How to Fade a Beard Like A Champ? Taper A Beard The Right Way

When it comes to the beard, you always love to grow them. But a grown beard with no style can never feed your soul! And this is where a FADED BEARD comes in. A faded beard has its own territory in the beard world. Do you know how to fade a beard?


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I know there are lots of people who are tired of visiting salons for beard fading. So now, I will tell you how to fade a beard at home! Get ready with your trimmers and get into it!

Before you start Beard Fade

If you want to know how to fade a beard, you have to go through some preparations. This can make your fading process easier than before.

  1. Wash your face properly with cleanser
  2. Trim your beard to a perfect length
  3. Make the neckline clean and sharpen
  4. Keep the cheek line tidy (no necessary)
  5. Clean the mustache hair and trim it down

How to Fade a Beard

So now, you are ready for making a faded beard. Your beard is already trimmed and even. Now, you have to start the process of beard fade by making the perfect combination with the hair on your head.

Step 1

First of all, you have to select a place near the jawline where you see that there are longer beards than the other places. Get your trimmer on your hands and go through the shorter setting. Now, all you have to do is trim the area one inch up or so!

Step 2

For the fade with the beard, after trimming one inch, you have to go a little further. You have to move one more inch up. Before that, shorten your trimmer one more time and clean the area first. Make this line a mark for you and remember not to go below this line!

Step 3

As you are going up, you have to move up inch by inch. First of all, shorten the trimmer again. Now, you have to move another inch up for making the fade perfect. All you need to do is move up and continue the fading process!

Step 4

Mark how low you have started as the whole fading process depends on that. Through the procedure, you have to make the trimmer setting lower little by little and move up in one-inch increments. Don’t stop until you read the hair.

Step 5

Do the same process on the other side of your face. This process is a little long but this is how it works! You have to stop the moving and fading process once your beard hair gets mixed into the hair on your head.

The Best Faded Beard Styles for Men

Tapered Fade

The tapered fade is now on style! You can keep it with your long mustache or you can settle for goatee too! Just like short hair with a beard, long hair with a beard is also popular! Keep the sideburns sleek if you want to settle for chin strap beard.

Tapered Fade,how to fade a beard


Layered Fade with Beard

Nobody will disagree that men that have thick beards are blessed. And if you are blessed with thick hair, you can try doing layered fade that makes a visible change on your face!

You have to keep the sideburns really low. If you love shaved head with the beard, you can go for layered fade too! With Vikings beard, you have to keep the fade low and the hair longer.

Layered Fade with Beard
Layered Fade with Beard

Slight Fade

This is called SLIGHT FADE with beard because the beard hair is slightly faded here. Keep the beard and the head hair full. Where the head hair and the beard join, make a slight fade there! Curly beard looks good is this style too!

Slight Fade , How to Fade a Beard


Buzz Cut with Beard Fade

You can go for buzz cut with beard fade if you want all the eyes of the crowd on you. This faded beard is sharply shaped and faded! You can keep the heard bald if you love beard styles for bald men.

Buzz Cut with Beard Fade, how to fade beard

Mixed Fade

If you love short hair with a beard, you will love this too. This faded beard basically combines haircut fades and beard face together. The beard fade mixes in the faded haircut and gives a new dimension.

Mixed Fade, beard fade


FAQs on Faded Beard

1. Is a faded beard right for me?

Faded beard is amazing and people are talking about it since it got into style. It makes you look cool and trendy. However, it requires a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, the beard fade you are going to do must look great with your haircut. If you are up for all of these, the faded beard will be more than perfect for you!

2. Can I do it myself?

If you think that only salon can make your perfect beard fade then you are wrong. If you are a little patient and you want a perfect beard fade desperately, you can do it at home! All you need is a trimmer and you have to keep lowering the trimmer setting as you move up inch by inch! You can do it yourself easily.

3. How can I fade my beard?

First of all, you have to trim the beard and make a jawline. You have to start from the bottom and keep the settings of the trimmer at the longest. Now, you have to go upwards by keeping the trimmer settings lower and lower. Stop when you meet the hairline of your head!


So, now you already know how to fade a beard. All you have to do is go to the market and get your favorite trimmer. Go through the process of preparing your beard. And then, you have to lower the trimmer setting and move up creating the perfect faded beard!

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