How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye? Safe and Easiest Way

The eyelashes that protect your eyes can also cause pain when they shed. Eyelashes can get inside your eyes while shedding naturally. It’s hard to prevent this from happening. That makes it compulsory to learn How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye.

You’re probably learning almost everything to do at home. You may know how to remove eyelash extensions at home or even use an eyelash curler. Now it’s time to learn to get an eyelash out of your eye.

An eyelash stuck in the eye can be painful and irritating. You also get hair in the eye sometimes. But this pain and irritation don’t have to stay this way.

You can ease your pain and irritation on your own. All you need is the proper strategies. You should know the ways to remove anything from your eyes safely. Today we’ll tell you how to get something out of your eye.

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How to Identify an Eyelash in Your Eye?

How to Identify an Eyelash in Your Eye
How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye | Safe and Easiest Way

Whenever something gets in your eye, you’ll feel your eyelid trying to close as a reflection. That’s your first clue. If it doesn’t wash away instantly with your natural tears, the irritation will increase. Your eyes will get red. Afterwards, you may feel an itch in your eye.

Stand in front of a mirror to locate the eyelash. As obvious as it sounds, if the eyelash is in a visible area, you only have to locate it.

There’s a chance you won’t see the eyelash. It’s because the eyelash is under your eyelid. You can blink a few times to see if the lash comes out. Move your eyes in different directions. See if it helps.

If the eyelash is behind your upper eyelid, use another way. Hold your upper eyelid and drag it down to your lower eyelid. Press for a few seconds and move your eyes while keeping them shut. See if the eyelash becomes visible.

How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye? 5 Steps to Follow

There are other easy ways to remove eyelashes stuck in the eye. Start with the basic ones. If they don’t work, move forward with more advanced methods.

1. Proper Sleep

sleep,How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye
  • Remove your contact lenses.
  • The simplest solution to remove an eyelash is to sleep on it. Get a good night’s sleep, and wait for your natural tears to wash the eyelash away.
  • Look closely again after waking up.
  • Even if sleeping doesn’t remove the eyelash, it can help make it visible.

2. Maybe Water is All You Need

  • Remove your contact lenses.
  • Clean your hands. Use soap and water. Using dirty hands will easily infect your eye and increase your problem.
  • Take clean and cold water on your palms and rinse your face while keeping your eyes open.
  • Keep checking the mirror if you got the lash out of the eye.
  • If this doesn’t help, take a bowl full of water. The bowl should be big enough to drown your face.
  • Drown your face in the bowl for a few seconds without closing your eyes.
  • Blink several times. This can also help in making the eyelash visible.

3. Use a Cotton Swab

How To Get Eyelash Out Of Eye by cotton swab
  1. Take a cotton swab and sanitize it with a saline solution.
  2. Locate the eyelash in your eye. The eyelash must be in a visible area of your eye.
  3. Use the cotton swab to bring the lash to the inner eye corner.
  4. Pick it out with the cotton swab.
  5. Make sure you sanitize the cotton swab every time before putting it in your eye.

4. Use Your Finger

  1. Wash your hands and sanitize them.
  2. Stand close to a mirror.
  3. Locate the eyelash in your eye. Make sure it’s in a visible area of the eye.
  4. Use your index finger to drag the eyelash out of the eye.
  5. Remember to sanitize your finger every time before putting it in your eye.
  6. Only use this method when the eyelash is in the white part of your eye.

5. Saline Solution

  1. You can also use a saline solution. This method is safe and practical at the same time.
  2. Take a saline solution and put it in an eyedropper.
  3. Flood your eyes with drops of saline solution.
  4. The solution will likely wash away the eyelash.
  5. Even if it doesn’t remove the eyelash, it’ll make the eyelash visible.

What if None of Them Works?

You must see an eye specialist if none of the methods works. Eyelash behind your Eye can harm your eye and cause permanent damage. Anything that’s not supposed to be in the eye can cause infection and irritation.

Even if it doesn’t harm your eyes, it keeps irritating you continuously. You do not want that. Consult your eye doctor.

Avoid doing anything dangerous on your own.

What Not to Do

Do not do something you might regret. The eye is a very sensitive organ. Don’t just do anything to remove something from the eye. There are some things you need to follow while removing anything from your eye.

  • Do not ignore the stuck eyelashes in your eyes.
  • Do not touch your eyes without sanitizing your hands.
  • Do not use anything sharp or heavy.
  • Do not remove anything from the eye while wearing contact lenses.
  • Do not be late to consult a doctor if the matter gets out of hand.
  • Avoid doing anything that can cause an infection or increase irritation.

Bottom Line

No matter how disturbing the problem is, there’s always a solution. If an eyelash gets stuck in your eyes, try the methods above to remove it. Maintain caution while doing so. Try to be careful next time when your eyelashes are shed. If natural tears wipe away the eyelash from your eye, do not do anything other than rinse your eyes.

Don’t panic now that you know how to get an eyelash out of the eye.

Tell us if you had any difficulties following the instruction. How did you get rid of your eyelash stuck in the eye?

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