What To Wear To a Bridal Shower | Special Tips

Is your friend or sister getting married? And you are confused about what to wear to a bridal shower of hers? Then now you can put an end to your confused mind state. As we are here to help you out with the unique ideas of outfit for bridal shower.

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Here are the 13 outfit ideas for the bridal shower which you can follow:


Do you know that the brightest colors are known as the happiest colors? A bridal shower of your friend or relative is definitely a joyous occasion. Thus, opt for colors such as pastel, light pink and sky blue, etc. This will also give a soothing look to your whole appearance.

What To Wear To a Bridal Shower,natural color dress for bridal shower


You should choose a bit different type of outfit than your usual ones. As it will help you to look fresh and stand out among others.  So try something different than your casual clothes.


In 2020, ruffle dresses or tops are one of the trends which are ruling. So if you want to set a style statement, then ruffles is indeed a great option as a bridal shower outfit.

RUFFLES dress for bridal shower, Bridal shower dress


If you want to have a chic look with a hint of fun, then jumpsuits are the perfect solution for you. A right fit jumpsuit can be outfit goals to everyone else.

What To Wear To a Bridal Shower, JUMPSUIT for bridal shower


Mid dresses are in style now.  It goes well with every kind of look. It may look casual, but if you pair it up with the right accessories and pieces of jewelry, it can make you look glamorous.

bridal shower outfit, mid dress for bridal shower


Cocktail dresses are basically knee-length dresses made up of silk, satin, and expensive fabrics. You can opt for cocktail dresses if the bridal shower is on the fancy side. 

cocktail dress for bridal shower, bridal shower dress


Floral can never get wrong when it comes to bridal shower dresses. Floral dresses are able to make you look cute and sweet disregard of your age. Also, it is an excellent choice in the springtime. Hence, if you wish to look lovely without spending lots of money, a floral dress is a must for you.

outfit idea for bridal shower,floral dress for bridal shower


You should select something stylish and modern if the bridal shower is in the afternoon hours.  A wrap dress is the perfect tea party attire as it is trendy and elegant at the same time.


In winter when you are planning to attend a bridal shower stick to turtleneck sweater sort of dresses. It will not only look fancy but will also protect you from cold too.

outfit for bridal shower,sweater dress for bridal shower

10.THEME –

Nowadays, theme parties have become popular. Bridal showers are no different. To be brides tends to pick girly themes for their bridal showers such as Disney princess or butterfly. So if you are attending a themed bridal shower, you must dress according to the theme. Otherwise, you might end up looking like an outcast.


Yeah, wearing matching jewellery can add up a spark to your whole look instantly. But do not just go for random jewellery wear something posh and straightforward such as a precious gemstone locket and matching bracelet.


You can turn your boring outfit into popular ones by pairing up with the right accessories. If you are wearing a minimal dress pair it up with a classy clutch or scarf, this will enhance your overall look.


A pair of strappy heel shoes can make you look taller and smarter. So wearing strappy heels in the bridal shower party is indeed a good idea.

What to wear with bridal shower, Strappy shoes for bridal shower

Things you should avoid when you are attending a bridal shower:


It is rule number one of every Christian wedding. Stay away from wearing a white bridal shower dress. Leave the color white only for the bride as it is her special day.


The essential thing which you should remember while planning to attend a bridal shower it is the bride’s big day, not yours. So be careful not to overdo with your look as this can make the bride feel uncomfortable. You can go for something elegant instead of too much glittery or sparkling.


If you do not want to spoil the calm and bubbly mood of the bridal shower with your presence. Then avoid wearing dark colors, mainly black. A black is a big NO for bridal showers.


1. Can I wear a white dress on a bridal shower?

Ans: No, as a guest, you should not. It is the bride’s big day so you should let her feel special in that particular color.

2. Can I wear dark colors on the bridal shower?

Ans:  Wearing dark colors is not the right decision. As bridal showers are happy occasions, so it calls for bright colors.

3. Should I follow the theme dress code?

Ans: Yes, definitely, you should follow the dress code. Because if you do not, you will not look like a part of the party.


To look good and feel good, you do not need to spend thousands of bucks. You can appear even gorgeous with the most straightforward items if you know how to style it properly.

So that’s it here are the entire dos and don’ts of the bridal shower outfits. We hope this article will help you to know every deets about what to wear to a bridal shower.

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