How To Stop Itchy Beard? Why does a beard itch?

Playing video games and beard itch together never go together. I hope all your video games are as smooth as you silk. But do you know what spoils my consecutive video games? My beard itch! Yes, an itchy beard can make you lose the game, and that’s not what you want!

So here, I will talk about itchy beard and the methods of stopping beard itch. These methods have worked for me, and I hope this works for you too!  


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What causes my beard to itch?

There are so many reasons behind the beard itch. People out there are shouting out loud, “why does my beard itch.” So here, I will tell you the primary reason for the beard itch!

  • When it comes to beard itch, the first reason behind it is dryness. If your skin is dry, you have to understand that it is prone to itching
  • On the other hand, if you keep your skin unclean, it can get attacked by bacteria.
  • If you don’t condition it or moisturize it correctly, the skin stays dry and as a result, your beard itches
  • On the contrary, if you trim your beard often, or you shave regularly, you might see that your beard is making a beard rash on your face. This can be a reason for beard itch
  • If you use chemical on your beard, it might be the reason of beard itch
Itchy beard,
Itchy beard,

9 Ways to Treat Itchy Beard

1.Daily Shower

You might be thinking that a cleaning face related to the facial beard, but the cleaning body doesn’t. I apologize for hurting you, but irregular shower also has effects on your itchy beard. If you find it too cold to shower every day or you have a hectic day, shower every other day.

This will maintain the hygiene of the body and your whole body with stay clean. As a result, your skin will stay away from any sort of bacterium like Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, etc.

2.Maintain Facial Hygiene

When it comes to beard itch, the first and foremost reason for this is unclean skin. So, the answer to how to stop itching is to stay clean. If you are a person who washes his skin regularly, I bet half of your beard itch issues will get solved.

Maintain Facial Hygiene, reduce beard itchy

If you don’t clean your face and beard regularly, bacteria will grow, and this is the reason for your beard burn. Go for warm water while cleaning the beard. Also, use some beard specific products to get rid of the irritated skin under the beard.

3.Condition your Beard

If you are thinking that only cleaning your beard with washes and soaps will help you, you are wrong. In some cases, if you don’t keep your beard conditioned, you might experience itchiness on your skin. If you have irritated skin under the beard, one of the most prominent causes of this is a rough beard.

Condition your Beard , itchy beard

And if you want to reduce the roughness, you can make your beard hair soft. With the regular use of conditioner, you will be able to keep the beard soft. Smooth hair is usually less prone to itching or irritation. You can settle for chemical-free conditioners. Otherwise, you can also rely on oils like Argan oil or Jojoba oil.

4.Hydrate the Skin

When it comes to keeping your facial hair itch-free, you have to follow the skin hydrated. If you have irritated skin under the beard, you have to keep the skin under the beard moisturized. You have to understand that the dry skin under the beard is a cause of beard itch.

And to reduce the dryness, you have to use moisturizer. This will help your skin stay hydrated and will not let your skin get dried-out, which is prone to itching.

5. Brush your Beard To Remove Itchy

You don’t brush your beard correctly, and you keep asking, “why does my beard itch!” If you want to keep the beard in good shape, brushing your beard is necessary.

Brush your Beard to remove itchy

On the other hand, the best part of brushing is it will help the beard to grow in only one direction. If your beard grows in one direction, there will be no issues regarding beard scratching.

6.Grow Long Beard

Do you know that a Viking beard guy faces less beard itch than the goatee beard man? Yes, beard itch depends on the beard size too!

If you are trimming your hair regularly or you are shaving it often, this might cause you itchy beard. After trimming or shaving, when a new beard grows, it usually irritates the skin. If you let your hair get advanced beyond the follicle, you will not face beard burn anymore.

So, if you are thinking about how to stop itching, avoid shaving your beard or trimming, this will not only lessen the itchiness; it will also reduce the chances of follicle damage.

As a result, there will be less ingrown hair too. You can get a miniature mustache beard for your beard. You can also settle for any beard comb. If you have thick hair, a boar bristle brush will be the best one to settle for. 

7.Reduce Chemical Usage

No matter you are a bald man with a beard or you have a chin strap beard, if you keep using chemicals on your beard, it will itch! If you don’t know this, you must understand that chemical can be the reason behind beard itch. As there are beard products that are great for your beard, you will also see harsh products. The foams and washes that are made of chemicals can create a beard rash.

As a result, you will suffer from an itchy beard. On the contrary, you will get amazing products on the market that are made of natural elements. The organic products are healthy for reducing beards itch.

On the other hand, heat damage can also be the reason for the beard itch. If you straighten curly beard or do any heat styling, you must use proper heat protection.


If the beard itch doesn’t get reduced by the procedures I have mentioned above, you can rely on medications. The proper medication entirely depends on the reason for your beard itching. If you have dry skin, you have to use ointments that include lactic acid or urea.

On the other hand, if you are going through bacterial infection, you can try Bactroban. For fungal infection, try Nizoral.


There are also some surgeries for an itchy beard. People that cannot solve the issue with the regular methods of reducing itchiness can settle for surgeries.

If you have a beard rash and you do not understand how to stop itching, go for a doctor for a beard treatment. For better results, you must always contact a physician and get the proper medication or beard treatment. It is better not to use any medicine that is not doctor prescribed.

itchy beard

Beginners Guide to Keep Away Itchy Beard

  1. Clean it every day, but use shampoo twice a week
  2. A bath every day or every other day
  3. Reduce the period of bathing
  4. Towel dry beard and don’t rub
  5. Brush your beard every day
  6. Don’t settle for heat styling or use proper heat protection products
  7. Don’t use too much beard oil or moisturizer

FAQs on Itchy Beard

Why is growing a beard so itchy?

When you have newly born hair, these hair are usually are not conditioned. These typically get rubbed on the skin and create friction. And as a result of these scratches, you get itchy skin. If your skin is dry or cakey, you will see the itchy beard. If you have correctly hydrated skin, you will never face itchy beard.

How do you stop your beard from itching?

If you want to stop your beard from itching, you have to take care of it properly. You have to take a shower regularly, or you have to wash the beard and the whole face with warm water daily. Also, condition and moisturize your skin and don’t trim or shave your hair frequently. If you maintain the steps correctly, you can quickly stop your beard from itching.

Is coconut oil good for your beard?

When it comes to oils, you can use them on your skin without any fear. Just like Argan oil, coconut oil has hydrating elements in it. Also, some elements can reduce the irritation of your skin. You can use coconut oil regularly on your beard as a beard oil or balm. It can lessen the beard burn too!

How often should you wash your beard?

If you think that washing a beard regularly refers to washing it every day with shampoo, then you are wrong. You have to use shampoo on your beard two times every week. Just the way you cannot wash your hair with shampoo every day, the same thing goes for the beard. You can clean it with water every day and use shampoo twice a week. Also, do not bath for an extended period and lessen the period of your bathing.

Wrap Up

So now, you do not need to face beard itch anymore! You are free to grow your beard the way you want. The embarrassing moments of beard irritation will not be there if you follow all the rules I have told you!

I have a beard, and I know how it feels when you face itchy beard. If you love your beard, you have to take care of it! Keep it clean and hydrated, because everything hydrated is beautiful!

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