How to Clean Birkenstocks Quickly In 3 Simple Step

We all have hopped to buy a Birkenstock shoe for ourselves. From the very beginning of 1774 to today, this brand is rocking the stage. But once you get your hands on this, cleaning can be difficult, trust me! And so, let me tell you how to clean Birkenstocks!  

Cleaning the Birkenstocks properly will let you have them for more than 15 years! And who doesn’t want to have such a masterpiece on their feet forever! 

I won’t waste your time anymore! Let us jump right into the step by step method of cleaning Birkenstock shoes! 

Things You Need for Cleaning Birkenstocks

How to Clean Birkenstocks
Things You Need for Cleaning Birkenstocks
  1. Suede brush 
  2. Cotton Cloth 
  3. Microfiber cloth 
  4. Stiff Brush (stiffer bristles) 
  5. Fragrance-free soap 
  6. Leather cleaner
  7. White Vinegar 
  8. Suede Eraser 
  9. Water 

How To Clean Birkenstocks Step-by-Step Process

Not all the Birkenstocks are cleaned in the same manner. If you have these, you are surely confused about how to clean Birkenstocks made of various materials. 

So, here, I will tell you about three different methods of how to clean sandals and shoes by Birkenstocks. 

How to Clean Synthetic Birkenstocks 

Now, Synthetic Birkenstocks are very famous because they have amazing designs and they are easy to clean! Also, there are some fake Birkenstocks in the market that you can clean in this method. Take a look at the right method of cleaning the rubber Birkenstock. 

How to Clean Synthetic Birkenstocks,Synthetic Birkenstocks
How to Clean Synthetic Birkenstocks,Synthetic Birkenstocks

# Step 1:

Take a rough brush because these are great for cleaning all the Birkenstocks slippers and shoes. Stiffer brushes have strong bristles to clean properly. 

# Step 2:

After getting rid of the loose dirt, you have to clean them in water. Yes, I exactly said when you just read! You have to take a bowl of soapy water and put your Birks in it. With a soft cloth, clean it a little more with some added soap. 

# Step 3:

Now, take the shoes out and take out the water from inside carefully. Let the shoe air-dry. You have to air-dry the shoes no matter if they are authentic rubber Birkenstocks or fake Birkenstocks. 

PRO Tips

  • Use stiffer brush than suede brush
  • Never dry the Birks Sandals in the sunlight 
  • Use fragrance-free soap and a cotton cloth 

How to Clean Leather Birkenstocks 

Leather Birks Sandals are something we all love. As this process is a little complicated, I will reveal the method of how to clean Birkenstock sandal. 

How to Clean Leather Birkenstocks
How to Clean Leather Birkenstocks

# Step 1:

Make a cloth wet and get rid of the excess water. Now, add some soap on the cloth, only a little. 

# Step 2:

Now, with the cloth, you have to rub the leather surface of the Birkenstock that has stains on it. Keep cleaning until it looks better than before. 

# Step 3:

You are done. Now, before wearing it, you have to let it air-dry. One to two hours will be enough for the drying process! 

Pro Tips 

  • Use leather cleaner instead of soap 
  • Don’t use too much water for cleaning 
  • If you are too concerned about the leather, rely on the professionals only 

How to Clean Suede Birkenstocks 

When you have suede Birkenstocks slippers, things will be a little easy for you. Here, I will tell you the process of how to clean Birkenstocks made of suede.  

How to Clean Suede Birkenstocks
How to Clean Suede Birkenstocks

# Step 1:

First of all, take away all the first from the outer portion of your Birkenstock. Take a pseudo brush for the work. Also, take out the loose dirt from inside. 

# Step 2:

Now, take your suede eraser. You have to get inside properly for cleaning the inner part. Go for back and forth motion in this case. Get into deep and remove all the stains from it. Now take the brush again and brush it to take out the loose dirt. 

# Step 3:

You are almost done. You can keep it this way but if you are not satisfied, you can do another thing. With white vinegar, you have to rub the stains of the Birkenstock with a cloth. Repeat rubbing it until you are satisfied. 

PRO Tips 

  • The more you brush, the more it will be clean 
  • Use a microfiber cloth with vinegar 
  • Add vinegar if needed 
  • Go for back and forth motion while cleaning 

Comprehensive Cleaning 

How to Clean and Care for the Leather? 

How to Clean and Care for the Leather,Clean Birkenstocks

Leather always requires extra care when it comes to shoes. Here are some tips on how to clean Birkenstocks made of leather and take care of it.  

  • Always keep leather away from water
  • Regular use of Birkenstock Water and Stain Repellent will keep the water away
  • Use a soft and gentle brush and neve ruse sponges 
  • Always air-dry shoes and never provide heat 
  • Use Birkenstock Cleaner and Refresher for the footbed 

How to keep Footbed Clean?

In most cases, we see that footbeds get dark. Also, these usually release bad odors. If the footbed and the sole of your Birkenstocks are worn out already, don’t throw them away! You can do interesting DIYs with them. To know, click what to do with old shoes!

How to keep Footbed Clean,clean Birkenstock

But if the footbed is a little dirty, you can make it work! And so, I will also tell you how to clean Birkenstock shoes. 

# Synthetic Birkenstock Footbed

Take the fragrance-free soap on the stains. With a cloth, clean the footbed. You have to put a little force here. 

# Leather Birkenstock Footbed 

When it comes to cleaning the footbed of leather Birks, you have to be a little careful. Take white vinegar and water. Spray it on the footbed and clean it. Work fast so that the footbed doesn’t soak the product 

# Suede Birkenstock Footbed 

Take the Birkenstock cleaner and refresher and use it on the footbed. Make sure you have applied a good amount of cleaner. With a cloth, wipe the extra cleaner. You can also settle for a leather cleaner. 

Now you know how to clean sandals by Birkenstocks! After cleaning, don’t forget to dry it properly before you use the shoes! Also, if you are tired of managing a lot of products for cleaning your shoes, get a Birkenstock cleaning kit. It is a game-changer!  

Final Verdict 

I have shared with you the basic methods of cleaning Birkenstocks. You cannot clean all the shoes in the same method. And so, it will be easier for you to follow the step by step method I have mentioned! 

Go through the process of how to clean Birkenstocks and then follow the pro tips for better results! Let me know in the comment box about how you clean and care for your Birk sandals? 

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