How To Measure Your Inseam? Simple and Quick way

Inseam is one of those numbers that is so easy to remember. Knowing how to measure your inseam is crucial if you want to buy the right pants that fit you well. Most people don’t know how to take their inseam measurements. This is a simple task that you can do or you can get a person do it for you.

It doesn’t matter your body size, we have provided you with a simple guide that will help you know how to measure pant length to get the right fitting pants. Read on to find more information.

What Is Inseam?

Maybe you have heard people talking about inseam length and inseam size. But what is an inseam, and what is the main difference between the inseam and outseam? Inseam refers to the line of a trouser up the inside of the leg. If you love to wear shorts then you must know how to measure inseam on shorts?

It goes vertically upwards to the crotch on the inner of the thigh. Moreover, you can use the inseam as a professional or beginner to measure leg length “L” in a pants W and; size.

On the other hand, the outseam is the main component of the vertical line from the tip of the hem that goes up to the waist. Considering your design seams may vary depending on the pants, whether they are low or high waist. However, the inseam is permanent and does not change with style or design.

How to Measure Your Inseam (step-by-step process)

Method-1: With Your Best-Fitting Jeans

Step 1: Grab Your Best Jeans To Measure Inseam  

The best way to measure your inseam is to start with your favorite pair of pants or jeans. This way is the simplest to measure your inseam, and you can apply the same to any pair of pants that are a better length for you.

right size of jeans

Indubitable, measuring a pair of jeans may be easier than measuring your body. It is more precise, with fewer chances for error, and doesn’t need any second person to assist you. Just find an unattractive surface and lay your jeans.

Step 2: Check The Inseam Measurement Tag

Occasionally, pants may come with inseam measurements written on the label. In this case, you can use the inseam measurements on the name to purchase other pants. It is okay if your pant doesn’t have, you can still make the measurements yourself.

Step 3: Fold The Jeans In Half and Smoothen Them

To get the right measurements, fold your jeans in half, one leg over the other, where the backside of the jeans is facing up. For the stretch out jeans, you need to ensure the crotch is not folded under but pulled out. Also, to make your measurements accurate, gently pull the pant legs using your fingers. You want your taper jeans to have no wrinkles and to be pulled taut.

Step 4: Measure Vertically Downwards From The Crotch Seam To The Hem Of Your Jeans

measure pant length

Spread the pants on a flat surface with the pants buttoned up and using a measuring tape, to measure your jeans. This step should follow immediately after smoothing your pants. The same information applies when you want to measure the waist for pants.

Note: There is no exact measure of how long jeans should be. The length of jeans varies in gender and size of the character. Just record the accurate measurements and trust me; you will get the perfect pair of pants for you. It’s doesn’t matter how long you are and how short you are. Jean Length for long man and jeans for short man doesn’t vary for jeans size.

Step 5: Record Your Inseam Measurements

After measuring your inseam size and length, write them down on a piece of paper where you can easily remember. You can use these measurements when shopping for a similar pair of pants. Don’t round off the measurements because you need the accurate recordings for fitting jeans.


The Inseam is the distance from your inner thigh to the bottom of your ankle.Inseam determine that how long your pants going to be.When you altering your pants the tailor ask your inseam size.

The easiest way to measure your inseam is find a perfect pair of pants and measure your inseam by a tape.

Not every places ask for inseam, some places ask for outseam.You can also do it by measuring your outseam.Generally 10 inches difference between the inseam and outseam.

Step-1: Take a measuring tape.

Step-2: Take the tape top of the pant and measure down how long the pant is.

Step-3:Now measure your outseam.

Step-4: To find out your inseam, apply this method- (outseam-10). That means if your outseam is 36 inches then your inseam should be 26 inches.

How To Measure Your Inseam For Bicycle

Things You Will Need.

1.Measuring Tape.
2.Hard cover book that has spine

Step by Step Process:

Step-1: Stand up against the wall

Step-2: Place the book in your inseam.

Step-3:Hold the bok against the wall and pull that up firmly into your inseam.

Step-4:Then measure to the top of the spine of your book from floor.

Step-5:Keep it nice and straight measure along the spine and then take the measure to the top of the spine.


Repeating the process at three time to get the perfect measurement.

Pro Tips for Measure Inseam

You don’t need to be an enthusiast so that you can take the right measurements of your inseam. However, it would help if you were very careful when doing the measurements because any absolute error may result in the wrong sizes. Here are some of the pro tips you need to contemplate before initiating the whole process:

  • Make sure you take all the measurements with the pants laying flat. Hanging pair of pants may make them stretch as you measure. Besides, measuring them on a dress model on a different size may exaggerate the measurements hence varying inseam length. Skewing the measurements is the main reason you want to measure your inseam before any blind purchase. Do all measurements on a clean floor or table.
  • Furthermore, it is imperative to use a tape measure of at least 36″ long. You should never attempt measurements with a regular 12″ ruler since you will end up with the wrong value. Sometimes you may experience an emergency, and you don’t have a tape measurement in hand; in this case, you can consider another option, which is downloading a printable measure online. This kind of measuring is accurate and scientific proof.
  • Always measure twice! Sometimes you may end up having different measurements, and in this case, you should always try to take another size. Take more measurements and select one that appears several times.
  • Take your measurements to the nearest ¼ inch.
  • Consider taking your inseam size measurements when taking photos. In that case, you will have more zeal, time, and energy for measuring more accurate measurements.

Question That Asks Our Readers

1.Can weight be measured with length?

Scientifically, weight and length are two different measurements that one can measure in two different ways and at different intervals.

2.Is the inseam size the same as the length size?

Inseam size and the length size may be the same and two different measurements depending on varying contexts. When you are recording the measurements, it means you are writing down the inseam size measurements. You can only get the inseam size after measuring the inseam length. However, length size may be inseam size or outseam size.

3.Which units for measure should I use?

You can consider taking your measurements in the form of inches for accuracy and perfectness.


The first rule of shopping jeans online is never choosing your inseam measurement of a brand basing blindly on the brand you have previously won. Inseam length in height may be varying from brand to brand, so you have to base your shopping for your pair of pants on your current brand’s inseam size.

Another critical thing to note is that your height does not determine the inseam length. That is because each body has a different proportion. Take your time to measure the pant length, which in turn will make you more confident when shopping online for a pair of jeans. I hope after checking our guide on how to measure your inseam, you will find it easy to choose pants that fit you well.

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