oily fish and meat. This type of diet provides Sulphur-rich amino acids that will your facial hair grow faster. 
  • Avoid taking more fat and sugar, which can make your hair weak.

Keep the beard clean

It is very crucial to keep your beard clean. A dirty beard will damage the hairs and prevent growth.

  • Wash your beard with a good quality shampoo every two to three days. Use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for your beard. Keeping your beard clean will give it an excellent foundation to grow upon.
  • Also, shampoo will help keep your beard moisturized and soft. It will provide fragrance, and your Vikings beard will smell nice. You can also easily style your beard then.
  • Avoid using the shampoos designed for the hair on your head. They consist of sulfates and parabens that remove the natural oils out of your hair. Using them will damage your beard. 


Combing your beard is a healthy practice. Use a wooden comb to remove any knots or tangles in your beard. Also, combing directs the direction of your beard. It will grow in the way that you comb.

  • The standard technique is to start from the top and work all the way down. Remember combing after washing and wait till it gets dry. Comb the beard carefully to prevent any breakage of facial hair strands.
  • Buy the right comb. Beard combs are smaller in size than hair combs.

How to Take Care of Your Vikings Beard?

Once you have grown and adopted one of the beard styles, it is now a crucial task to take good care of it. It requires effort and time, but it is worth it.

Here are some techniques that you need to be familiar with.

1. Use Beard Oil and Balm

Use beard oil and balm regularly. These will prevent the hair strands on your beard from becoming dry. Applying it will result in a soft and glossy look.

2. Shampoo

Shampoo your beard often. Keeping your grown beard clean will ensure dandruff-free hair and maintain a healthy outlook. 

3. Trim the Beard

If needed, trim the beard. The hair on your beard can be uneven, creating an unattractive appearance. Trimming the beard regularly will help align your hair strands.


1. Why did Vikings have beards?

Vikings were constantly involved in battles. Having a beard symbolizes manhood and strength. So, it was a popular culture among the men back then to grow beards as a show of power.

2. How do you grow a Vikings beard?

Growing a Vikings beard is no easy task. It requires patience, caring for the beard, and eating healthy foods.

3. Why did Vikings let their beards grow?

Vikings linked beards with strength and power. They let their beards grow as a display of their ruthlessness and aggression.

4. A smooth young face or beard?

Nowadays, a bearded face is more recommended than a smooth one. Scientists have stated there are many health benefits associated with keeping a beard. Other than that, it simply looks good to adorn a beard, provided you know how to maintain it properly. With so many beard styles for men available, it is tempting to try one.

To sum it up

Vikings’ beard is the current running fashion. Every man should at least once give it a go. Growing and maintaining a Vikings beard is time-consuming and requires much effort. But it is not impossible. For those of you who are ready for hard work, a Vikings beard is a distinct choice. 

We hope the Vikings beard styles and techniques provided here will help you choose and grow a Vikings beard. A Viking’s beard is customizable, so there is no shortage of styles. Choose anyone and have that bold and warrior look based on your preference.

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