Why don’t girls like me? 7 Things You Should Do

Why girls don’t like me?’- The truth of it may hurt you or make you feel bad. You may have begun to trust that you are not able to make any girl to like you. You probably think you can’t attract a girl or woman. 

There is something wrong with you, and you don’t know about it. But the reason should be known by you. You may have to change yourself to make girls like you. Or, you need to upgrade your few habits.

Attracting women is not a very difficult thing. You just need to follow some tips and maintain them.

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Why don’t girls like me

First, you need to know ‘why don’t girls like you?’ You need to find out the reasons for it and change them. If you have similar reasons like the nine reasons bellow then you must know why.

1.The negative attitude of yours:

Girl’s dislike the negative attitude most. When you are talking with a girl and start complaining about things; Boy! You have a serious problem.

If you are complaining about your life or job or things around you, you are making a girl go off. Girls like someone who boosts their spirits.

2.Your Lifestyle:

Are you clean enough? Is your life interesting? Are you a fun-lover? Do you have your plan? Girls like people who are concern about themselves. Girls like you clean.

They like a man neatly and cleanly. If you are lazy to keep yourself clean and hygienic, you must not hope to attract a girl. Girls like a fun-loving person who can make them laugh. Girls are like a person with a plan and an interesting life.

3. Your confidence:

Does a girl like me? Confidence is very important in any stage of life. Too much confidence or lack of confidence are not good for you. Too much confidence turns into arrogance.

Girls don’t like arrogant people. Like the same way, if you have a lack of confidence, you are already rejected. Girls don’t like cowards also.

4. The way of talking:

Do you know how to continue a conversation? How to make a conversation interesting? How to make people feel comfortable to talk with you? If you don’t any of them, that is why you are boring.

Girls like to talk with people who can make a conversation interesting. When you are having an interesting conversation, the conversation continued for a long time. Always maintain a comfortable level. If you can’t make a girl feel comfortable while talking, she will never come to you again.

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What do you check out, when you meet a girl? Her external beauty, right? But girls don’t always check out the external appearance of a man.

They also check out the presentation of how a boy or man presents themselves. The way he talks, he walks, the way the watch, the way he sits, they are clean or not. Girls notice everything. If you fail to present yourself nicely, you are rejected.

6.Your intention:

When you want to attract a girl or woman, what is your intention? If your answer is ‘I want girls to like me’, then surely you must do something. Try to improve yourself and make your better version for them. Girls like a man with settle life, they don’t like messy things.

7.Your personality:

Your personality is very important to impress a girl. If your personality is weak, a girl will not attract to you. Your personality describes you.

The way you behave with others, the way you carry your attitude, the way you express your feelings, the way you control the situation, everything describes your personality. So, if your personality isn’t strong, women will not like you.

8.Your neediness:

Neediness is the 99% effective way to kill a girl’s attraction. Many guys show their neediness to a girl by texting them first or complimenting them or asking her about hangout.

This expresses your neediness to them. You must think ‘Why don’t a woman like me?’ but this the reason why they don’t give you attention.

9. You are womanly:

If you are womanly, no matter how strong, how tall, how good looking you are; you are rejected. A woman doesn’t like a feminine person. You can be feminism but feminine has no option to like by a girl or woman.

These are the nine reasons for your question, ‘Why don’t girls like me?’ or ‘why don’t women like me?’ I hope you can find out about your situation here.

What should you do?

Here I am giving you some tips to know about what you should do to attract a girl or woman.

why don't girls like me

# Love yourself:

At first, you have to love yourself. For the question ‘Why girls don’t like me?’ or ‘why women don’t like me?’ Drop your negative attitude and be positive about yourself. You have to love yourself with others. Without loving yourself, how can you make people like you? So love yourself.

# Keep yourself clean and hygiene:

What do girls like? Always remember girls like you clean. No girls like a messy guy to hang around. Your clean appearance describes how much you are hygiene. Girls or women don’t like a messy and unhygienic person.

# Have a strong personality:

Peoples personality attracts each other most. If you have a weak personality, never asked yourself that ‘why are women so mean?’ cause it is because of you. Your weak personality drives them away. Feel confident about yourself and what you are doing.

# Express yourself:

Girls or women like an expressive guy. Ask about her day, how is she doing? Tell her how your life is going? What do you think about her, tell her reasons like ‘reasons why I love you’. These kinds of stuff make a girl feel special and they start to like you back.

# Try to make them comfortable:

Fun with girls. Make them laugh and comfortable. This is the easiest and effective way to make girls like you.

# Respect them:

Respect is very important in every relationship. Every person deserves respect. When you give a girl or woman respect, this will create respect for you in their heart and they will start liking you.

# Find out what other people think about you:

You must learn to find out what other people think about you. This will help you to make yourself a better person and learn what they want from you.

If a girl or women communicates with you often, that means she likes you. If a woman or girl trying to be connected with you all the time that is a sign that she likes you more than a friend.


Girls or women are not so hard to impress. You don’t have to go war for them. Small things will make them like you back. Before you think ‘Why don’t girls like me?’ Respect them, make a good personality, make your appearance good; a woman will like you.

Make them feel special, make them laugh and comfortable, make time for them, make them feel they are important. This will help you to attract a girl or woman, and make them like you back.

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