How To Stretch Leather Boots Easily Without Ruining Them

Your favourite pair of boots have been shrunk? Or doesn’t it fit your feet anymore? It is quite evident that you are thinking of buying the same pair of shoes.

Why will you waste money when there are such surprising ways to stretch your leather boots. There are many ways like boot stretchers, DIY ideas, etc. So, don’t waste money on a new pair. Better be with us to know how to stretch leather boots.

How to Stretch Leather Boots?

To stretch leather shoes, we can use various techniques, which may include tools and DIY methods.

How to Stretch Leather Boots Using Tools

1.The Boot Stretcher:

There are two types of boot stretchers– one way and two-way stretcher. If your boot fits in length but less comprehensive, a one-way stretcher is for you. If it’s short as well as a narrow, two-way stretcher is needed.

How To Stretch Leather Boots,The Boot Stretcher

How To Use Boot Stretcher?

If your boot is half to one inch shrunk from your actual size, you will need a stretcher. If it is more than one inches small, you will need a new pair.

The stretching procedure is the same for one-way and two-way stretchers. First of all, buy a wooden stretcher from a mall, or you can get them online. Many shoe companies offer free stretchers along with shoes.

Insert the stretcher inside your boot. Keep inserting until it reaches up to the toe. Stop when you feel immense resistance. You can see or feel from the outside if your shoes get stretched or not. If you feel too much resistance even before inserting, use a smoother.

Keep the boots leaving the stretcher inside overnight. And do it for consequent two to three nights. Otherwise, you cannot hope for a better result. If you still don’t get it, try YouTube tutorials about how to widen shoes using a boot stretcher.

2.Boot Calf Stretcher:

if your calf is too tight, you need a calf stretcher. You can find it in any store, or order it along with a one-way or two-way stretcher. Always buy in pairs. But you can single one and try with both boots.

how to stretch leather boots,Boot Calf Stretcher

How To Use Boot Calf Stretcher?

The technique is the same. Just insert the stretcher to the calf section. Go through until you feel resistance.

Don’t push too hard to tear out. You have to repeat this process for a few days if your calf is too tight.

3.Stretching By Using Liquid or Spray:

First, you need to clean the boots. You must be interested to know how to clean leather boots? A wet boot can be stretched well. Grab a leather spay from any store or online. Now put it in a spray bottle for convenience.

Stretching By Using Liquid or Spray,how to stretch leather

How to use liquid or spray?

Spray the inside of your boot and calf well. Do not use it outside as it may destroy the leather. Put on your shoes immediately when it’s still well. This is the best stretching technique, and your feet will be the stretcher.

If you don’t want to wear wet shoes, it’s okay. Insert your usual stretcher as well. Repeat this technique for a better result.

How to Stretch Leather Boots Using DIY Methods

4. Wear Your Shoes Inside The House:

Wear Your Shoes Inside The House,how to stretch leather boots
How To Stretch Leather Boots Easily Without Ruining Them

The main point is, the more you insert your feet inside shoes, the more your shoes will stretch. So, put on your boots even you are at home. Put it for several hours at a time.

Pass your time. You can relax or whatever you want, just keep putting on the shoe.

5.Freezing Water:

Freezing Water into boot,how to stretch leather boots

Take a plastic packet and fill it up with water. Place the pack at toe space, because this technique works well for toe space.

Now put your boot inside the fridge overnight. In the morning, put it off the freezer and let the water melt. Move the packet.

Here ice pack works as a stretcher and keeps the boot stretched overnight.

6. Stuff With Sock Balls:

Take two to three pairs of socks. Now fold them into ball shapes and insert them inside the shoes. Fill in the whole body of boots with these socks.

If you don’t have to use the shoes, keep sock stuffed for some days. However, this is not the best idea.

7.Using a hair-dryer:

how to stretch leather boots

Source- wikihow

Put on two or three layers of socks. Then wear your boots as usual. Now take your hair-dryer and set the heat to medium.

Apply dryer for few minutes on the overall shoe. Make sure that heat reaches every part. If you feel uncomfortable, then you can stop there. Also, a long-time direct heat may destroy the leather. Repeat it if you want.

8.Insert Bag Into Boots:

This is the same procedure as walking shoes with worn socks. Grab some bags made out of cotton, fold them into a ball shape. Now, insert inside your shoes.

The fact is that bags work stretcher. These add extra bulk to widen. You have to run this process for several days.

9.Alcohol and water mixture:

Grab some rubbing alcohol and water. Every household can afford rubbing alcohol and water. Mix these in a 1:1 ratio. Now, the technique is the same.

Put in a spray bottle. Spray on the inner portion of your boot. Put on your shoes and walk for at least thirty minutes.

It is an excellent way to stretch boots. But you have to do it for some days. Also, you can do it on the same day by taking some interval in between.

Best Safest Way to Stretch Boots

Most of the stretching techniques are safe. We can mention some ways of how to stretch leather boots:

10.Peeled Potato Trick:

Peeled Potato Trick to stretch leather boots

Grab a potato and peel it into thin slices. Absorb its moisture by applying tissue or paper towel. Now, fold the potato slices in the shape of your shoes.

Insert them in the places where you need to stretch. Keep them overnight and remove them in the morning. This technique never does any harm to your shoes.

11.Wet Boot Trick:

Keep your boots in a bucket filled with water or keep them under tap water. Let them soak for five to seven minutes.

Put on them for at least thirty minutes and walk around. You may feel uncomfortable, but this is a safe way. While drying, apply some leather conditioning cream to retain shapes.

Walking with your shoes inside the home, filling shoes with sock balls and bags, and using a shoe stretcher- are all safe ways we mentioned above.

Quickest Way to Stretch Boots

Actually, stretching boots is not a matter of hurry. You have to spend a lot of time to bring it in perfect shape.

If you are really in a hurry, you can put on your shoes and apply heat with a blow-dryer. Also, you can use the shoe stretcher quickly.

You can put ice or ice-filled plastic bag in your shoes the night before. Then you won’t be late for work in the morning.

These ways to stretch leather shoes can help you when you are in rush.

What Will You Do If None of The Hacks Works?

You have run out most of the options. If still your shoe doesn’t work, follow these hacks to know how to stretch out shoes:

12.Shoe Tree:

This is a unique item. It can have a four-way direction that sounds very effective. This machine helps you to stretch your boots in every direction. Switch on the adjustment handle.

Repeat at eight to twelve hours interval. It can work for every kind of shoe.


If you have no idea how to stretch leather, find a cobbler or shoe repairer. You can find them in the streets or the local market area.

They provide stretching service and repair your boots as well.

If your boots are not perfect to fit in yet, you must get a new pair of shoes.

Keep Some Things In Mind Before Buying Leather Boots.

  1. Never buy shoes in a hurry. Take the time to choose the perfect one. You may have less experience in buying shoes. Take some friends or relatives with you who know how should boots fit.
  2. Always give a trial before buying shoes. Walk wearing those boots. If you feel even slightly uncomfortable, reject that.
  3. Make sure to create a deal with the shop-keeper that you will return the shoe if it doesn’t fit. That can save you money.
  4. Many shops offer for shoe stretchers. Don’t forget to get it.
  5. If you try for white boots, ask the shop-keeper on how to clean white leather shoes.


The shoe is a part of passion and fashion. Try to get it as perfect as possible. But if you somehow get an incompatible pump, don’t throw it way.

A mis sized boot can raise a prestigious issue. Follow any of our guidelines to stretch and get a perfect leather shoe. No doubt, it’s essential to know how to stretch leather boots. Now that you have gone through all the hacks, you can use those boots for more years.

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