Bald Man With Beard – The Best Way To Be More Attractive

Are you disappointed with your bald head? Nothing to worry anymore! I am here to make you more confident about your beard by telling you the secrets about the bald man with beard! 

No matter what you have seen but you have never seen bald men with beards that look bad. It can never happen because bald head always compliments perfectly shaped beard styles. 

If you do not have hair on your head, make it equal by keeping a good beard! Yes, a beard will balance the dissatisfaction you are facing! 

Have a look at my selected beard styles for bald man and choose one from them!

Why is Beard Important for Bald man? 

I tell you, a bald man with a beard will look more masculine than the other people around you. If you are bald or if you have less hair on your head, the best thing you can do is grow a proper beard. Go for the contrast factor. If you have no hair on your whole face, people will surely see the imbalance. 

The best way to balance it is a growing beard on your face so that the baldness does not look bad. Moreover, if you are growing old and bald together, the beard will surely make you look younger. 

13 Beard Styles for Bald Men 

# Full Beard with Bald Head 

When it comes to a bald with beard, the first picture that happens in our head is the full beard. No man can look bad if he keeps a full beard with a shaved head. Full beard makes a man look manlier! 

Bald Man With Beard, Full Beard with Bald Head
Full Beard with Bald Head 

# Beard Stubble 

Beard styles for bald men cannot get completed without this one! Beard stubble is another bald men’s look that goes right with any outfit. Here, the men look manly and also ready for any formal occasion. Stubble always adds class to the bald with a beard.

Beard Stubble
Beard Stubble 

# Long Beard Style For Bald Man 

If you are a bald guy with a beard, you must be careful while going for a specific beard style. If you are bald and want to amaze everyone with a new look, grow your beard more and more. This gives you the vintage rough and tough look and ads glam to your appearance. 

Long Beard Style
Long Beard Style 

# Hipster Beard Style For Bald Man

Nothing can be more masculine than the shaved head with a beard. And on that note, a bushy beard is the synonym of men! Yes, hipster beard is in trend now. The long and bushy thick beard can make you look amazing. Keep the lower part of the beard round. 

Hipster Beard Style For Bald Man
Hipster Beard Style For Bald Man

# Handlebar Moustache With Bald Head

Shaved head with a beard, casual outfits, and perfect shoes will never go out of style, just like the handlebar mustache! 

Yes, if you want to give yourself a raw look, but at the same time, you want it to look a little polished, go for this look. The handlebar mustache makes this look center of the attention. 

Handlebar Moustache With Bald Head
Handlebar Moustache With Bald Head

# Short Beard with Bald 

Beard styles for men can never go wrong if you have a bald head. But if you want, you can keep the beard short and still can keep slaying! Yes, keep your beard trimmed short and make it ready for formal parties and meetings! 

Short Beard with Bald
Short Beard with Bald 

# Goatee Beard With Bald Head 

Best beard styles in the whole world will always include a goatee beard. If you want to have a thick pointed beard that is short in size, you can settle for a goatee beard. This is just the ideal bet for weddings and dates. You look mature yet sorted in this outlook! 

This “The Rock-Dwayne Johnson” look will be great on you if you have a large facial structure. Get this one and ROCK like Johnson!

Goatee Beard With Bald Head
Goatee Beard With Bald Head 

# Van Dyke Look With Bald Head

Bald and beard can be the right combo if you choose the right beard style. If you are aged and you think that no beard looks good on you, let us make you remember Van Dyke

Grow a mustache and disconnect it from your beard. If you have a thin beard, you can try to keep your beard pointy too! 

Van Dyke Look With Bald Head
Van Dyke Look With Bald Head

# Soul Patch Style With Bald Head

Every person is not blessed with a fuller beard. If you are one of them, do not get disheartened. I have something for you too! 

You can also try to grow a soul patch beard below your lips. The best Beard Styles list always includes a soul patch beard. Grow some beard on the chin if you can! 

Some people love bald heads but do not have a bald head. In this case, you can shave your head and have a good beard. To know the advantages, go through the Benefits of Shaving your Head and learn more!

Soul Patch Style With Bald Head
Soul Patch Style With Bald Head

# Circle Beard Style For Bald Man

This beard is excellent if you have a thin beard or fewer beards. All you need to do is keep the beard short and pointy. Make it look like a circle. You can add a mustache if you want! Bald styles look good with a circle beard if you can carry it properly. 

Circle Beard Style With Bald Head
Circle Beard Style With Bald Head

# Chin Puff with Moustache 

If you do not want to keep beard but still want to look cool, settle for this chin puff and add a mustache with it. If you are a bald man with a beard, the mustache will give a fuller look to your face! 

# Strap Beard Style For Bald Man

Though the beard looks trendy, it is tough to maintain a bearded look. If you do not trim regularly and take care of it, it will never look good. In this case, you can go for a strap beard, which can afford you a different look. 

Strap Beard Style With Bald Head
Strap Beard Style With Bald Head

# Scruffy Beard With Bald Head

If you want to be party-ready always, you can settle for a very short, perfectly trimmed beard. This goes with all casual occasions. So, if you are a man of a bald head with a beard, trim it down for a new look! Also, if you grow this up, it will look like a corporate beard! 

Beard Style with Face Shape

  • Oval Face: Go for beards like mutton chops for this sort of face. 
  • Rectangular Face: Full beard, chin cut, or goatee beards will go right with this sort of face shape. 
  • Round Face: Beard styles for round face are soul patch, Goatee, or Chin Straps. 
  • Square Face: Settle for Goatee or Chin Strap and add mustache with your square face. 
  • Diamond Face: Go for a full beard, and if you do not like a full beard, settle for straps or BALBO beard. 
  • Inverted Triangle Face: Chin puff, scruffy, or extended goatee will suit best in this face shape. 
  • Triangle Face: In most cases, a circle beard, handlebar mustache, or hipster beard will look better in this face shape. 

FAQs on Bald Man with Beard

Why do bald men grow beards? 

You must have seen bald men growing beards more than those with hair. This might be the reverse connection between strands in different parts of your body. If you have less hair, you should try to have fuller beards to cover it up! It looks good, trust me!

Do bald men have more testosterone? 

Scientifically, bald men have a higher level of the male hormone testosterone, making them manlier. In this case, you should know that higher testosterone can push you to baldness. Also, it can help you grow your beard. 

Does every type of beard suit everyone?

No matter how good you look, every type of beard will not suit you. Especially when you are bald, before keeping a beard, you have to know the shape of your face. Different face shape goes with different beard style. 

Parcel Up

So, now you already know what you can do with your bald head! Nothing to worry about anymore! Get ready to get a whimsical style for your beard. 

The bald man with a beard is always eye-catching. Bald with a perfect beard can make you look even more mannish and younger! Thus, get any of the beard styles mentioned above with your bald head, and you will surely be gold in the crowd! Only some beard can make a massive change in your personality! Grow it soon! 

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