How To Dry Nails Fast? 9 Most Effective Way (1 minute)

Have you ever waited for your nails to dry? Everyone has. All those efforts go to vain in seconds sometimes. You blink, and your nail polish smudges. Disappointing, no?

You have come to the right place. Go through the sections to learn how to dry nails fast.

Most Effective Ways to Dry Nail Polish Fast

Likely, you are already familiar with some hacks about how to dry nails fast. Waiting for nail polish to dry is over. The quickest and easiest ways are here for you.

1.Thin Polish Your Nails.

Thin Polish Your Nails, how to dry nails fast


Nails dry faster with thin polish. Don’t know how to thin nail polish? Here’s how.

Take your time while applying nail polish. Apply thin layers of nail polish. After finishing the first layer, wait for a minute or two, then use the second layer.

Repeat the process. This may take a while to apply the nail polish, but the drying time reduces.

2.Your Hairdryer Is Not Only For Hair Drying.

dry your nails by hair dryer


A hairdryer is an effective option for making nail polish dry faster too. If you applied thin nail polish, you only have to dry your nails for a few minutes with your blow dryer.

Make sure the dryer doesn’t touch your nails. Remember to set the dryer to a cold air setting. Warm air from the dryer can ripple your nail polish.

3.Ice Cold Water Is Your Home Remedy

dry your nails by ice water

Once you finish applying your nail polish, air-dry your nails for one or two minutes. Then dunk your hand into ice dipped cold water. Keep your hand in the water for about one minute.

Avoid putting your hand in the water right after applying the polish. Wait for 1-2 minutes, or you will ruin your nail polish. Be careful about smudging your nail polish with ice cubes.

4.Quick-dry Clear Coat Polish.

You can find some formulated clear coating for your nail polish to dry nail polish fast. They are available at most of the beauty stores, and they don’t cost much either. You can find them online too.

They put a shiny layer over your nail polish and help to make nail polish dry faster.

5.Use An Air-Duster.

Air-Duster to dry nails fast

Air-dusters are available everywhere. An air-duster is nothing but compressed cold air, and cold airs help to make nail polish dry faster. Spray this on your nails for a few seconds.

Keep a distance between the air duster and your nails, or you may smudge your polish.

6.Buying A Nail Polish Dryer Is The Obvious Solution.

Nail Polish Dryer

Nail polish dryers may cost a bit. But if you’re too tired of waiting for your nail polish to dry, you can buy a dryer. A nail polish dryer uses UV rays to dry your nail polish.

Put your hand under the lights to dry your nail polish in no time. You can find these dryers online.

7.Go For Quick Drying Products

quick drying products

Some nail polishes dry quicker than the others. You can go for it. It would be best if you bought instant dry nail polishes from stores or online.

These special products don’t take much time to dry because of their special formulas. They don’t cost much more than your regular nail polish.

8.Drying Drops Are An Easy Solution

Another one of the quickest ways to dry nails is drying drops. Drying drops make your nails dry without leaving a shiny top layer.

Wait for one or two minutes before applying drying drops on your nails. This is to avoid wrinkling your polish. Wait a few minutes, then rinse your hand.

9.Cooking Spray

cooking spray to dry nails

Believe it or not, cooking spray is one of the quickest ways to dry nails. The oils in cooking spray make your nails dry along with moisturizing your cuticles. Use a tissue paper to absorb the extra spray remaining on your nails.

Remember to wait a few minutes before putting a tissue paper on your nails. Even if it’s a quicker method, it does take a few minutes to dry the polish. It’s a home remedy for drying your nails when you don’t have any store-bought nail products.

Taking Care of Your Manicure

Once you’ve completed your manicure, it’s time to maintain it. Specialists say it takes more than 12 hours to set a manicure completely. You can use a layer of transparent coating of nail polish to make the manicure last longer.

Keep your nail away from sharp objects to avoid smudging your nail polish. Cut your nails and shape them. Use quality products.

Pro Tips for Drying Nails

If you don’t use any quick dry method to dry your nails, they can take a long time to dry. If you do use any one of the methods, keep the following things in mind.

  • Do not put your hand under warm air or cold water right after applying nail polish.
  • Make sure you avoid touching your nails before they are completely dry.
  • Wipe the brush before applying nail polish to avoid thick polishing.
  • Try using moisturizer.
  • Apply a transparent coating of polish on top.

Bottom Line

You are not the only one who wondered how to dry nails fast. Every girl that ever used nail polish has wished there was a way to dry nails faster. Well, there is. There are many ways you can make your nails dry faster. Some of them even don’t need any extra expenses. Other products are low in cost too. Choose the most convenient one, and you are good to go.

What method did you choose? How long did it take? Are you satisfied with your manicure? Let us know if you wish to know anything else.

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