Why Are Women So Mean? Scientific Reason

‘Why are women so mean?’ This is a common question from men. Well, we know women are very popular for their mean behavior. Most of the teenage girls became mean women. This is a sexual competition instinct of women.

It comes naturally from them. Women are very processed with themselves. They hardly accept that they are not perfect. So, ‘Why are Women so mean?’ even women can’t answer that question.

Why are women so mean?

Well, as far as I know, women, I can say they cannot stay happy in every situation. Especially, when they are in a competitive environment.

why are women so mean

It seems too natural when women are mean to other women than men. It seems natural because women mean to others more often than boys do. Women and girls are horribly and unconsciously mean to each other.

  • There are good women too who are not so mean to each other. Even we can find such men who are meaner than women in some case but that want our point to discuss.
  • In this progressing world, women and men are the same. Nowadays gender inequality does not seem that much. Gender equality is seen more often. So, women expect as much as men do.

The first thing we need to understand why women develop such toxic behavior. Generally, this means behavior are shown in their work mainly.

  • Women feel bullied by others some time. They feel such when a single woman gets unreasonable, embarrassing or intimidating treatment by others there.
  • The bully may be in a position of authority and feel threatened, but it can also be a colleague who is immature or insecure. Women and men often display amateur aggressive behavior when they somehow feel “less” than the other person.

There may also be a culture of an organization that encourages such behavior. Such behaviors are-

  • shouting at an employee
  • blaming for no reason
  • ignoring one idea
  • embarrassing someone
  • using bad language
  • making a joke of someone
  • making fun of one person many times

Many women face such situations at their workplace and they become very mean to others. They show a very unsatisfactory to others in her workplace.

# Childhood bullying:

When we were young, girls would expect sweet and beautiful behavior from others. If we show natural feelings of anger, fear, jealousy or hurt or leave behind what we want, we are called derogatory names.

The choice for young girls is clear. Develop behaviors that make people like you, even if it is overkill, or risk your public following your emotions honestly.

why are women so mean,women bullying

So, ‘What do women mean?’ These social rules are set up for young girls to hide their true feelings and encourage secret aggression. This bullying is the result of mean girls at work.

Reason for such behavior

Have you ever thought, ‘Why girls are so mean?’ It because our society supports the mean behavior of girls. From childhood, it is set in our mind that girls are mean and the act is normal. We all see this behavior as normal behavior.

  • Our society and media as well make fun of the bad things. But the result we are getting is not fun.
  • The mean behavior of women is not just in humans but also seen on animals too. Female apes tend the kill the kid of other apes.

In human society, women try to knock other women from the top and want to set on there. The conflict is not personal they just found these girls or women in their way.

  • Such mean behavior is not just in the female they are in men too. But none like women men love to challenge and compete openly. Women have a long history of looking to men for self-esteem.
  • To move forward, women have developed complex ways to approve and improve themselves. Women do not compete openly as men do. Mean girls at work want to become a success without helping other women.
  • This competitive attitude among women is called “not enough pie” syndrome, which means they understand that there is room for only one woman at the top. They think that only one woman will get succeed and sit on the top.

Through this point of view, every other woman can be threatened and threatened. Women in the workplace are often equal and even more so than men.

Power positions, however, still overwhelmingly dominate male and clerical leadership styles in most corporate cultures. This forces some female directors to prove themselves to be extra hard on their female employees.

Even if you cannot change another woman’s toxic behavior, you can always improve your effectiveness, prevent victimization and make sure you are not fooling yourself.

why are women so mean
why are women so mean

Always remember, ‘Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.’ Check out more strategies to overcome and avoid toxic relationships.


In other words, you can think, ‘why don’t girls like me?’ ‘Why girls are so mean?’ ‘Why are women so mean?’ but maybe they don’t like you or they like you, they can’t able to tell you. If a mean girl is mean to others but not to you, then it is a sign that she likes you more than a friend. 

Girl’s mean behavior causes them lots of problems but still, they can’t change themselves. The society makes a girl mean. When a girl is mean from her childhood or her teenage, it also makes her mean women.


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