How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home? Step By Step Process

Not everyone is born with heavy natural lashes. Trendy makeup looks needs beautiful and dense eyelashes. That’s why many women are adopting eyelash extensions to give a finishing touch to their looks. What happens when you need to remove the lashes? How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Should You Remove Eyelash Extension at Home?

To be honest, removing eyelash extensions on your own is not safe at all. Eyelash extensions adhere to surgical-grade glue. If you try to remove the eyelash extension at home, you can cause an infection in your eye.

An eye is a very sensitive organ. Always be careful about your eyes. Following DIY eyelash extension removal methods can harm your eyes and natural lashes.

Do not follow any unprofessional way to remove eyelash extensions. You can end up losing your natural lashes. Sometimes when you lose natural lashes, they don’t grow back.

To sum up, it’s not suggested by the experts to remove eyelash extensions at home.

So, what should you do when it’s impossible to visit your lash artist?

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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

The most sensible thing to do is to wait it out. The eyelash extensions will gradually be shed out along with your natural ones. Within six weeks, the lashes can fall out. But you can speed this up by doing some things.

Remember the suggestions your beautician gave when you wore a fresh set of eyelashes. What did she forbid you to do? You exactly need to do those things.

A professional will tell you to avoid certain things to protect your freshly-worn eyelashes. To remove them, do those things.

1. Hot Shower to Loosen Those Lashes

It’s advised not to wet your extended lashes to make them last longer. To remove them, you have to do the opposite. A hot shower can loosen the glue and fasten the process of removing lash extensions.

Make sure you do not rub your eyes. Rubbing damages your natural lashes.

Hot Shower to Loosen Those Lashes, how to remove eyelash extensions at home

2. Steam Therapy Works the Same Way

Take hot water in a bowl. Place your face over the bowl. Cover your head with a towel. Steaming your face works the same way a hot shower does. They loosen up the lash glue and help remove lash extensions.

Steam Therapy Works the Same Way,how to get an eyelash out of your eye

3. Oil-based Makeup Remover

Oil-based makeup remover can dissolve your lash glue. Professionals recommend that you not use any oil-based product near your lash because it can weaken the glue.

Use an oil-based makeup remover regularly to remove your eye makeup. This will slowly work as an eyelash glue remover. As you’re not using any quick method for safety, every method will take time.

Oil-based Makeup Remover
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home | Step By Step Process

4. Castor Oil Before Bed

Apply castor oil to your eyelashes daily before going to bed. Use a cotton swab to apply oil to your lashes. Be careful about not getting oil in your eyes.

When the castor oil stays on the extended eyelashes overnight, the glue becomes weak. You can also use coconut oil if it’s convenient.

Oil is a natural element to weaken any glue. It works for your eyelash glue too. Regularly using oil in your eyelash will make the eyelash extensions fall faster.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home by Castor Oil Before Bed
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home | Step By Step Process

5. Lash Glue Dissolver

If you’re going to be more careful about removing lash extensions, you can use an eyelash glue remover. They are available in beauty stores. You can also find them online.

Professionals also recommend using a lash glue dissolver to remove extended eyelashes. Remember to follow the instruction properly when you use a glue dissolver.

Lash Glue Dissolver

Things Not to Do to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Be careful about not doing anything inappropriate to remove those lashes. A slight mistake can result in permanent damage to your eyes and your natural lashes.

#Do Not Pull or Pick Extended Eyelashes

Never pick, pull, or twig your lashes. Keep in mind that they’re attached to your real ones. If you mistakenly pull your natural lashes, it can create a space, and the lashes may never grow back. It’s not worth the risk.

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# Do Not Rub Your Lashes

Rubbing your lashes when showering can also damage your natural lashes. If you must rub your eyes to remove makeup, use gentle hands. Use a cotton patch and rub gently to remove any remaining makeup.

# Never Use Any Tools to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Many tutorials will tell you to use tweezers to remove your lash extensions. Do not do it. Not only can you hurt your eyes, but you can also lose your natural lashes. There’s a chance you’ll get infected if the tool is not sanitized.

How do You Get an Eyelash Out of Your Eyes?

Sometimes an eyelash can enter your eye while removing eyelash extensions. The first thing to do is not to rub your eyes. It only makes things worse.

The essential thing to do is to blink several times. This way, natural tears usually wash out the eyelash in your eye.

If that doesn’t work, try looking towards every direction. If the lash is in the white part of your eye, a wet cotton swab can help.

Bottom Line

To sum up, do not remove your lashes at home, if possible. Sometimes when there are no other options, follow the instructions suggested by experts. You can also contact your beautician virtually to give you live instructions. Avoid doing anything harmful to your lashes.

Let us know if you have any trouble with your eyelash. Did you try to remove them by yourself? How long did it take the lash extensions to fall out entirely?

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