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She is your sister, not some random person you met on the internet. You know her likes and dislikes better than anybody else. The last thing she wants is another birthday gift from a big box store that she will never use. So get creative with your gifts this year and make them personal! I put together a list of birthday gifts for your sister during quarantine that is sure to keep her entertained and make this year memorable.

28 Unique Birthday Gifts For Sister During Quarantine

The best way to show your sister you care is to send her a birthday gift while she is in quarantine. If she doesn’t have the opportunity to go outside and celebrate, then you should bring the celebration inside for her. Here are some great ideas for gifts that will make your sister feel loved on her special day!

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1.A Virtual Cooking Class

A Virtual Cooking Class, birthday gifts for sister during quarantine
A Virtual Cooking Class

A virtual cooking class is the perfect birthday gift during the lockdown. 

Your sister will be able to learn how to cook some of her favorite recipes without leaving the house. This is perfect if she wants a new hobby or needs something to do while they are stuck inside.

This virtual cooking class includes a downloadable recipe guide, which will make it easy for your sister to follow along and recreate these delicious dishes!

You could also give this gift in person by having someone teach them on Skype with video chat! The best birthday gifts for sisters during quarantine are ones that keep her entertained from home.

2.Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger 

best birthday gift for sister, Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

Your sister will love this ultra-soft, cozy hooded lounger! This is one of the best birthday gifts for your sister because she can cuddle up in it while watching her favorite tv show or reading a book.

Hoodie Loungers are great to use when there is no air conditioning during the summertime months. They will make your sister feel warm and fuzzy inside as they wrap around her like a blanket.

You could also dress this plushy robe up by using decorative pins and ribbons to add some flair. This would make a great addition to her bedroom decor too!

3.Purchase Flowers or Plants To Brighten Sisters Room and Their Day

Flowers or Plants for sister birthday gift

Gift your sister a flower or plant on her quarantine birthday. Flowers and plants are perfect for adding a little life to your sister’s living space while also providing some soothing aromatherapy.

Encourage your sister to water and care for one of the plants or flowers every night. This will give her something productive to do while also giving you a sense of accomplishment!

4.Terrarium Candle

Terrarium Candle,birthday gifts during lockdown

A terrarium candle is an especially thoughtful birthday gift because it combines two of her favorite things: plants and candles. The glass jar will have a beautiful arrangement of greenery inside that will help your sister’s home decor out too!

There are other cute gifts for sisters during quarantine like this, including a succulent garden set or air plant kit.

The best birthday gifts for sisters in quarantine should be uplifting to the spirit and easy on their living space preferences. This one has both! Uplifting decorations for small spaces can be tough, but not with these goodies from our list below. You’ll find everything you need, so their room looks pretty no matter what happens outside!

Sisters get sick often, which means we need to be prepared with the best birthday gifts for sisters during quarantine. So be there for them by making sure you get a plan in place so they can still feel loved and cared about even when it’s not their birthday!

5.Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks

Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks

This is a cool present for your sister during quarantine because it’s something they’ll never forget! These masks are perfect when you need to filter out the air. The triple-layer cloth pleated mask has an adjustable nose and mouth, which will make sure that not too much of their face is exposed without protection.

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6.A Beautiful Mask Chain

Mask Chain as birthday gifts for sister during quarantine

Another great quarantine birthday gift for your sister is the mask chain. When they have a cold or flu, it can be tough to get their hands free from one hand because of all the layers and masks that need to be worn at once! That’s where this comes in handy – you’ll never lose your precious face masks ever again with this nifty necklace on them.

This Mask Chain is also fashionable and stylish, so your sister will be happy to wear it every day.

7.Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card as a birthday gifts during lockdown

Netflix is one of the best things for your sister to watch during quarantine. If you have a Netflix account, buy her a gift card so she can binge on her favorite shows and movies while they’re stuck at home!

8.Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership as quarantine birthday gifts for her,

Yes, it’s true that Amazon Prime is expensive- but with a subscription, your poor sister will have access to all the shipping and streaming goodies she needs. In addition, she’ll be able to watch her favorite show on Amazon Prime or binge-read some new books without ever having to leave the house!

9.3-in-1 Charging Hub For Sister Birthday Gift During Quarantine

3-in-1 Charging Hub For Sister Birthday Gift During Quarantine

The Elago Charging Hub is a device that can charge up to three devices at once, such as smartphones and tablets. It has been said in many reviews that the hub will not overheat or cause any damage to your devices. The material of this charger is silicone which features nonslip properties, so you don’t have to worry about things coming unplugged easily during use. This birthday gift for a sister who’s quarantined is also very affordable, with an average cost of $25-$30!

If your sister is on the go all the time, she might need a place to charge her device. This Elago Charging Hub will do just that- and it’s also great for overnight charging!

10.Spotify Annual Gift Card 

Spotify Annual Gift Card for sister birthday gift

The Spotify Annual Gift Card is a wonderful birthday gift for sisters who are quarantined. This card will give your sister 12 months of access to one of the largest collections of music in the world! It also features offline listening, which means that it’s perfect for when she doesn’t have an internet connection or won’t connect with WiFi.

This subscription also provides on-demand streaming from any device and can help her get through those long days by providing comfort from an artist she loves–even if they’re not around.

11.Warm + Cozy Care Package

Warm + Cozy Care Package

The Warm + Cozy Care Package is perfect for your sister who has to stay in quarantine. It contains everything she needs, including a blanket with her favorite animal on it and some disposable slippers. So she’ll be able to snuggle up in the comfort of home while still being away from germs!

These gifts will help your sister get through her quarantine with ease and comfort.

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12.Beaded Stretch Bracelet Gift For a Sister Birthday Gift

Beaded Stretch Bracelet For a sister birthday gift

A stretch bracelet is a cute birthday gift during quarantine. A girl can never have too many bracelets, and this one will add another to her collection!

So you can give your sister a stretch bracelet as her birthday gift during quarantine.

Since you can’t give your sister jewelry, this is the next best thing!

These beaded bracelets will make an excellent birthday gift for the sister at home during quarantine. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so she is sure to love them. You may also want to personalize it with her initials, date of birth, or another custom design on each bracelet to help you celebrate various days or occasions when she wears them. They are lightweight and can be worn every day without worry.

13.Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Extra Thick Yoga Mat is a fantastic birthday gift for your sister staying in quarantine.

You can give your sister this mat as her birthday present while she’s quarantined at home or in the hospital.

It provides optimal cushioning and protection against germs, making being sick much more comfortable on the skin! The mat also comes with a free carrying strap, so you won’t have to worry about lugging it around; sling it over your shoulder like a purse and go! This extra-thick yoga mat measures 24″ x 74″ x 0.25″, making it perfect for someone who likes to stretch out their entire body when doing poses on the floor. It has four different colors to choose from- black, purple, pink, and red.

14.An Embroidery Kit Would keep them busy

An Embroidery Kit Would keep them busy

This embroidery kit is perfect for your sister who’s feeling a little bored during her quarantine. It comes with everything she needs to get started in the art of needlework, including a hoop and three different sets of needles! In addition, the back-lit design makes it easier to see what you’re doing on dark fabrics, which will come in handy when working on projects that are especially tricky. This would also make for an excellent gift for someone who wants to pick up new hobbies while they’re alone at home or recovering from surgery.

The only downside? You’ll have to be patient and wait until your sister can finally open this birthday present! Give her something else instead if this isn’t going to work out as well as you’d hoped.

15.Tianna Maxi Dress – Best Birthday Gift For Sister

Tianna Maxi Dress - Best Birthday Gift For Sister

The Tianna Maxi Dress is a great birthday gift for sisters during quarantine due to its versatility. The dress can be worn as either an everyday outfit or as something more formal, and it comes in many different colors that won’t go out of style any time soon. This makes the Tianna Maxi Dress both practical and stylish! It also features three useful pockets, which are perfect for holding anything from food to cosmetics–or even just your phone if you’re on vacation with no purse!

This isn’t necessarily a birthday present she’ll use all year round, but it’s still worth considering because of how practical and versatile it is. Give this long-sleeved maxi dress to someone who prefers to stay within the lines while they’re in quarantine.

This is a great gift for sisters during quarantine because it has many useful features and can be worn as an everyday or formal outfit. The pants are also versatile, practical, and they come in many different colors that will still look good even if they go out of style. This means the Tianna Maxi Dress makes a thoughtful present regardless of what kind of situation your sister might find herself in!

16.Fenty Skin Start’rs Set

Fenty Skin Start'rs Set

The Fenty Skin Start’rs Set is a perfect birthday gift for sisters during quarantine. Not only does it come with an exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, and serum that are all made just for the skin type of people in quarantine, but also a brush set to help them combat breakouts! This means your sister will be prepared no matter what they might feel like their skin needs.

Fenty Skin Start’r Set helps her combat breakouts. 

17.Drawing Kit as Sister Quarantine Birthday Gift

Drawing Kit as Sister Quarantine Birthday Gift

Drawing kits are another great gift for sisters in quarantine because they provide an easy way to keep your sister entertained. They come with everything she needs, from color pencils, erasers, and even a sketch pad, so all she has to do is pick up her favorite pen or marker!

A drawing kit provides entertainment within the quarantined area. She can draw various types of things and share pictures with her family.

Best of all, drawing kits are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank for this birthday gift idea!

18. Give Your Sister a Sister Necklace in Her Birthday

Sister Necklace

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for your sister that’s personal yet practical, this is it!

A necklace with her name on it may seem like an odd choice at first, but they’re perfect in many ways. First of all, the necklaces are set up as pendants so she can wear them during quarantine without worrying about coming into contact with anything and second-they’re super cute!

They come in various colors, making finding one easy no matter what color scheme your sister likes best. They also have plenty of letters to choose from depending on how long her name is from A to Z. Plus; these necklaces don’t cost much, making them affordable too!

19.MasterClass Membership

MasterClass Membership, quarantine birthday gifts for sister

If your sister is into art or design, this birthday gift may be ideal for her.

MasterClass offers online courses in various topics from painting to animation, with some classes costing as little as $19! Your sister will love the challenge, and you’ll get to support her passion. Plus, there are three different membership packages available: basic, premium, and professional, so she can choose whichever one suits both of your needs best.

20.Weighted Blanket For Your Sister Quarantines Birthday Gift

Weighted Blanket For Your Sister Quarantines Birthday Gift

If your sister is a stay-at-home or has anxiety, this birthday gift maybe for her.

Weighted blankets are meant to help calm people and can also aid with insomnia by providing gentle pressure on the body’s natural pressure points. Your sister will love the calming sensation of these weighted blankets as she goes through quarantine!

This Weighted Blanket will help your sister to feel calm and grounded during quarantine.

21.Gold-and-Onyx Sphere Clip-On Pendant

Gold-and-Onyx Sphere Clip-On Pendant

Sisters are special. They always have your back, and they’re usually the first person you call when you need somebody to talk to. For my sister’s birthday this year, I wanted to give her something that symbolized how much she means to me. This gold-and-onyx sphere clip-on pendant seemed like a perfect gift because it is one of those pieces that can be worn day or night and with any outfit!

This is a beautiful silver sphere pendant with an onyx stone. This should be perfect for your sister, especially if she would like to celebrate her birthday during quarantine!

22.Insulated Wine Flask

Insulated Wine Flask

This insulated wine flask is perfect for any sister who loves a good glass of red or white at the end of the day! This would make an excellent gift for your sister on her birthday or anytime she’s in quarantine and needs to drink cold drinks. It might also help make a long quarantine day more bearable if you know that she would have an awesome happy hour drink waiting for her when she’s finally able to leave!

Sisters are special. They always have your back, and they’re usually the only ones who understand the way you think and feel. So show your sister how much she means to you with a gift that will last her for years!

A wine lover’s worst nightmare is being stuck in quarantine with no alcohol. Well, the good news is you’re not going to be stuck for long! With this insulated wine flask, your sister can enjoy her favorite beverage while she’s locked up and away from civilization.

The stainless steel design will keep it cool so that when she finally gets out of isolation, there will still be some left for her to enjoy – at least until the next time!

23.Disco Ball Lamp

Disco Ball Lamp

The best time to get a gift for your sister is during quarantine. She may be stuck at home all day, and she’ll need something to keep her company. A disco ball lamp could make the perfect gift! It will give off light that mimics a disco ball but won’t give off any harmful UV rays or heat as a real one would. You can also choose from many different colors of lamps so you can find one that matches your sister’s favorite color. And don’t worry about going broke either because they’re affordable enough for anyone’s budget!

This is a great gift because it will make the quarantine room seem less like a prison and more like home. Plus, it’s practical too!

The light from the lamp will brighten up her space and make it feel more welcoming, even though she can’t leave. Plus, with all those mirrors reflecting off of each other in the darkroom, she’ll be able to see herself anywhere!

Plus, these lamps are inexpensive, too – you won’t break your budget with this gift idea!

24.A Wi-Fi-connected Movie Projector 

A Wi-Fi-connected Movie Projector

Do you ever think about how much time we spend in our homes, day and night? When was the last time you left your house for a movie or even to go out to eat with friends? The answer is probably never. With all of our lives revolving around technology, there are so many things that can be done from home. One great example is this amazing Wi-Fi-connected movie projector which will allow your sister to watch movies during her quarantine. It’s the perfect birthday gift!

So, If you’re looking for a great birthday present idea, check out this new Wi-Fi-connected movie projector. It’s perfect for the sister who lives in quarantine – no worries about sneaking her some treats and risking getting quarantined yourself!

The Wi-Fi-connected movie projector uses its content library and offers an excellent selection of movies. You can even stream Netflix or YouTube using the projector’s screen! It also features an HDMI input so that you can connect your laptop as well. With this fantastic gift idea for sisters during quarantine, she’ll be able to enjoy her favorite flicks without having to leave the house – a perfect birthday gift during the lockdown.

25.Heated Back, Shoulder & Neck Massager

Heated Back, Shoulder & Neck Massager

A heated back, shoulder, and neck massage is a great way to relax after a long day at work. This type of massage makes use of heat therapy to help relieve pain and stiffness. The best time for this type of massage is the evening as it will prepare you for sleep with its calming effect.

Heating a back, shoulder, or neck massager is one way to make it feel more soothing and comforting for the sister who’s feeling sore from quarantine. These gel-filled pads can be heated in an oven (or microwave) before applying on those tight muscles – perfect birthday gifts during lockdown!

26.Petite White Orchid 

Petite White Orchid

What could be a better birthday gift for your sister than an orchid that is as delicate and beautiful as she is? This petite white orchid, also known as the moth orchid, will remind her of how much you care about her.

A quarantine birthday gift for sisters – these tiny flowers are easy to care for and will be enjoyed by any sister feeling anxious after being told they can’t leave home! 27- LED Light Up Slippers For The Darken Quarantine Home

27.Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings

Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings

These organic pearl hoop earrings are a stylish birthday gift for your sister during quarantine. The circular shape and pearls will remind her of the beautiful world that she can’t go out to see, even if it’s just in her imagination!

This gold-and-onyx sphere clip-on pendant is a splendid quarantine birthday gift for sisters – perfect as an accessory or to give when you know they want something new but have been told not to leave their home!

28.Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker

The speaker is waterproof and can be used inside the shower or even while in the pool. It also has a long battery life, making it perfect for someone who’s always on the go. And with a built-in microphone and speakerphone capability, you’ll never miss a call again. This is one of those gifts that will make her so happy she won’t know what to do with herself!

This speaker is perfect for someone who’s always on the go. And with a built-in microphone and speakerphone capability, you’ll never miss a call again. This is one of those gifts that will make her so happy she won’t know what to do with herself!


1.What is a good quarantine birthday gift?

The best quarantine birthday gift is probably a book. This is because the person can enjoy books with you in quarantine or those who are not in strict isolation due to their disease but can’t take physical gifts home.

2.How do you make someone’s birthday special? 

One of the best ways to make someone’s birthday special is by sending a card with words of congratulations, love, and wishes for good fortune. Giving your loved one flowers or making them breakfast in bed are other great ideas that will help you create something memorable.

If there were any way I could spend my birthday quarantine with her, it would be perfect! I will send this list and an Amazon gift card so she can get what she wants during her time away from me. I wish these were available when we had our kids – they drove us crazy sometimes!”


Above we covered 28 ideas of birthday gifts for sisters during quarantine. I hope you found the best birthday gift for your sister. If you have any questions or any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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