Stylish Long Layered Bob Hairstyles for Women 2024

Hairstyle trends come and go and we try to fit in! But do all trends for haircuts look good on us? 

According to Hairstylist Harry Josh, it is significant for you to understand your face shape before you go for a haircut. He prefers not to go for the trend but to decide on what looks best on you! If you love long hair then let us tell you, Long Layered Bob Hairstyles are the hot favorites of this season!

Just go for some long-layered haircuts for women. Get a bob haircut and get some short layers and you are ready for your outing! 

How To Cut Long Layered Bob Hairstyles?

To cut a long layered bob hairstyle, try to cut your hair into a bob haircut. Keep in mind that this bob should be longer than the usual bob haircut. Keep the hair up over your collarbone. But do not go upper than your chin! Add layers to make hair voluminous, do not add too much! 

Yes, you are done with your Long Layered Bob Hairstyle!

Types of Long Layered Bob Hairstyles  

You will surely face a dilemma when you are up for a layered bob hairstyle in your long hair. Why? Because there are a lot of long layered bob hairstyles. You can easily get confused among the range of long haircuts. 

Here are some top long layered bob hairstyles that are leading the hairstyle region. Get any of them that suit you, you will rock the floor, trust us! 

# Layered Bob with Bangs 

Layered Bob with Bangs
Layered Bob with Bangs  hairstyle

You can go for this layered bob with bangs if you want. No matter you have thick hair or thin, you can easily do this to make your face look a little fuller. If you have a long face or long forehead, you can make your face look a little round with this hairstyle. 

A long layered bob with bangs will make you look decent as it has a layered bob. But it also will add up style as you will get some bangs! 

# Long A Line Bob with Bangs 

Long A Line Bob with Bangs hairstyle
Long A Line Bob with Bangs 

A-line haircut has recently been so much famous as it is a little different than the other haircuts. Your long hair can get a remarkable outlook with A-Line Bob. Get the regular Long A-Line Bob first. 

In the Long A Line Bob with Bangs, you only need to add up some bangs on the front part! It makes your forehead look smaller. Here, your front hair should stay pass your shoulder and go down. 

# Medium A Line Bob

Medium A Line Bob hairstyle
Medium A Line Bob hairstyle

The length of the medium A Line Bob depends on the length of your hair. In the short A Line Bob, the back hair is usually too much short hair at the back and a little long on the sides. 

In the Long A Line Bob, the back hair is long but the side part is longer than that. The Medium A Line Bob is in the middle of Long A Line Bob and Short A Line Bob.  

# Short A Line Bob

Short A Line Bob, long layered bob
Short A Line Bob hairstyle

Short A-Line Bob Hairstyle is exactly like the Long A-Line Bob with Bangs. In the Short A-Line Bob​ Haircut, you do not get bangs in front. People who have small foreheads should avoid bangs and get a Short A-Line Bob. 

Here, you should keep the back part of your hair upper and the front part longer. The length of the front part should be under the ear. If you want to cut your hair shorter than this and still want Bob Hair, you can have a look on – 70 Cute and Easy-To-Style Short Layered Hairstyles

# Shoulder Length A Line Bob

Shoulder Length A Line Bob
Shoulder Length A Line Bob

Just like the Short A-Line Bob and Long A Line Haircut with bangs, Shoulder Length A Line Bob Haircut is short in the back and long in the sides. 

The hair of both sides will stop exactly at your shoulder! Shoulder Length A-Line Bob will suit you if you don’t want excessive short hair still want to be cool! This is one of the most popular bob hairstyles for fine hair. 

# Long Bob with Side Bangs 

Long Bob with Side Bangs
Long Bob with Side Bangs 

This Long Bob with Side Bangs haircut is amazing because you get a sophisticated look with incredible side bangs and long bob. This haircut is almost like the Layered Bobs with Bangs. 

The difference between the two of them is the setting and cut of the bangs. Here, the bangs are cut after dividing your hair from the side. If your forehead is small or medium, you can settle on Long Bob with Side Bangs. 

# Messy Bob

Messy Bob hairstyle
Messy Bob

If you have curly hair, go for this Messy Bob hairstyle for your long hair. Most of the bob hairstyles for fine hair will not suit curly hair people. You can cut your hair bob and keep it messy if you have curly long hair. Messy Bob makes you look younger and fashionable! But for this, you have to know how to style a bob in curly hair

It is significant for you to understand your face shape before you go for a haircut

Harry Josh

Tips and Trick for Long Layered Bob Hairstyle

When you cut long layered bob, keep your hair below your chin. So not go up over the chin otherwise it will turn short!

  • In Long A Line Haircuts, you should not cut the back part dramatically too short. It will not look good. 
  • While cutting short A Line Haircuts, keep a length that looks good on your face. 
  • If you have a round face, always try to keep the side parts of A Line Bob long. It will hide your face and look it longer. 
  • If you have fine hair, you can go for any haircut. Go for a messy look, it will look better! 
  • No matter how perfect bob you have, if you do not know how to style a bob, you will ruin the day! Learn the newest ideas to gear up your hairdo! 

FAQs on Long Layered Bob Hairstyles 

What is a long layered bob?

Popular as LOB, Long layered bob is a Bob Haircut. Here, your hair stays below your chin. But you have to remember to keep it above your collarbone. To get some dimensions, add some layers! 

What is the difference between Lob and Bob?

Lob hairstyles are longer than the Bob hairstyles. Basically, the difference lies in the length of the haircut. 

Does a Long Bob have Layers?

Yes, a stylish Long Bob haircut will have layers. Here, the bob should not contain excessive layers. Otherwise, it will turn into something else but not a Bob! You have to keep in mind that in the Long Bob Haircuts, layers are only added for textures and volume. 

How and which Long Layered bob hairstyle should you choose?

If you are in love with long hair and still want to stay fashionable, get a Long Layered Bob Haircut. As there are a lot of long layered bobs, you should go for the one that is perfect for your face. 

If you have a longer face, get a long layered bob that has front bangs. Get side bangs with layers if you have medium face length. People having a round face should agree on A-Line Bob. It cuts your face and makes it look a little long.  

As A Line Bob Haircuts are ruling the hairstyle area, you should get the A-Line Bob if you can. Cut down the back part and keep your side hair long. Add some layers to get volume! That’s it!


Cutting down our favorite long hair hurt us always. That doesn’t mean you will go out of fashion! Let’s not cut them all down. Just take the scissor and shape them up! 

Long layered bob hairstyles will dim the pain of cutting down your hair and light up your love for your hair once again! Astound your mornings and evenings with better hairdos. A good hair day, only a good hair day can make your heart melt with joy! 

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