How To Remove Press On Nails Quickly Without Damage?

The press-on nails are super popular because of their smooth and professional manicure look. They can provide you with a proper finishing touch for any outlook. The problem arises when you have to remove press on nails. If you love to use press-on nails then you must know how to remove press on nails?

Press-on nails have no equal when you need a quick makeover for your nails. Despite all the benefits press on nails can provide you with, removing them can be difficult.

You’ll find the three best methods of removing press on nails here. You can go for the one that’s most convenient for you to do.

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How to Remove Press on Nails

If you don’t follow the proper ways of removing press-on nails, you can end up hurting yourself. To be honest, removing press on nails is way easier than removing dip powder nails.

If you’re careful enough while removing press-on nails, you’ll be able to remove them without breaking. That means you get to reuse your press-on nails. But if you used a long press on nails, it’ll be difficult to remove them without damaging them.

There are a few safe and professionally approved methods you can try at home. We gathered the best three of them here for you. Let’s explore how you can take off fake nails.

Method-1: The Classic Soap & Water Solvent

To remove artificial nails, you have to loosen the glue beneath them. Soap and water can do magic on that. A simple soap-water solvent can help you to remove press-on nails.

how to remove press on nails
how to remove press on nails, soap water help to remove press on nail

What you’ll need

  • Small bowl
  • Liquid soap
  • Warm water
  • Cuticle oil

Step-by-Step Process

  • Take a bowl just large enough to dip your fingernails in. Make sure the bowl is clean.
  • Fill the bowl with warm water. The water should be as warm as the skin can tolerate without any pain.
  • Mix a small amount of liquid soap with the water.
  • Soak your fingers in the bowl. Make sure you dip your whole nail in the water.
  • Keep your nails soaked in the water for about 10 minutes.
  • Try to move the press-on nails back and forth to see if they move.
  • If they don’t, remove your hand from the water and dry them.
  • Put cuticle oil on your nails to loosen the glue.
  • Wait a few minutes, then try to move the nails again.


  • Do not forcefully remove the nails if they do not move quickly.
  • Keep the water temperature to a tolerable level so that you don’t burn yourself.

Method-2: Nail Polish Remover is Your Savior

Use nail polish remover to remove press on nail
Nail Polish Remover is Your Savior

Nail polish remover is also a great glue dissolver. But you have to use one that contains acetone. Gentle acetone-free nail polish remover will only waste your time in this case.

This is a great method for removing press on toenails too. Follow the same steps with your toenails to remove press-on toenails.

What you’ll need

  • Acetone-based nail polish remover
  • Cotton pad
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Moisturizer

Step-by-Step Process

  • Take a cotton pad.
  • Soak the cotton pad with an acetone-based nail polish remover.
  • Dab it to your press-on nails.
  • Wait a few minutes to let the acetone soak under the press-on nails.
  • Gently pull the nails when they start to loosen.
  • Wash your hand. Use soap and water.
  • Moisturize your hands.


  • A gentle nail polish remover without acetone won’t work.
  • You must use a moisturizer as the acetone can make your skin and nails dry.

Method-3: Acetone Mixed with Baby Oil

Acetone Mixed with Baby Oil,how to remove press on nails

Pure acetone doesn’t have any equal when it comes to removing press-on nails. Whenever someone asks what the best way to remove artificial nails is, pure acetone is the answer.

Why add baby oil then? Baby oil adds moisture to the mixture. Acetone is a strong element and can be harsh on your skin. Baby oil will help recover the damage and make the process smoother.

What you’ll need

  • Pure acetone
  • Baby oil
  • Small bowl
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Moisturizer

Step-by-Step Process

  • Take a small bowl and pour it with pure acetone.
  • Mix a small amount of baby oil in it.
  • Soak your nails in the mixture.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Check if the nails started to loosen.
  • Pull them gently off.
  • Wash your hands. Use soap and water.
  • Moisturize your hands after drying them.


  • Do not use force if the nails haven’t loosened.
  • Remember to moisturize your hand whenever you use acetone.

Pros and Cons of Using Press on Nails

Like everything else, press-on nails have their right sides and wrong sides.



  • You may have to worry about removing nail glue left on your nails by the press on nails.

Care for Your Nails after Removing Press on Nails

You should take care of your nails after removing any kind of nail extensions. They can cause damage to your nails. The removal methods can also weaken your natural nails.

  • Avoid using press-on nails just after you removed them.
  • Use cuticle oils on your nails regularly to keep them moisturized.
  • Cut your nails short; it’ll prevent breakage.
  • Buff the rough edges of your nails.
  • Before applying the press on nails again, use a top coat on your nails.
  • If you use long presses on nails, remember to cut them short before removing them.

How many days can press-on nails last?

Press-on nails have become an increasingly popular way of getting salon-like manicures without the hefty price tag. They are easy to apply and can last for up to two weeks with proper care. But, how long can press-on nails actually last?

The answer depends on a few factors, such as how often your nails come into contact with water, how you care for them, and the quality of the press on the nails you choose. If you take good care of your press-on nails, they can last anywhere from 4-14 days.

What oil removes press-on nails?

Removing press-on nails can be a tricky task as they’re designed to stay put for a long time. However, oil can help dissolve the adhesive and make removal easier. Coconut oil, olive oil, and baby oil are known to work the best. Simply apply the oil to the press-on nails and let it sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes, carefully lift the nails off your nail beds. If you find that some of the adhesives is still left behind, try reapplying the oil and gently scraping the residue away with an orange stick or cuticle pusher.

Do press on nails destroy your nails?

Press on nails can be a great way to give yourself a manicure without having to go to the salon. However, some people worry that press-on nails will damage their natural nails. The good news is that press-on nails when applied correctly and with proper care, will not damage your nails. In fact, press-on nails allow your natural nails to grow while providing a stylish and glamorous look. With proper preparation, glue, and care, you can enjoy beautiful press-on nails without damaging your natural nails.

Bottom Line

If you want, you can reuse the press-on nails. But you must know how to remove the press on nails properly for that. One thing to note is that if you use better quality press on nails, it’ll be easier to take them off. You can also use customized press-on nails to make the removal easier. If none of the methods work, you can always visit a professional for help. They can remove your press-on nails pain-free.

Don’t forget to share your press-on nails experience with us. Did you have any difficulties following the steps? Which one was the most convenient for you?

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