My Girlfriend is Depressed and Pushing Me Away: What Should I Do?

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that can be incredibly hard to deal with. When my girlfriend has depression, the first thing I do is try my best to help her feel better. Sometimes it’s tough to know what to say or do when my girlfriend has depression, so I always talk about my own experiences with my therapist and ask for advice on how she dealt with her depression. It may not work for everyone, but at least I am trying!

Why did she push you away?

First, try to find out why she pushed you away? During depressing moments, the person suffering from depression might push away even her loved ones. They might get irritated by the smallest things, and they seem too selfish to show appreciation.

It is not that they don’t love you, but it’s just their disease that might have made them think differently.

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What Should I Do When My Girlfriend Is Depressed And Pushing Me Away?

Your girlfriend is depressed and pushing you away. You don’t know what to do, but you want her back in your arms as soon as possible.

You’ve been trying for days or even weeks now, but nothing seems to work! She still won’t open up to you, and she keeps pushing you further and further away from her heart. It feels like she doesn’t love you anymore – that everything has changed between the two of you.

Here we will teach how to get a depressed woman back into your life and keep her there forever!

1.No judgmental Statements

my girlfriend is depressed and pushing me away,
My girlfriend is depressed and pushing me away

This is an essential point that most men tend to forget when their girlfriend or wife has depression. If she does not feel safe and 100% comfortable sharing her thoughts with you, whatever they may be, then there’s no way for the two of you to move forward and help each other! So always keep in mind:

* Do NOT tell her how it looks like from your perspective (or anyone else’s) because this will make everything worse;

* Do NOT say anything that could put down those who suffer from mental illness – such as “get some sleep already!” “No one died!!” etc.; Go for Walk- it will be ok, etc.

* Do NOT say anything that would put her down because depression is already doing it enough on its own.

So what to do instead? Well, the best thing you could do for your girlfriend when she’s depressed and pushing you away is be there for her! That means listening without judging (see point # 0), asking questions if needed but never forcing them out of her (if she doesn’t want to talk about something, then let it go!), offering support whenever possible.

This way, your girl will know that no matter what happens between or around the two of you -she can always count on YOU! And this feeling alone will make all the difference in how safe and secure SHE feels with YOU!

2. Listen to Her and Keep an Eye on Her Moods.

When Someone You Love Has Depression

Depression is a severe illness, and your girlfriend’s moods can change from one minute to the other. So always keep an eye on her, how she looks, what she says or doesn’t say. If you see something wrong going on with her – talk about it!

Depression is when people are sad. They do not want to see other people. You should keep track of your girlfriend’s symptoms to help her get over this difficult time.

Be ready to listen when she wants to talk.

3. Make Sure That She Feels Safe Talking With You

Make Sure That She Feels Safe Talking With You
Make Sure That She Feels Safe Talking With You

It might seem obvious, but apparently, it isn’t for everyone: make sure your girl knows that there is nothing she could tell ever which would push you away from her.

Yes, this includes the most awful things in life! It is vital that she feels safe with you and knows that nothing can come between you two ever again. Because when your girlfriend has depression, it means she already has so many reasons to feel insecure about love, relationships, etc., so don’t give her one more reason not to tell you anything because of fear or shame.

4. Let Go off Old Patterns

Depression may change how your girlfriend acts all around – including sexually and emotionally (or even physically!). So please understand if sometimes she seems like a completely different person than who YOU fell for …give her some time and space- everything will be ok eventually, but only if both of you are patient and open-minded enough!

5. Be There For Her, No Matter What Happens Between The Two of You

always stay with your girlfriend
always stay with your girlfriend

When your girlfriend is depressed, it means she sees things in a different way than they are. She doesn’t feel like herself anymore, so don’t expect to see the same person around all day long – this isn’t healthy or helpful not only for her but also for YOU! So always remember:

– When Someone You Love Has Depression you respect your relationship more;

– My Girlfriend Has Depression, then my priority should be helping her get better rather than following my own needs;

– My girlfriend’s health came before anything else at that moment. Even if something terrible happens between you, my girlfriend’s mental health should be my priority.

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6. Get Help Together!

My Girlfriend Has Depression

Depression usually affects both people in a relationship, so don’t try to fight it alone because this won’t get anyone anywhere! There are many online support groups where you can find answers and share your experiences with other couples who have been through similar situations.

Or you could also talk to her doctor about setting up some therapy sessions for the three of you (or even make sure she gets there by herself if necessary). The most important thing is that everything will turn out ok eventually- all that matters here is how much effort YOU are willing to put into saving YOUR relationship while SHE heals from depression first!

7. Act Like Your Usual Self, Talking About Normal Things

Act Like Your Usual Self, Talking About Normal Things
Act Like Your Usual Self, Talking About Normal Things

When my girlfriend is depressed, she might not be interested in talking to me about my day. So don’t push her too much and only talk with her when she feels like it!

Don’t ask questions that you know the answer to. This will make your girl feel even worse because she won’t be able to answer them. Instead, have a normal conversation with her about other things that are not related to her depression.

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8. Love Her From The Bottom of Your Heart Every Single Day

Love Her From The Bottom of Your Heart Every Single Day

I am not saying “don’t let yourself go”! I am saying: keep loving your partner no matter what happens around or between you – because my girlfriend’s depression is my everyday battle, my shared responsibility, and my number one priority.

9. Be Patient With Yourself as Well

It’s not always easy to stay positive when someone you love has depression! Sometimes I feel like nothing can ever help my girl get better, which makes me depressed too! So please remember to take care of yourself. If you feel better, then it will help you to be there for your partner again.

Conclusion paragraph:

We hope this article has provided some helpful insights into what you should do when your girlfriend is depressed and pushing you away. If anything we’ve covered here doesn’t feel 100% right for the situation, or if any other questions come to mind while reading, please let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share with a friend who might also need support during difficult times.


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